Club 33 Logo Drastically Changes In Preparation for Re-Opening in July at Disneyland

As you are probably well aware, the very exclusive Club 33 at Disneyland closed back in January for a massive overhaul that will expand the private club far beyond its original borders. Club 33 will be expanding in size as well as adding a “jazz lounge” area across the street from the original location, having guests attending the venue use a new elevated walkway to cross the street just above guests in New Orleans Square. Members will also no longer enter at 33 Royal Street, but rather through the former Court of Angels area towards the very back of the land. In addition, the original logo for the club is undergoing a drastic overhaul…


As you can see by the new tickets that members of Club 33 will receive, there is an entirely new logo. This is the first time the logo has been altered since the club opened in 1967.

For those who may be unfamiliar, here is a photo of the original logo:


Club 33 at Disneyland is set to re-open on July 18, 2014.

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7 years ago

I have been very fortunate to belong to a family who has membership to Club 33 and I have been many times over the past decades of my life. I really liked it but over the years I have found now that I am in my 40’s the exclusivity is too snobbish since I am such a big kid at heart – I prefer gatherings with everyone. But I would like to see a Club 33 somewhere at Walt Disney World.

7 years ago
Reply to  CJ

You are indeed fortunate. If you’re worried about the exclusivity, I would just suggest that you routinely offer to take someone with you into the club (perhaps as an auction item for a charity?). I know that a lot of people would be totally thrilled to have the chance to go and you would be benefiting the charity by doing it. I don’t know if you have to personally be with whoever you take, but you might also talk with Disney and tell them that you would like to gift people with drinks and a snack when you go to… Read more »

7 years ago

Preparation is spelled incorrectly in the headline. I liked the old logo but the new one is nice, too. Wish I could go in there some day but I have no connections.