Is Disney looking to buy Warner Brothers?

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Is Disney looking to buy Warner Brothers?


Recently it was announced that the head of FOX, Rupert Murdoch, tried to purchase Time Warner Brothers Studios for $80 billion. Warner Brothers did not feel that was an adequate amount and Murdoch withdrew his takeover bid. For most people, this came as a surprise that a possible merger was even in the works. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers is still ripe for a possible takeover bid. The current leader is China’s wealthiest man, Wang Jianlin. If Wang’s takeover bid does not come to fruition, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the 3 possible strongest candidates are Disney, Google and Apple. Disney’s market cap is currently worth $149 billion, Google’s market cap is $385 billion and Apples’ market cap is $567 billion. Disney does seem like the low man on the totem poll compered to the other potential candidates, but with $149 billion the possible merger is still a possibility. Remember a few years ago, no one believed that Lucasfilm could be purchased by any company. I am sure a merger of this magnitude would still have to meet hurdles dealing with the Federal Trade Commission and the Securities And Exchange Commission. If a merger like this did go through for Disney and Warner, it would mean that Disney would acquire the likes of the Harry Potter series, The Lord Of The Rings films, DC Comics and all of their movies, classic Warner Brothers cartoons, such as Bugs Bunny, and The Wizard Of Oz.


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