BREAKING: Walt Disney World Officially Bans Selfie Stick Use on Attractions

It has been a long time coming, but Walt Disney World today officially notified all cast members that selfie sticks being used on rides and attractions will no longer be tolerated.

Image from, riders at Disneyland using the sticks while on Luigi’s Flying Tires

The elongating sticks that guests use to take cell phone “selfie” pictures have been a huge problem since their introduction, with many guests sticking the rods out beyond ride vehicles and such at the parks, posing a major safety threat to themselves and other guests.

Cast members at greeter positions in front of attractions are now instructed to ask any guest with a visible selfie stick to stow the item for the duration of the experience. A guest using the stick while enjoying a ride or attraction will be asked to stow the item over the attraction’s PA system or the attraction will be stopped immediately by the cast members according to the policy.

While not really a new policy, this is the first step by Disney to make sure all cast members handle use of the selfie sticks by guests in the same manner. Disney’s rules about sticking any items out of a moving ride vehicle have always been the same, it is completely prohibited. The memo to cast members today simply ensures that all of the employees know about the issue and are trained to resolve it.

Selfie sticks are still allowed at Walt Disney World theme parks outside of rides and attractions.

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    • Yes! I was walking at MK last week and a person with a selfie stick almost hit my son in the eye. It is a safety concern even out of the rides when the parks get crowed and there is not much space to walk.

      • I agree that selfie sticks are ridiculous and annoying, but just because someone ALMOST hit your kid in the eye with one….will you want to ban strollers if someone almost bumps into you with one? The people with strollers run into me all the time in WDW. Instead of trying to go for an overall ban….I just call them out as rude.

        It’s people like you who got Alien Encounter changed to ridiculous Stich’s Great Escape because it scared your kid….even though the warnings were posted everywhere that it was scary.

        • Selfie sticks are rude, unnecessary pieces of crap. Youtube. Disney paid someone to record it better than you years ago. You dont NEED a selfie stick. They hit people, get in the way, are horribly distracting, and just unsafe in general. You’re on vacation. Spend time with your family, not technology, Cheese and rice!

          • It’s BECAUSE I treasure my memories with my family that I am considering getting a selfie stick. In the last three vacations at Disney I took with my family, we have no family pictures of the four of us. We will ask a passerby to take a picture, but so far no luck with them getting a great picture with just one or two quick shots and we hate to ask them to take pics several times (we have two little ones and it’s hard to get them to smile on demand). I’d love to have a good shot or two with everyone in the shot. That being said, as with so many things, people need to be considerate and safe.

        • No it’s people like you who are the problem Ledergrant, whoever you are! You take something you hear about something from within another context and use it for this one simply to make yourself sound so much more intelligent and morally adequate.

          Strollers are innovative tools that make the process of life so much easier than hulling a child around. If there is a stroller coming towards you, then move your ass out of the way. I know for a fact that parent wasn’t doing it on a purpose to deliberately hit you!

          So yeah, get rid of these selfie phone sticks because they are not a tool for anything but providing a way for irresponsible people who are “loose minded” from all the attractions to become even more obnoxious.

          Also if you want an analogy, here is one. If you were hauling a boat from point a to point b and you were driving on the highway. Would you not give that person a stable boat transporter instead of them simply hauling a boat behind, in which case there is a greater liability for hitting the surround cars? OR would you give them a long stick in front of their car to take pictures of themselves “driving”. Now replace every thing about driving with walking and everything having to do with boats and relate it to a stroller. There’s you answer bud

      • I also was there last week and it was ridiculous with the selfie sticks a lady taking a Selfie stick picture tripped and fell on to my daughter’s wheelchair stroller yes please bann them.

    • I too can’t stand this… if they want to re-watch it at home there is this thing called youtube that has wishes in beautiful 1080p from a tripod which would be better than their shaky ipad video

    • all you people are ignorant if you don’t want to deal with all the issues then don’t go and just stay home and search Disney land on youtube.

    • What happen to just using one of those things. Its called a camera. Come on leave your I-PAD in your room and your phone in your pocket. If you really need a picture of yourself just ask any cast member. I lost count the number of times I am asked to take some ones picture. Anytime I go to Disney I have my camera in my hand. No phone no I-Pad just a camera. That is what they are made for.

  1. Great, now to stop the people holding their iPad up to either video parade, ride or take pictures on the ride. On the great movie ride someone held their iPad up the whole time. They hold iPad out to video parade and block view.

  2. People gripe and complain too much. If it is a safety issue then address it, but seriously, move your face 3″ one way or the other and look around their cameras or iPad. Bunch of whiney overgrown babies.

    • Sometimes you can’t move 3″ to one side or the other in the middle of a crowd at WDW. You’re probably one of the obnoxious people holding up an ipad blocking everyone elses’s view.

    • The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one. One person blocking the view of others absolutely is not acceptable and not only should cast members and the others in the audience ask them to put it away, they should be ashamed of themselves.

    • If you are 5′ it’s a little difficult to just look 3″ one way or the other in the middle of a large crowd. Ipads are way more irritating that selfie sticks in my mind, but I understand why they banned them on rides like they did. Ipads should absolutely be banned during shows and parades though. They’re inconsiderate and just plain rude to the people behind them.

    • It’s not only about moving dill hole. It is about the aesthetics of the show being negatively affected by the brightly lit iPad illuminating the dark foreground. You are probably one of those douches who uses his iPad to film everything.

  3. Selfie sticks aren’t the problem the problem is people are just stupid and beyond annoying anymore especially the ones that act like they’re the only people around they lack total self awareness and are just always in a daze I think they should allow us to carry tazers and knock em out lol

  4. I agree 100% that there need to be rules in place to a) ensure the safety of all guests (especially the children !) and b) to enable everyone to enjoy their experience to the fullest without preventing anyone else from enjoying their time. We’ve all paid dearly for our tickets, and I for one do not appreciate having to crane my neck to see around someone’s iPad because they’re inconsiderate. Last time we were eating dinner at San Angel Inn (Epcot, Mexico) we were constantly being blinded by inconsiderate people’s use of flash photography in the boat ride. How foolish of them to believe they’d even capture anything worthwhile in that environment by using a flash !

    • Really!! There are designated areas on the parks maps for smoking…….just like smokers look on the map to find them, non-smokers can look to find and AVOID them as well ! What about alcohol ? Should that be banned as well from the parks? Just stay clear of the designated areas and this should not be a problem for you!

      • I have been to Disney World and Disneyland (California) many, many times. My experience has been that many smokers don’t care to look for designated cancer zones and simply light up whenever and wherever they feel like it. Many also use washroom stalls as good hiding places to indulge their filthy habit. I also found cigarette butts floating in Castaway Creek in Typhoon Lagoon. And if a nicotine addict has a quick smoke at a designated area just before hopping on a closed-in attraction such as Star Tours or something similar the reek is SO BAD it’s like living in an ashtray. Smoking should just be banned totally on the Disney properties.

    • Emotional support animals are not a nuisance. There are plenty of people that get anxiety attacks, are trying to face agoraphobia issues, etc that these animals are a great help to. Just because someone has a non-visable ailment does not mean they don’t need extra assistance like someone who is blind or has seizures.

      • I Think what he’s trying to say is ban people who have poorly trained animals that they say are service animals just so they can take them with them. You can’t always look at a person and know why they need the animal but you can usually spot a well trained one from a fake.

  5. Useless policy.
    I now know to hide my selfie stick prior to entering the attraction.
    I also now know to use that selfie stick super fast on the attraction.
    CM asks you not to use it and you do, what are they gonna do?
    Damage is done.
    CM won’t confiscate the stick.
    it’ll be a CM command ignored.
    Just like the numerous “prohibited” photos guests take on the ride.

    • Security will escort you out the park and confiscate your pass if you have one. Keep doing it. The less people like you in the park, the better!

      • I’m with you Mickey. I know how to use my GOPRO on a ride without impeding others view or experience, BUT… How about enforcing flash photography on rides?!? The problem with any rule is the lack of consistency. Selfie sticks on a ride do NOT ruin my experience. However, the person behind me on Pirates, that takes 57 pictures with their flash on does. Do they get escorted out, pass taken??? NOPE! They’ll have a lawsuit on their hands unless there is consistency. You can’t fix stupid, but you can enforce your “rules” across the board…

    • Lol. When you break a rule, especially one tied to safety, you get your selfish butt kicked out of the park. No refund, either. If you are a continued offender, you get blacklisted. It’s happened in the past. Heck, less than a year ago Orange County police tackled and handcuffed a guy just outside of City Hall for screwing with a safety critical procedure. Before anything else, Disney values Safety. And, if a cast member sees you as a serious risk, they CAN escort you out of the park themselves. They don’t have to call security if the situation deems it necessary. So, please, try it. Cast Members deal with complete assholes every day. Give them an excuse.

      • lets be real here for a minute. we ALL know that is NOT true, they will NOT be kicked out of the park for a stick. They will walk away and cm can NOT do a thing.

  6. I agree that selfie sticks need to be banned from rides and attractions for safety issues. However, I do not agree with some who have posted here that selfie sticks should be banned elsewhere, and no such ban is going to happen. Disney is not going to ban families from taking a “family selfie” with a selfie stick in front of Cinderella Castle or places like that.

    • They are just banning them on rides as they can hit stationary parts of the ride and cause damage or harm. Not to mention people don’t want to ride big thunder with a bunch of cameras on sticks in their view

    • I am sick of selfie sticks blocking my view at shows as well as kids on their parents shoulders. People are so self absorbed that they don’t care about blocking someone elses view. I pay like everyone else and I would like to see something other than a kids backside or a selfie stick waving back and forth or an Ipad totally blocking my view. Be considerate people.

    • One of Disney’s other parks have already banned them completely, as has Universal, I believe. WDW will ban them ifmit’s necessary, and it truly is.

  7. People actually carry their iPad in the park? I must be a light traveller. (p.s. I’ve seen the iPad thing and it’s annoying just like so many other things people do)

  8. It’s still not going to do anything. You’re still going to go on POC. The foreigners are STILL going to use them on the ride. IF they are questioned after the ride they will claim the didn’t understand. They go on the next ride to ruin it for you, why?because the cast members hands are tied and they know that. So they will continue to do what they want and NO ONE is going to tell them different. So I don’t know why they keep reporting rules that will not be followed, or inforced.

    • David, I’ve been on rides where riders have disobeyed the CM. The shut down Tower of Terror because they out their feet on the seat ahead of them after being told not to. A voice came over the speaker reminding us that they see and hear everything. The boys got a nice lecture in front of everyone and got to stay on the ride with the rest of us irritated guests.
      Those who disobey a Cast Member learn quickly or get escorted out of the park. There hands are not tied.

      • I wish they would have done that to the people with the flash photography on POC. Boy is that annoying.

  9. I don’t mind iPads as much as kids on shoulders. At least with iPads you can still see whats in front of you. Now on the topic of Selfie Sticks whatever happened to the traditional selfie w/o a stick?

  10. I think that kids on shoulders are far worse than IPads. If you are going to put your kid on your shoulders please be conciderate and go to the back of the crowd. Same with IPads. Don’t just stick it up and block everyone’s view.

  11. The other one I find annoying is when you’ve just found a good spot for the parade, Wishes, etc. You can just about see over the persons head infront of you… Then they put their child on their shoulders – doubt Disney will ever ban that one though…

  12. would like to smoking band as to meny walk around the parks smoking and cast members don’t say anything to them

      • Diane is obviously a smoker. I have been to Disney World and Disneyland (California) many, many times. My experience has been that many smokers don’t care to look for designated cancer zones and simply light up whenever and wherever they feel like it. Many also use washroom stalls as good hiding places to indulge their filthy habit. I also found cigarette butts floating in Castaway Creek in Typhoon Lagoon. And if a nicotine addict has a quick smoke at a designated area just before hopping on a closed-in attraction such as Star Tours or something similar the reek is SO BAD it’s like living in an ashtray. Smoking should just be banned totally on the Disney properties.

  13. At least this is a small step in the right direction but I wish WDW would ban selfie sticks completely. I got whacked in the shin with one so hard that it gave me a small bruise because the guy had it open with the cell phone in his hand and the handle end behind him and spun around energetically.

  14. How did handling of a safety issue turn into a gripe session about kids on shoulders and an insistence on banning iPads? It’s Disneyworld, folks. Relax and have a good time. (Btw, I’ve never had an iPad or any tablet; and I’ve never had a kid I could put on my shoulders.)

  15. First of all, a WOW is there a lot if hitching here! Parents put kids on their shoulders because they can’t see otherwise! Disney is a magic place for kids. Be an adult about this. Also, who cares. About iPads…move your damn head! Now about the selfie sticks…don’t have one, don’t want one, and I would certainly be pissed if I got hit with one while on a ride at ANY theme park. I just have a question. Are they only banned at DW, or are they also banned at DL?

  16. Smoking should be the first thing banned. It is disgusting to walk through clouds of smoke with little children in tow. They should have to exit park area

  17. Obviously one hot topic to get this number of responses so fast. :) Thanks for the update WDWNT. Let’s hope people can adjust and adhere to the rules.

  18. This whole thing with monopods and ipads is stupid. Iam 6 ft 5. I am always in peoples way when it comes to my height. Are they gonna ban tall people from these parks? I think not. I agree with banning monopods aka “selfie sticks” on rides. But out in the park monopods and ipads are a non issue.

    • I’m with you Adam. I’m also 6’5″ and I’ve actually been cussed out because I wouldn’t move from a spot that I held for an hour. If I’m a late arriver, I will gladly go behind everyone that is not blessed like I am.

  19. Why are people so intent on taking pictures and videos of themselves so much these days so much that they need these devices? There is a definite ego issue going on that I hope is just a fad that is laughed at in a few years the way we laugh at the 80s hair styles.

    • Or I want a super simple way to capture my daughters first ever ride… But you’re right, you know me, my ego and self centeredness is out of control…
      Then again, I know how to use one so it doesn’t take away from anyone else’s experience. But I digress… You’re right , always…

      • Be present enjoy the memories with your child. I’m sure everyone loves to remember their childhood when someone had a giant stick in their face. How about enjoying the ride and maybe buying a photo the actual ride takes. That way you could remember it without ruining anyone else’s experience, But no your child is way more important than everyone else on the ride. That’s the problem. No one has any consideration for anyone around them. I think that’s the point of all of the arguments about ego.

  20. They are not banned, just can’t extend them out of the car. This was the policy in December as well.

      • That’s what I REALLY wish would happen , @skimmerbobskimbob .
        Because if the Disney officials were to do that , there would be no reason on earth to really ban anything else .
        Unfortunately , that move is only made on those who sneak into River Country or Discovery Island ,
        or other places on property that inconsiderate people are told to leave by a cast member , or an official of an event that the inconsiderate person is not invited or authorized to be in .
        And this is why we see more things like this taking place .
        – Dwight ( djthereplay )

  21. I agree that strollers are neccesary, but the parents need to pay more attention to more than the park while pushing them thru the parks! I am mobility impaired and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been knocked down or had my cane run over while walking by an inattentive stroller driver! I have even had to seek medical aide after one knocked me over without even slowing down! It goes beyond rudeness! Would you drive your car in rush hour traffic that way? Not looking at the surrounding traffic , just the scenery? It insanity!

    • And I bet that has happened WAY LESS than being hit by a selfie stick… The problem isn’t the tool, it;s the inconsiderate nature of others… (AKA kids and foreigners)

  22. Someone banged my head the other day they had an iPad on a selfie stizack like 5 feet out. Had to get stiches. Oh and by the way she laughed when it happened!

  23. There are alot of things Disney World could ban. But honestly what good would it do? Most people today don’t give a damn about others. Consideration has died.

  24. Uhhh this is completely false. I’m a cast member at an extremely popular attraction that has REGULAR down times because of people waving their selfie sticks around out of vehicle, and our policy on the matter has not changed from what it has always been – don’t let it extend over your head or out of the vehicle, and we won’t stop the ride. There was no “mass memo” sent out to all cast members, and actually everyone backstage has just been talking about how confounded they are by this article since it is completely untrue.We all hate selfie sticks and we WISH they would be banned from the park completely, but this “article” is just a giant rumor with absolutely no basis in fact…

    • I’m sorry, but you may want to check the cast member hub because we have 3 of the memos in our possession. If you read the article, it isn’t a change in policy in regards to objects on rides, but they are certainly trying to make cast aware if they are not and make sure it is addressed. Whether or not cast will follow the policy or their managers will let them is another story.

  25. What is a selfie stick? and what does it have to do with kids on your shoulder? Maybe a shoulder stick would be better…

    • A father with a toddler on a stick who is holding a selfie stick with and iPad. I think you may be onto something here…..

  26. I think Selfie sticks are fine throughout the park if used properly! I am going on vacation with my partner and if we want our own free picture infront of the castle we can do it using a selfie stick which comes in really handy! I would never use it on rides as I want to enjoy them for myself! It all depends on the people using the selfie stick to show how it’s used if people have it out constantly then they are idiots if you have it out for a few photos to get both you in a photo then it’s fine as not everyone wants to ask a randomer to take their picture and hold their camera or phone! Can’t trust anyone nowadays! It is however completely unnessecary on rides I know but does no harm for a few odd pictures!

  27. Oh my goodness people it’s a selfie stick! I completely understand not being able to use it on a ride and I respect Disneylands decisions! But honestly people there is nothing wrong with using a selfie stick to take a picture and remember an amazing time and memory! Stop being cranky people that complain about everything because honestly selfie sticks are an amazing invention that are used all over the place! Not everything is about you!

  28. Buy a Memory Maker and you will have hundreds of photos from your trip taken by professional photographers!

  29. Hello Fair Weather Disney Friends !,
    Here’s a few tips from Your fellow Disney Lover , ” djthereplay ” .
    1. I`ll say it like this . Why use a long stuck out ” selfie stick ” to risk hitting or hurting one of the functions of the attractions or wind up hitting people to do the one thing that Disney Photopass Photographers are in the parks for ?
    This is not people wind up accidently getting bumped or something because of those who need a wheelchair or something of the like to be able to enjoy the parks themselves , This is about people in the parks who insensibly are willing to hurt someone or something in the parks to get themselves in their own photos when Disney has people in the parks that can do that for you in a safer fashion . This is why I feel that Disney is doing right with what they are doing now with this .
    2. iPads being used for filming may block your view of parades and shows , but at least they have not been used to hit people or functions in the parks . Ok , I do agree that those who use iPads need to be sensible in not blocking everyone’s view ,
    But still those who have iPads deserve the right to experience and preserve the magic the same way that you do to view it in person . They are no different than an iPhone or iPod Touch . They are just bigger in size , that’s it .
    For those who mention viewing Disneyland Videos on YouTube , Excuse me .
    As much as I`m m ore of an Android Person , How do those ” Disneyland Videos ” get to YouTube if iPads , iPhones , iPod Touches , or any other smart device that has a built in camera are not use to film their visits there ?
    Don`t you have to film it before you are able to post it ?
    Thanks !,
    – Dwight ( djthereplay )

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