CONCEPT ART: Cuts Made to Toy Story Land, Scenes Removed from Slinky Dog Coaster

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As you know, plans change when building attractions for Disney Parks, and Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is no different:

Original Toy Story Land rendering, 2015


2016 rendering

When walls went up near PIXAR Place on April 3rd, so did a new piece of concept art for Toy Story Land (which guests can now visit at the end of the street). Noticeable in the concept art were some changes to the Slinky Dog Coaster, most noticeably the loss of the portions of ground where Andy (or maybe Bonnie) had dug a path for the roller-coaster playset to travel through. As well, one of the large turns that was to travel over a guest pathway now simply travels through a wooded area.


Among the other changes were the removal of a scene featuring the Green Army Men and a portion where guests would burst through a wall of some kind. Some other set pieces and scenes have also quietly disappeared, but it is hard to make out exactly what was lost in the concept art. The cuts are not being seen as budgetary, but likely to speed up the construction of Toy Story Land, which Disney hopes to have completed by late 2017/early 2018.

Even though there appears to have been cuts, some great details remain:


Woody’s friend Mic makes an appearance…


As does Mr. Spell…


The second launch sends guests through a Hot Wheels-style device.


There’s even a show scene with Jessie rescuing Rex from a tower of toppling Jenga pieces!


Looking at the rest of the artwork, taking over what was the Studio Catering Co. space appears to be “Woody’s Round-Up”, a new counter service location.


Looks like it may even recycle a few props from Hey Howdy Hey Take-Away. The entire building may not just be this small eatery, but this lunchbox and the seating area outside definitely are.


Just beyond the borders of Toy Story Land is the heavily wooded new planet of Star Wars land. A tunnel will transport guests between the two realms.


The Little Green Men Flying Saucer ride has its own concept art up on the walls as well. The ride is similar to Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree, but there are Aliens in saucers pulling carts around instead while you avoid The Claw.


Here you can see the ride has an expansive indoor queue area with two separate ride areas


Guests enter past Buzz Lightyear, down a pathway, and under neath Buzz’s spaceship


Down at the bottom you can find the new entrance to Toy Story Midway Mania, most likely with the new outdoor home to the Mr. Potato Head animatronic character.

Other details of the land seen in the original concept art aren’t seen here either, but they could just be out of frame (i.e. the Al’s Toy Barn and Woody’s western-style facades). While a few details of Toy Story Land seem to have fallen to time and budget, what’s left still looks to be an impressive and much-needed addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


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