Iron Man Will Battle Captain America In MARVEL’s “Captain America 3”

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Yes, it’s true! Captain America will battle Iron Man in Captain America 3! According to Variety, Robert Downey Jr is in final talks to bring Iron Man back for a 5th time in Captain America 3. This week Marvel also sent out a tweet that they are rebooting the Civil War comic book and many wondered what that was all about since that was only out in 2007. It does seem that they are looking to bring the Civil War storyline to the big screen.

Originally when Disney and Marvel announced that they were going to release Captain America 3 on the same day as Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, my first reaction was that Batman V Superman was going to easily win. The only way I felt that they could actually have a chance is if they brought in Robert Downey Jr. and have Iron Man and Captain America battle it out. It looks like that was their plan all along. As a side not, Warner Brothers moved Batman V Superman to an earlier release date in order to not have a box office war on the same day.


So what is Civil War? A group of young super heroes battles villains in Manhattan resulting in many human casualties. The Government decides to implement a Super Hero Registration Act so that all super heroes identities must be public knowledge. Iron Man strongly supports the Government and assists in rounding up heroes to reveal their true identity. On the other side, Captain America is strongly against registration and feels that heroes revealing their identity will put their loved ones, as well as themselves, in danger. This leads to sides being drawn and an epic battle between all of the heroes in the Marvel Universe. Some are on Captain America’s side, some are on Iron Man’s side.


Now what is interesting is that Spider-man plays a major role in Civil War. Spoilers: Spider-man joins with Iron Man and reveals his identity to the world during a live television event, but he starts to have second thoughts about the registration act. Recently I reported that Spider-man may be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and this could be the movie, possibly a cameo at the very end of the movie, leading to a much bigger role in Avengers 3. It would make senses especially if Sony and Disney are looking to work with each other.

I think they will introduce the concept of Civil War in Captain America 3, but think that ultimately the actual Civil War will be the Avengers 3 story line, it’s just to big to have just Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr in it.  I also have heard rumors months ago that in Avengers 3, Captain America will split off from the Avengers and form his own team, which could be the East Coast Avengers. Without a doubt this is very big news and has made the summer of 2016 something to look forward to. Captain America 3 will be released theatrically on May 6th, 2016.

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