VIDEO: Imagineers Put The “Springs” In Disney Springs

Today, Disney is sharing more of the incredible details behind the main story point of Disney Springs. At the heart of Disney Springs is a bubbling spring located in Town Center that represents not only the power and beauty of nature, but optimism and possibilities. In the backstory for the project, more than a century ago, this spring attracted the first settlers and over time, the town of “Disney Springs” grew around the spring, eventually creating three additional neighborhoods: The Landing, Marketplace and West Side – each with its own distinct charm.


But how do you build a representation of an authentic Florida spring? The answer: research, technology and artistry. In this video, you can see the level of detail the project team went to in recreating a natural Florida spring like the ones they visited on their many research trips. In it, you’ll see how Imagineers used various shades of bright glass pieces as accent colors to make the springs glitter; how nearby live oak and cypress trees were incorporated into the design of the spring’s bank; and how sculpting added even more depth to the area.

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4 years ago

Absolutely awesome. I love that Disney invests in projects like this. What a great opportunity for artists & engineers to innovate and create…and for visitors to experience vision brought to life.

Thanks for sharing this, Tom.

Joe P.
Joe P.
4 years ago

They did the same thing with the glass on the Submarines Finding Nemo at Disneyland.