PHOTOS: In-Depth Look at Every Shelf of the Haunted Mansion Store, “Memento Mori” at Magic Kingdom

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The Haunted Mansion store in Liberty Square finally opened this week, titled Memento Mori. The store will carry some existing Haunted Mansion merchandise, but mostly the over 100 new items for the attraction arriving now at Walt Disney World. WDWNT reporter Joe Hogarty visited the store on Friday and took a TON of photos, so let’s take a tour of the shop and all of the new items:

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The exterior of what was the Yankee Trader and is now Memento Mori
Yes, you can get a lenticular “dying” portrait of yourself for $20
We begin our look around inside the store… try not to drool…
Art and collectibles first
Statues of the busts in the interactive queue
Statues of the busts in the interactive queue
Statues of the busts in the interactive queue
Jim Shore created pieces
Jim Shore created pieces
Examples of the guest lenticular portraits and the frames for sale
Note the new version of the playing cards available
Constance the Bride plush!!!
There’s even stuff for the kids now…
Smaller items
Hitchhiking Ghost Action Figures
Hitchhiking Ghost Action Figures
There’s so much stuff…
The rather plain GHOST HOST hat is a head scratcher…
Apparel and such
New-ish iPhone cases
The popular ghost hearse die-cast vehicle is back after several years off the shelves, you can get the black one here and a white one at Disneyland
Some of the Haunted Mansion merchandise released last year made it into the store
Madame Leota, before she passed away, has a portrait on the wall of her store
Not that the cast members have specific costumes for the store
It’s scary to think that there is even more of this merchandise on the way…
Wine glasses
The infamous urn… you know someone is actually going to put ashes in that…
The plates with the layout of the Haunted Mansion house… if it were a real house with no show building…
Amazing bookends, note that one book is titled “Tales of a Rat”
More plateware
Spider-web shelving for the home-goods
Ladies apparel
iPhone 5 accessories
They sell some treats with a Haunted Mansion theme
Spooky green cotton candy
Green and purple popcorn
The Haunted Mansion “Beautifully Disney” line is now out
More for the ladies
Men’s apparel, including a Hatbox Ghost sweatshirt
There is a tie…
Some shelves feature the same merchandise from other areas of the shop, at least until more items arrive
Decals, magnets and window clings
Hitchhiking Ghost iPhone 5 case
Madame Leota iPhone 5 case
A cast member trying to get guests to enter the photo booth a get a portrait made
These are insane…
Somehow, not as bad as these… ;)
The store has been very crowded since opening
Thankfully, some of these older items will be sticking around
The sign on the Fantasyland side
Notice Madame Leota in the center of the sign
The sign on the Liberty Square side appears to follow you

Hopefully a template for future attraction shops, Momento Mori offers unique, non-generic, attraction-specific merchandise. We can only hope sales will be strong enough to push forward more creative merchandise and retail spaces for neglected, headliner attractions like the Haunted Mansion.

So… how much are you going to be spending in this shop on your next visit?

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Hi tom, do u remember how much r the bookends? Also, how does one go about purchasing items?


Hi Skip! The bookends are $39.00. I do not know if that’s separately or for the set. I assume for the set. There was a line to get into the store, so I just asked a cast member. They put some of the new Haunted Mansion merchandise online, but not much. Unfortunately the bookends are not on there or I would already have them! = ) So in order to purchase them, you will have to go to the store or wait until they become available online.


Thanks for all of these pictures. I was hoping that one of the Disney sites that I follow would do this.

Joe Hogarty
Joe Hogarty

Thank you!

PHOTOS: In-Depth Look at Every Shelf of the Haunted Mansion Store, “Momento Mori” at Magic Kingdom | Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Guide

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Mary Clayton Liles
Mary Clayton Liles

Awesome update! I want pretty much everything, I have no idea how I’m actually going to choose when the time comes!

Myrna L
Myrna L

Looking forward to seeing the shop and its theming in a few weeks. Most of the items are also at Disneyland, except for the bookends and the self portrait lenticular.