BREAKING: Disney Confirms Dancing Car Ride to Replace Flying Tires in Cars Land

Disney has released the following image,  the first concept art for the replacement attraction for Luigi’s flying tires attraction at Disney California Adventure:


The artwork would confirm rumors of a dancing car, trackless ride that should open in early 2016. It appears guests will travel and twirl in 1950’s-era cars over a new floor covering the large air vents that pushed along the Flying Tires. We reported several months ago about the closure of the ride and speculated what might be replacing it.

Despite several dates that have now passed, Luigi’s Flying Tires should close forever by the middle of the month.

Rumors also indicate that this new ride system may be used for a new Toy Story attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the rumored Toy Story Land expansion of the park.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

UPDATE: Disney has announced the closing date for Luigi’s Flying Tires to be February 16th.