“Sunshine Highline” Elevated Dining Area for Disney Springs Officially Cancelled

Disney released an interesting piece of concept art today:

Disney Springs

Something missing?

Concept art with the “Sunshine Highline” still there, including the ADA compliant elevator
In back story, the area was an abandoned railroad track

It would seem that the delay in the construction of Food Truck Park on the West Side, now also known as Exposition Park, was the removal of the “Sunshine Highline” second floor offerings, an elevated abandoned train track area for guests to relax and possibly dine. The concept art on the walls for Food Truck Park featured the above art until quite recently it was removed and signs change to reflect the Fall 2014 opening, rather than Summer. Disney is being very quiet about the removal, so it is unknown if it was a budgetary or safety decision. Drunken guests on an elevated platform WOULD be a bad idea. Regardless, it’s sad to see the use of these structures relegated to simply being shade and lighting structures. Oh well…

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  1. I had read somewhere that they were having a hard time with ADA compliance, though I can’t understand why since there’d obviously be an elevator for customers to use. Anyone else see that?

  2. That concept art that was released “today” was released months ago. I’m pretty sure it was hanging up at Downtown Disney at some point, along with the other concept pictures. Great job trying to make a story out of literally nothing.

    1. the earliest appearance of this image I could find online was on Disney Food Blog on 9/23, so you’re right that it’s not new despite the official Disney Parks Blog re-using the same image in a new post yesterday (11/18).

      that said, I do wish a number of the rumor posts would elaborate more on their sources; when they don’t, they come across as idle speculation or even clickbait that a lot of sites won’t even report on. there’s a difference between a rumor and a guess, though that particular commentary doesn’t necessarily pertain to this piece.

  3. I might be the only one but I actually never thought the high line was a good idea. I can just see some sloppy drunks spilling their giant margaritas/ beer or dropping glasses onto guests below. And then of course there would inevitably be one idiot who fell off and sued the company and then there goes the high line for good. Better if Disney can at least predict the stupidity of some people and not waste money in the first place when these people will just ruin it for everyone down the road…sorry for the negativity, but you can’t say it’s not true

    1. If you are worried about drunks above you then there are many other areas you need to worry about, Splitsville has a bar on a balcony for a start. I agree the possibility of getting up to the top has probably been removed due to ADA or fire code issues, but I really don’t think you would get issues with drunks up there. For a start the drunk would have to get up the stairs without spilling their drink!

  4. I can see issues with fire codes with a lot of Disney’s public spaces. I’d rather be safe than sorry and be able to escape if there is a fire or other emergency. And of course, the idiots do ruin it for those of us that want to have fun in a safe way.

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