BREAKING: Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios to Add Themed Bar Inside

It’s no secret that Disney’s Hollywood Studios is pretty short on attractions right now, but they are also in serious need of some new food and beverage services as well given the loss of many dining establishments in the Backlot section of the park. To better serve guests, they are going to be adding a themed bar/lounge at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction.


Now, before you get too excited, the bar is not located on the beautiful balcony and it is not the infamous Tip Top Club from the attraction storyline either, but rumor has it that the bar will offer Hollywood Tower Hotel themed beverages.

The bar will be located where this desk was at the ride’s exit

The bar will be located at the exit of the attraction, across from the PhotoPass area, just before you enter the Tower Hotel Gifts store. There is now word yet on if there will be seating, but the bar will be installed very quickly starting immediately.


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22 thoughts on “BREAKING: Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios to Add Themed Bar Inside”

  1. Bad idea. As if there were no well known Southern California landmark bars that could be riffed on and placed somewhere else…Rock n Roller Coaster is a much better plan…The Troubador, maybe?

  2. Oh, I wish it was more themed to the ride. I guess I’ll have to hope it will be. Can’t wait for pics!

  3. You know There’s also a coffee, expresso, and pastries cart just outside next door to TOT. You can also make a concept art of the TOT if you want.

  4. Why not have a restaurant continuing the theme / story of the Tip Top Club which could some special themed effects or could offer entertainment. Which would offer something for all ages but still in keeping with the Tower of Terror story.

    • I think that would be great, but Disney is currently working on do much that this quick fix makes the most sense.

      Maybe after the expansions?

    • Um… The thing with the Tip Top Club is it is at the top of the hotel and unless Disney plans to entirely reconstruct the ride so that the structure is to scale that might not be possible. It would be cool and I guess they could put it somewhere else but then what is the point of it being the Tip Top Club if it isn’t at the top.

  5. Don’t like it at all that Disney is serving liquor at all besides Epcot. I don’t think anything good can happen from this. Believe me I not a goodie two shoes either

    • They have served liquor in ever park except Magic Kingdom for a while. Responsible adults can get a beer or a cocktail at certain vendors and restaurants at every park. Nothing bad has happened in the years they have been doing this

  6. What is the source of this rumor? I just think it is weird that 3 weeks after I wrote a Blog about how cool it would be to have a Tower of Terror bar based on a speak easy in Anaheim , that all of a sudden it is happening. If it is true, obviously I’ll be super excited to see it happen. But I don’t see any of the Disney websites quoting any sources.

  7. Ummm, i do not know what defrent dose make to that,, i have never been to wDW,, i can not offordit ,, pepole say ,, the bottel of water its 5$, very cheap huh, when this park if they charch pepole 1$ ,per day, still will make billion $ .
    I do not know why it is so expensive to me it is just a rip off.

  8. I hope the whole thing is themed as Disney is famous for. I think this is great! I hope they have it done when I go next year.

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