RUMOR: Maelstrom at Epcot Closing September 28th for FROZEN Attraction?

Maelstrom may be the most beloved “cult” attraction in Walt Disney World, but it may also be weeks away from closing forever…

Maelstrom 1987 3

Cheesy dialogue, a poor representation of Norwegian culture, and a post-show film that people avoid like the plague pretty much sums up Epcot’s Norway pavilion boat ride. The pavilion ended up being funded by Disney almost since it opened in 1988 and Disney has tried on several occasions to find some sponsor to breathe life into the attraction for the most part of the last 25 years. It has seemed for many years as though Maelstrom would survive forever based on the inability to find funding or anything that made sense for that attraction space. Then Frozen was released in theaters…

In the last 8 months, Frozen has taken over Walt Disney World, being hastily rushed into parades, providing the longest meet and greet wait times ever posted, and selling merchandise faster than any property ever has at the Disney Parks. Needless to say, rumors have been swirling that Frozen attractions are in the works for the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resorts and are fast-tracked to be constructed and open as quickly as possible (albeit with a high-quality standard you’d expect based on more recent Disney World and Disneyland additions like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train & Radiator Springs Racers). Here’s where Maelstrom comes in.

Frozen is based on Norwegian culture and folklore, arguably a better representation of it than the horn-blowing bearded Viking and awkward standing polar bear that currently inhabit the second floor of the Maelstrom show building. Giving the Norway pavilion a Frozen ride would be a big boost to Epcot, a park that hasn’t seen a dramatic attendance rise from a  new attraction since the late-1990’s. Hopefully, a new Frozen attraction would simply take over the space of Maelstrom and not simply be an overlay of the existing ride.

All of this is pure speculation at this point, but rumors indicate Maelstrom may close forever on September 28th, 2014 as no FastPass + booking for the attraction is available from that date forward. This could just be a glitch, but more likely it’s the end of the fan favorite, Maelstrom.

Stay tuned to WDW News Today as more information becomes available on this story.

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  1. I hope they don’t. Frozen has been shoved down our throats enough as it is. I’m sick of that movie anymore, and if they change Malestrom to become more frozen, it won’t be even worth going to Norway on my opinion.

        1. Well, let me give some basis for their opinions, being someone who has seen the movie. It was not good enough to warrant an Oscar, and it’s certainly not good enough to justify shutting down a ride that’s operated without problems for around 30 years give or take to put Frozen wrapping paper on it. Also, it’s not good enough to have the entire country of Norway turn their backs on Disney ( So there. Basis.

          1. “It was not good enough to warrant an Oscar”

            Matt, That is just *your* opinion, and you are in the minority. Millions of people disagree with you. It sounds to me like you are just biased.

          2. Fred, you’re right… that was my bad, bias shouldn’t be the basis for an argument. I will offer, however, the fact that when Time Magazine looked into the judging for both the Best Animated Feature and Best Animated Short category, by all technicality, Frozen only legitimately received 2 out of 7 votes for the award, while one vote was basically because “I’m just going to go with what those guys said,” and the other judges chose not to watch any of the nominees. Get A Horse had it worse, though – it received the only vote out of all of the judges, who than decided to not even award Disney with the Shorts award. Source: … My bias put aside, that evidence by itself gives me further reason to not be able to justify Frozen’s Oscar win.

            More on subject, though, I think it should be difficult for anybody to just overlook the outrage of the country that Disney is hosting over being offered the “opportunity” to pay $9 million to keep Disney from turning it into Frozen Land. Sounds like bribery to me, but I’m not making any sort of legal stand on this. Personally, I say that a space should have been carved in New Fantasyland if they really wanted to spotlight Frozen, but I guess I’ll just have to watch and see how this plays out. :/

        2. Their opinions are based on the fact that Frozen is everywhere, and it is annoying them. It’s annoying me, too.
          I would never go to a Frozen ride, and would much rather have the Maelstrom stay. Gran Fiesta Tour is a poor representation of Mexican culture, and nobody wants that ride to be replaced.

          1. Gran Fiesta Tour is not a poor represenatation of Mexican culture in the slightest possible manner. It’s a major improvement over the very dated El Rio Del Tiempo, which never truly represented Mexican culture to begin with.

    1. I heard that Maelstrom is closing on Oct. 5th
      Anyone else realize that Maelstrom is the last ride that hasn’t changed since its opening?

    2. I agree, with you alex even though i dont particularly like maelstroms end movie i do like parts of the ride itself. I would be good with a diff norway themed ride but not a frozen ride, I dont like when they have something make alot of money then shove it down your throat

  2. Those who dont like it, oh well! One less person in line then..I think its great! I love frozen!! Definitely worth it! Its time for an update!

      1. I don’t find it sad at all. Walt built Disneyland on a foundation in which it would always be changing and evolving, and it’s only fitting that the other parks live by this foundation too. It pains me to see people want to see stagnation at the parks in the name of nostalgia.

        I love Epcot. I enjoyed Maelstrom a lot growing up. I liked Frozen but I wasn’t wild about it. That said, I’d gladly welcome the change, because it’s change and it brings the potential for better things. No attraction should be too sacred, and no part of the park should have it’s theming set in stone.

    1. The fact that Mary Lloyd LOVES FROZEN!!! has nothing to do with this. And it’d be nothing short of tragic if a Frozen ride replaces Maelstrom. It makes zero sense in any regard other than financially. I’d be sad to see WDW sacrifice something this integral for the mighty buck.

  3. As much as I love Maelstrom, I think this is the boost Epcot needs. Epcot gets left in the 80’s more and more every year. I really hope that they can find some way to revamp it (Test Track was a great start) and let people know how awesome of a park it is! Hopefully there are things in the works! :)

    1. Frozen doesn’t belong in Epcot. Epcot is about Disney meeting the real world. A frozen ride wouldn’t fit the theme, would it? A Frozen ride would belong in Magic Kingdom.

      1. “Frozen doesn’t belong in Epcot”? I’m sorry, should we kick the Finding Nemo ride and princess meet and greets out too? This is disney world. There’s bound to be disney movies incorporated into EVERY park. Get over it…

        1. I agree frozen should not be in the Norway pavilion. Why just they put it in magic kingdom where all the other frozen stuff is going there this is BS

    2. “Epcot gets left in the 80s”- But that’s just the issue for a lot of people- Some people like to reminisce about what they feel was a better time than today’s age, and I totally get that. They want to experience Epcot and the World Showcase for what it originally was, and that’s slowly slipping away. I personally would love to see Maelstrom stay, and I’ve been a little bummed about this to say the least. (And I did love Frozen.)

  4. I am so over all of the Frozen stuff. Yes its a good movie but do we really need more? Norway already said they don’t want to have anymore frozen

  5. cool! Anything they can do to make Epcot better for kids is great! I haven’t seen it yet but the changes to Test Track were an improvement so why can’t they improve this as well?

    1. I’m not a fan of the new Test Track. Too dark and really doesn’t make any sense…
      We ride it anyway…as it is still fun..but not as good as the original. IMHO

  6. The problem lies in the fact that rather than set Frozen in Norway, a fictional country was created. So, really, it has no reason for being in the World Showcase. The ultimatum Disney gave the Norwegian government – give us 9 million and we will consider how you feel – just makes it worse.

    1. I don’t think they gave Norway an ultimatum. Disney simply said if you want a say in the direction of the pavilion, then you need to contribute some money to finance it.

      1. Norway has always paid less, sometimes nothing compared to the other host countries, so they have been in violation of the contract many times. You can’t really blame Disney on this one.

    2. Well, it’s only as fictional as the France in B&B or the Arabia in Aladdin.

      You can meet Mulan in China, Aladdin in Morocco, Belle in France, Alice and Pooh in the UK and even the three Caballeros in Mexico. If course Norway gets a tie in when the source material is that relevant.

  7. The Disney Store On-line today just released a limited edition Maelstrom t-shirt which you can only purchase this week. Would they release a t-shirt and then close the ride?

  8. I hope not, I’ve already been “Frozen” to death.- and what happens with the next blockbuster for Disney, eventually they will replace Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and everything else.

  9. I truly hope this does not come to pass. I will be very disappointed :( I think it’s interesting the timing of them releasing the Maelstrom shirt…I just hope that is not a sign of the demise of the ride.

  10. Horrible idea. EPCOT does not need to cater to children. What happened to the educational and inspirational shows and attractions? Instead of those we have rides built to cater to those who have ADD.

    1. Wow I am pretty sure that Disney (all the parks) cater to children whether you like it or not. I have no idea what Frozen has to do with children of ADD but that was pretty ignorant of you to say. This is coming from a mother whose child has ADD. Maybe if there were less ignorance like yours the world would be a better place?

        1. My child does perfectly fine in lines without being pushed to the front. She adjusts. I don;t use my child for any type of leverage. NO rides are catered to those with ADD!

    2. Ignorance? No. Intelligence? Yes. EPCOT Center never catered to children. EPCOT Center was a park for education, research, and inspiration. It was never meant to have Mickey Mouse or others in it. It was a place where people went when they wanted to learn via a brand new medium. It didn’t cater to those with short attention-spans. It expected you to be excited by a 15 minute ride that taught of history and potential or culture, not a 2 minute ride that goes fast. Disney parks were never solely for children, and EPCOT Center was primarily for adults.

      1. This exactly! And to those upset over the ADD comment, Eisner began stripping Epcot of its educational value in the 90’s because he found it “boring” and did not want to invest in updates. Now the park caters to kids to sell toys. It was never originally intended to be that way.

        1. It was never intended to be the way jt id at all anyways. Walts vision for the Experimental prototype community of tomorrow was way differebt then what it opened up as and what it is now. Disney is a for profit company so they have to do what they can to bring in as many guests as possible. There have been rumors about them changing this ride for a few months now. Frozen woud be the perfect way for kids to be able to enjoy the parks WITH their parents and it not just be all about the parents.

          1. Yes. But frozen wouldn’t fit in the world showcase. Maybe somewhere near the land or something. Any way. The world showcase was primarily for adults and not really for kids. Maelstrom is EDUCATIONAL and teaches about the culture and land of Norway. Frozen has no educational value. If they do end up making a frozen ride. Put it in magic kingdom or Hollywood studios. Not Epcot.

          2. Mr. EPCOT, call yourself wrong! Maelstrom is not really educational! The Frozen will be perfect for Epcot!

    3. Rides to cater to those who have ADD?
      Perhaps you some think before you type.
      It’s blatantly obvious how ignorant you are.
      It’s individuals like you who make the world a miserable place to live.

        1. Hey, leave him alone! These are his opinions, and they should be taken as so! Because of comments like this, we’re getting away from the real topic of THE RIDE. And us “tree huggers” might actually have some important points in what we say.

          P.S. My opinion on the ride is: I’m sad to see Maelstrom go, but I’m interested to see how the new plan plays out.

    4. Gee. Way to say that children don’t deserve to be educated. They can cater to children and still offer an educational experience for everyone. People seem to forget that the whole point of Disney world is that it is a family park. If you don’t like that, stop going. Busch Gardens and Six Flags are more your style.

    5. ADD or any type of learning disability has nothing to do with anything. That’s rude to even comment on.

  11. Please enough of Frozen! Have Disney Imagineers lost their imagination? Norway and Maelstrom is enjoyed by many, offers a cool, quiet respite and is a much loved quirky ride. If the rumour is true, Maelstrom will be a great loss and Arendelle is not Norway!

    1. Arendelle IS Norway! And the Imagineers have not lost their imaginations!

      Plus, Maelstrom is really only being enjoyed a very teeny-tiny minority comprised of change-haters like you!

  12. It’s the World Showcase…it’s supposed to be about the countries not a movie. Movies are the reason DHS is there. Put it there and leave the countries alone for those of us who prefer the culture above the fads.

  13. I am not a fan of frozen only because of my age & no little grandaughters. BUT! I would be happy to ride a frozen attraction to experience it & I’m sure to enjoy. Also I will miss the old attraction in Norway but I think Disney knows what they are doing most of the time.

  14. I just checked through the MDE app. I can book it on the 27th, but will confirm it is removed from the list starting 9/28.

  15. Can we please leave Epcot alone? First Nemo takes over the Living Seas and now this? Truly disappointed. . .

  16. smh..i love Frozen but i am “Frozened” out…good grief..enough already..Maelstrom has been a ride my family has ridden on together since i was a young child and has become a family favorite with my own children..not everything needs to be the “new”…some things can stay traditional and last time I checked Errendale had nothing to do with Norway so it has no business being in the World Showcase..there is plenty of land Disney could use that is still sitting empty to build a Frozen ride or it’s own darn theme park if they wanted to..but taking away Maelstrom that actually does tie in the Norwegian culture is a mistake..and I used to work for Disney..this is very disappointing

    1. NOTHING to do with Norway? Really?

      The film is set in a country that’s mainly fjords and mountains.

      The names(Elsa, Anna, Sven, Hans) are all Scandinavian.

      The basis for the story is a Danish (more or less same written language) novella.

      Two major pieces of music in the film are written by a Norwegian /Saami composer.

      Both the Norwegian bunad and Saami kofte are represented.

      There’s reindeer.

      Finally, the name Arendelle is as close as you get to the Norwegian valley of Arendal. They are in fact so similar that they become homonyms if read quickly.

      In short, I almost wish I’d been born in Disney- Norway rather than actual Norway.

      1. Then have Disney pay Norway the $9mil for the use of their country in EPCOT and not the other way around…

  17. I’m all for a Frozen ride, but it seems there is plenty of underutilized space in Epcot. Why does it have to replace anything?
    I vote if something needs to be replaced, take a look at Ellen’s Energy Adventure. Just sayin’, that ride is always dead.

    1. No don’t take Ellen’s Universe of Energy away. It is a great 45 minute air conditioning break!

    2. Amen!!! Kill Ellen’s Energy Adventure, not Maelstrom! (Even though it badly needs an update)

  18. I love frozen but malestrum is a very popular ride in Epcot and I hope they leave malestrum alone

  19. This is so wrong!!!
    Disney decides to destroy culture and country presentation with a Disneyride… Thats f***** up!

  20. I am a mother of an autistic boy and had had the worst treatment at Epcot, no other park has treated my son with so much disrespect, we go to Disney every year but my God its the worst. MK, HS, AK, and both Universal’s parks my son was treated kindly and with respect except Epcot. This March one of my friend who also has an autistic child and has annual pass told me he had the worst experience in Epcot with his son ever. So no cater for children and forget children with special needs.

  21. There is not enough room in the Norway pavilion to be able to handle the crowds that a Frozen ride would create. It would make getting from Mexico to China a near impossibility. Add it to DHS next to Toy story mania.

  22. I hope this is true. Our next visit to the WDW has us skipping Epcot altogether. My kids have no interest except for Nemo turtle talk and the Mexico boat ride . Last visit we were in Epcot for half day with dinner at Akershus. My daughter would be thrilled with frozen

    1. sooo interesting…we have been taking our children to EPCOT since they were small, and they LOVE both halves of the park–they never needed the animated tie-ins to hold their interest, and they always loved the changing atmospheres in the World Showcase. Perhaps what young children-and their parents–need more of is ACTUAL travel to broaden their worldview and engender an appreciation of culture and education…oh, wait! THAT is what EPCOT actually was before it got “dumbed down” for the masses:(

  23. Sounds good. Epcot needs some refreshing. Can we breath some new life into China with a Mulan themed attraction?

  24. frozen is not a representation of Norwegian culture just as How To Train Your Dragon isn’t. Why not update the whole Norwegian pavilion instead of putting in a movie ride?

  25. Because Norway won’t pay to do it and Disney won’t put money on a losing horse. If Disney is going to refurb the Norway pavilion, they are going to do it in a way that boosts attendance and improves the experience in the park. Shifting a bunch of traffic to the WS would be fabulous in my opinion. Been to WDW 11 times, Epcot’s my favorite park, rode Maelstrom ONCE. Some people love it, but much better to have an attraction that LOTS of people love.

  26. For those who are tired of Frozen… I just have to say Let It Go!!! I love the movie!!!!

    1. Exactly! All the hate comments posted here are completely moot, untrue and unwarranted! >:(

      1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of a film, even opinions which disagree with yours.

        While I agree Frozen is a fine film, there’s a difference between providing opportunities for enjoyment to those who seek it and making it completely unavoidable as it currently is. I can see it as perfectly reasonable for people to feel annoyed at the way a single property is being hastily injected in so many places it’s made to be truly unavoidable. Look at Hollywood Studios as of late, where Frozen nearly comprises all of the summer entertainment, or any other example of Disney desperately trying to relevantly apply Olaf or Elsa to properties all across the company as a whole.

        I agree Frozen should be included in the parks, it’s an excellent feature and an indisputable cash cow. However while you may be thrilled to see all of Disney World painted blue and renamed Arendelle, others prefer to see it done in moderation, with proper focus on quality and not quick profits.

  27. I do agree in some areas where the rides in both Mexico and Norway need to be updates. I am surprised at the statement of “boost to Epcot, a park that hasn’t seen a dramatic attendance rise from a new attraction since the late-1990′s”. What about the extremely long lines for Soarin’ and they did update Test Track and that also has long wait times.

    I do also agree that EPCOT is not really a child centered park, it is more of a park for older teens to adults.

    Loved the movie Frozen but I hope if Frozen does enter the Norway Pavilion that they do it tastefully and not shove it down our throats. I suspect Imagineers will work their fairy dust to meet the massive Disney following.

  28. Why couldn’t they leave the ride, and where the movie is played (and everybody walks through) put on a show of frozen like Pocahontas in Animal Kingdom.

  29. Now I am starting to wish Frozen had been a major flop and the movie included Elsa making ice puns like Arnold as Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin.

  30. Frozen is the fifth highest grossing box office film of all time and the highest grossing animated film ever. The rabid response to the character led to five hour waits for character meets. Of COURSE they want to make a ride about frozen. Why would they not push it so hard? They are a business and appealing to an audience that frozen has hit with.

  31. I like the Maelstrom ride! I’d be sad to see it go, but I do understand the need for change. I haven’t seen Frozen yet, so I’ll reserve judgement. I always thought EPCOT was designed to be a more teen/adult experience with The Mouse and Friends over at the MK. I would be quite disappointed if it was taken over entirely by cartoon characters. Visiting in September, so should get to ride Maelstrom before the end (if it is!).

  32. I would be sad to see Maelstrom go. Though the ride could use an update, the charm in the ride is the cheesyness of the ride. As for people by-passing the Movie, I never understood why you exit through the theater, should be an exit for those who dont want to watch and allow those who want to watch to enter the theater.

  33. I’m sry but this is the stupidest thing they can do in five years everyone is going to be frozen what and the ride will be unsussesful I dont get now what’s so great about it its just another disney movie with today’s crappie computer animation nothing like the greats like lion king and Aladdin

    1. Why would you think in 5 years everyone will forget about Frozen? As you yourself pointed out, we didn’t forget Lion King, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Toy Story (Computer animation anyone??). So, whether you personally enjoyed Frozen or not, to say it will be forgotten in 5 years is somewhat silly.

  34. BOO! HISS! “Frozen” is an awful movie, definitely one of the worst from Disney animation studios. Its popularity is beyond reason (dull story, bad songs, not very amusing….the list goes on), and it should NOT replace Maelstrom.

    1. ““Frozen” is an awful movie, definitely one of the worst from Disney animation studios.”

      Are you kidding me?

      What planet are you living on? Frozen won two academy awards, and broke records. If you think Frozen is “awful” then guess what? MILLIONS of people disagree with you. You are in the minority, and are obliviously just bitter and biased.

      1. Everybody is allowed to have their own opinion. It doesn’t matter if the majority of people liked the movie, he’s allowed to dislike it. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make you biased. You seem to be more biased than he is!

  35. I think this is a great idea. I love Frozen and would love to see this happen. I felt that Maelstrom was boring but a Frozen ride would be much better. I still think Disney should not put too many Disney rides in Epcot but the odd couple would enhance the magic more. I do however think Disney should not do to much more of Frozen stuff because it’s now getting ruined and going over the top. I also heard that they are getting ready to replace Soarin with the new Soarin Over the Horizon i would love to go on both of these rides for when I go in 2016. PLEASE PLEASE Disney allow both of these to come out before the end of 2016.

  36. It was my understanding that the pavilions at Epcot are subsidized in some way by the country they represent–meaning that the country (their tourism bureau or something?) has control over what goes in there, at least to an extent. …Does it seem likely that Norway would approve replacing Maelstrom with a Frozen ride? I could see them saying yes…but I can also see them saying no.

    I think it far more likely that the temporary ‘Frozen’ show at Studios becomes a permanent fixture somewhere.

    1. The WSC pavilions are actually a very complicated affair when it comes to their individual host countries. While only Morocco is actually run in the literal sense by its host country (it was funded and built by the king of Morocco), other pavilions are run in part by independent companies from the host nation or even solely by Disney itself.

      Norway is one of the latter, and the Norwegian ministry for tourism only has a very minor role in consultant regarding matters of the pavilion’s operation.

      The pavilion was originally created by a private Norwegian company called NorShow, but they unfortunately failed completely to understand the American consumers at the time. After they went bankrupt, Disney bought them out of the pavilion and began adapting it to its own liking. So Norway the country has no longer got any say on the matter unless they begin to sponsor or operate parts of the pavilion.

      Staff at the pavilion, however, are still Norwegian(by Disneys own choice abs following the wishes of the D-man abs his family) . I worked there for a year about a decade ago, and miss it to this day.

  37. This is unlikely as the Norway pavilion is paid for and operated by the Norwegian Tourism Board. Any changed would need to be approved by them. Since the attraction doesn’t directly connect to their folklore and make you want to travel to Norway they may not feel the need to finance such an expensive operation.

    1. No, it is not.

      It was bought by Disney two decades ago after the original operator NorShow went bankrupt, and is now mainly financed and operated by the company.

      In thirteen months working there the only contact I had from the fatherland was the seaman’s church dropping by once a month to give us waffles.

  38. I just went on this ride last week and we had to wait 20 minutes. This is an enormously popular ride. I hope it does not get replaced.

    1. 20 minutes is a short line at Disney World. But I do agree that replacing this ride would not be a good idea.

  39. As a child I was always bored at Epcot but Maelstrom was the one attraction I always enjoyed. As an adult, I have come to enjoy Epcot more and especially World Showcase (except in the middle of summer since it is hot and not much shade). I saw the movie Frozen and I do love the movie. It was funny because back in December I even said watch them make a Frozen ride. A cast member overheard me and said they wouldn’t do it here and pointed to the long line of people waiting to meet Anna and Elsa. Point being, the WS doesn’t offer much space for a queue and there are other parks that are more fitting for Frozen attractions. However, Disney is going to do what they want to do. They constantly ask guests for feedback what they enjoy and their least favorite part of the day. Maybe it has gotten to the point where too many guests are complaining about not having a Frozen attraction and that Maelstrom is outdated. Disney is going to do what they think is best for the park and company.

  40. Yesterday in my e-mail, I received an offer to buy a “Maelstrom Commemorative T-Shirt.” Now according to Webster, this is the definition of commemorative: intended to honor an important event or person from the past. I’m going with “it’s closing.” That’s all I have to base that theory on.

  41. just redo all of Blizzard Beach into a Frozen Water Park… BAM…leave Epcot out of this snowstorm…

  42. Tom, you’re an idiot. Please fact check before you write a misleading blog filled with speculation and biased opinion. This is now going to circulate amongst the herds of humanity and be believed as fact. Just plain irresponsible of you.

    1. I agree with Ed. This is very much an opinion piece. I enjoy using this site to find out the latest news and park updates, but I can form my own opinions on the subjects.

  43. No other country has a movie attached to it. It would make Norway different from every other country. Epcot was to showcase the country not a movie. That’s what makes Epcot different and enjoyable. I think it’s a mistake

    1. That’s not actually true. The UK has a whole section of a building designed just to be a pooh meet and greet and now that Aladdin and jasmine have an inside location that building is Aladdin-ified, not to mention Snow White’s well in Germany. Also Disney is always trying to follow Walt’s philosophy of being ever changing; we don’t want things to stay the same. Honestly I liked frozen a lot, I think it will be a great broadway play, but I’m over it. I’m tired of hearing even the names, but it is what it is. In all honesty maelstrom is not the popular ride this thread makes it out to be. 20, 30, even 40 minutes is NOT a long wait time for Disney, especially when you consider there are only like 10 rides in the park at all. Doesn’t mean it is not cute, but getting rid of it isn’t exactly like when the old figment ride changed. If it calms anyone down, the track for maelstrom will more than likely be untouched given the time frame and it will just be a animatronic switch-out.

  44. Also EPCOT is meant to be a sort of permanent World’s Fair so if any park should be changing all the time it is EPCOT

  45. Epcot is my FAVORITE park but until I had my son in 06 I barely ever left the world showcase. But to say it has never catered to kids is silly, I remember imagination station the year the park opened. With figment and the waterfall that runs up and the garden with jumping water. I loved the energy ride back then too… The land was boring as heck but the living seas was fun just always thought if you have dolphins you might wanna let people see them. I do like the addition of nemo its cute and turtle talk is just so adorable. Made my sons trip when he got to talk too him. I’d miss the Malstrom not gonna lie and I think frozen would overwhelm my favorite pavilion but I truly dont mind them adding a bit of Disney to the park. There is a ton they could do and lots of space to do it I think Epcot got a raw deal with Michael Eisner just like 20,000 leagues under the sea did because he always hated that ride as a kid. If they amp up the park its just better for business but I think it should always keep its educational value. Which so far they have tried to do.

  46. Nooooo!! Trolls were my favorite ride in Epcot! I’m scandinavian and I loved the History and feel of Norway that you got from the ride. Frozen is a silly fairytale version of Norway that ignores the mystery and darker past of the vikings. They didnt get rid of the gorgeous chinese museums in place of mushu singalongs. They shouldn’t do it to Norway either. The countries are experiences for adults and older kids. I beg you dont do this!

  47. I really hope they don’t close Maelstrom and replace it with a Frozen theme. I mean I love the movie but this ride is so neat and I feel like it belongs there. When my friend sent this article to me today, it just made me so sad. I’ll be coming down to Disney World the first week in October with my husband. Others are right about there not being a FP for it, and then they have the tshirt on the Disney Store website too. I have checked almost every single day since I was able to make my selections for FP and there’s STILL not a listing for Maelstrom. So there’s something definitely odd going on. I talked to a cast member today and she said she read the same article (this one) and said she has not heard anything for sure yet. I really hope the store will still be open.. I want to get some more perfume haha.
    If Maelstrom is closed during the time I’m there I’ll be walking by it and will wave and say “everyone will miss you”

  48. I have to disagree! I think this would be a great addition. Like said above, everyone avoids the movie at the end. Also, the ride isn’t something where you say “Hm…I want to go ride the Maelstrom at EPCOT today”. It’s just a filler if you have extra time.
    And I have to disagree with the people saying that they should not intertwine a Disney movie and the Norway Pavilion. They have the boat ride in Mexico with Donald Duck, France has Beauty and the Beast all over it, and corresponding Disney character meet and greets are all over. EPCOT needs that little something extra right now. Magic Kingdom got Fantasyland, Animal Kingdom got Avatarland, Hollywood Studios is getting Starwars, and EPCOT hasn’t been touched in years.
    Let’s face it, Frozen is a blockbuster in Disney history. It’d be a shame if they didn’t make a ride for it. People are obsessed!

    1. “Also, the ride isn’t something where you say “Hm…I want to go ride the Maelstrom at EPCOT today”.’ …I don’t want to be mean or start anything, but that is such an opinion, not fact. I have gone to Epcot TO ride Maelstrom, either because I had a Fastpass, or I was craving a little Norwegian mystery. I LOVE the vibe of the ride! And I know I’m not the only one.

  49. After what they did to The Living Seas, this really doesn’t seem that extreme. Depending how they tackle this ride, they could feasibly make it like a tour of Arendelle where Anna/Elsa/Christoph narrate it while mentioning things about Norway and then suddenly… shenanigans! So you get excitement and education.

  50. They already kicked the vikings out of the stave church in Norway to put Frozen stuff in there, can’t they leave the trolls alone?

  51. at least have maelstrom shirts available to sell. AND also have that awesome Video they show after the ride on DVD or Blu-Ray…

  52. Leave the princesses in Magic Kingdom. They already have too many princesses in Norway at the restaurant. Maelstrom is one of the few rides I actually will ride at Epcot. I love getting a beer and putting my viking helmet on.

  53. If you’re going to update the ride, make it more modern than change it to Frozen. Frozen has barely anything to do with Norwegian culture. Frozen’s bandwagon has gone too far. Authentic rides shluld either stay the same or get an update to make it smoother and cleaner. I for one love the end video. I am a Norwegian and if this becomes a Frozen ride looks like i am just going there for drinks. I go there to get some of my heritage not some stupid song and dance characters poorly representing my heritage. And not only that it is a HISTORY OF NORWAY. NOT A MODERN DAY VIEW OF IT IDIOTS!

    1. Joe, Frozen has EVERYTHING to do with Norwegian culture!

      To quote Pleakley, “Educate yourself!”

  54. Heartbroken by the possible loss of the Maelstrom . Any TRUE Disney fans in the room should be with me.

    I’m realistic, bring in as much new junk as you need to make money and keep the parks going. But DON’T let it stand in front of the dream of the experimental prototype community of tomorrow and the charm of every last world showcase inlet.

    If anyone is going to stand-up and protect the history and charm we love about EPCOT it should be us. Or else who knows what goes next :(

  55. It is absolutely ridiculous that Disney is even considering this. This is the Norway pavilion. Not the “Frozen” pavilion. You want to make a Frozen ride? OK. Fine. Put it in Fantasyland. The Snow White ride isn’t in the German pavilion, the Peter Pan ride isn’t in the English pavilion, and the new Beauty and the Beast castle isn’t in the French pavilion. I could go on and on and on about it. Though Maelstrom is cheesy, it at least is about Norway. Hell, while they’re at it, they might as well replace the Chinese pavilion film with a Mulan short.

    Pisses me off in and of itself that the Borgund Stave Church replica (my great-great-grandparents were married in the original) is only a replica on the outside. They put a freaking Frozen museum on the inside.

    Norway is awesome enough without Frozen.

  56. “It was not good enough to warrant an Oscar”

    That’s just *your* opinion, and you are in the minority. Millions of people disagree with you. It sounds to me like you are just biased.

  57. I’ll truly be heart-broken if they close this ride. The Great Movie Ride going is bad enough, but Maelstrom??? I really hope they come to their senses. It’d be a tragedy, no exaggeration.

    1. I was at Hollywood Studios just last week, and a cast member confirmed that the Great Movie Ride is NOT closing. It’s a pivotal ride and a big part of the park’s history, and the rumor of it going was just that: a rumor.

      I’m okay with them replacing Marlstrom to be Frozen-themed though, I love Frozen.

  58. while i will miss the ride. It stinks that the frozen ride wont be finished by the time i go there in january

  59. WE just booked a Fastpass+ for Maelstrom on 9/30. I was under the impression they were cut off after the 28th, so we’ll see. I still plan to show up on the 28th just in case!

  60. Hey I made a group on Facebook to #STOPFROZEN if u r tired of frozen please goin in and tell Ur friends!

  61. Did you see how they’ve butchered the plaza in front of Cinderella’s castle? The current Disney “imagineers” are nothing more than prostitutes selling out the legacy of Walt Disney for money. They are also incompetent hacks. Mark Davis, that great imagineer who animated Cinderella and countless other Disney princesses and also did the concept art for Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, the Country Bear Jamboree and many others, once said about the parks, “every time they change something it’s not as good.” But do the current bunch of “imagineers” care? Hell no. As far as I’m concerned, they are basically the scum of the earth.

    1. Your comment there is incredibly stupid and disgusting! Calling the current Imagineers (who DO care and are not “scum of the earth” in any way) “prostitutes”?! That’s REALLY low!

      And not only that–quoting a dead guy and saying that their way is the ONLY right way is just as sinful!

  62. I have to agree with the Disney fans who want to keep the Maelstrom. I have loved this ride since I was young, and now my girls both love this ride as well! We are huge frozen fans, yet we are heartbroken about losing this ride! We went on it 10 times last February. We love this part of epcot and feel like we are traveling all over the world when we are here.

    1. Shame on you for agreeing with them! >:(

      You clearly just as idiotic and brainless as the rest of the haters! >:(

  63. How about the empty pavillions in the middle of Epcot. That would be better. Waste Management — thats what I want to see while on vacation at Disney!!

    1. Yes Allen I don’t see why disney can’t just build a new ride they get millions of dollars a year. I would hate to see one of the older rides that are fun and people like them go away just because of some annoying ride. It is annoying because there is so much frozen why can’t they dial it down a notch. Frozens popularity will go away someday soon so why not just leave maelstrom there where it is and don’t tear down a beloved ride.

  64. I just got fastpasses to Epcot for Oct 1st…And Maelstrom is available, which I got the fastpasses just in case!

  65. I am so sick of everything being turned into kidstuff!!! Not everyone visiting Disney is a family of four with small children!!! First the backlot tour and now this….Hope the familys work out for ya Disney cause you are driving the rest of us away!!!!

    1. I agree Teri disney world needs to leave some things for older age people that don’t have kids and they don’t need every single ride to be kiddish. Frozen would be ok for kids that are obsessed with it but disney has to consider that a bunch of people think it is annoying. It will be a boost in money for them but distroy maelstrom that is a bad idea that will drive a lot of people away from Epcot or disney in general.

  66. Frozen was made in a fake land called arendale not Norway disneyphilip so don’t call him stupid. And technically they are w****s because Anna is always looking for love and nothing else.

  67. I can almost remember every time I went to Epcot…usually up until Norway and Germany then for some reason my mind gets a little hazy (can’t imagine why because I always try to keep myself well hydrated with the vast amounts of drinks they serve in those souvenir glasses).
    But I always remember my rides on Maelstrom. It was cheesy it was fun and it was a great break from all the Disney in your face look at what we can do and just cool down a bit.
    Putting Frozen in the area when there is so much negative response to just the idea of it is just Disney being blind to actual opinions of customers and patrons of Epcot. People go to Epcot to a different Disney experience. A bit more grown up and a bit more diverse.

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