BREAKING: Walt Disney World Introducing FuelRod Service to Revolutionize How Guests Charge Electronics

Tom Corless

BREAKING: Walt Disney World Introducing FuelRod Service to Revolutionize How Guests Charge Electronics

Starting July 1-2, guests can purchase portable charging batteries at FuelRod kiosks that will be added to Walt Disney World theme parks, Disney Springs, and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.


FuelRod kiosks dispense portable charging batteries for $30.00 each, which includes:

  • A portable charging battery
  • 6″ USB Type A to micro-USB cable (for most Android devices)
  • One Apple 30-pin to USB cable
  • One Apple Lightning to USB cable

The purchase is not a rental, the charging device will belong to guest after purchase.

The kiosk will be located in the following locations:

  • Magic Kingdom
    • Tomorrowland Light and Power Co.
    • Big Top Souvenirs
    • Pecos Bill’s
    • Curtain Call Collectibles
  • Epcot
    • Disney Traders
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
    • Celebrity 5 & 10
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom
    • Island Mercantile
  • Disney Springs
    • Marketplace Disney Photo Imaging
    • DisneyQuest
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports
    • ESPN Clubhouse Shop

The novel thing about the concept is that depleted batteries can be simply swapped out for fully charged ones at any of these kiosks. Depleted batteries can be swapped out for no added charge after purchase by guests, meaning they may never have to actually charge one themselves. Guests may also choose to charge the battery on their own with the included cable, of course.


  • Tom Corless

    Tom has been regularly visiting the Walt Disney World® Resort from the time he was 4 months old. While he has made countless visits in the last 28 years, he did not become a truly active member in the Disney fan community until the summer of 2007, when he decided to launch the WDW News Today website and podcast. Tom has since become an Orlando-local and is a published author on Walt Disney World. Contact Tom at

41 thoughts on “BREAKING: Walt Disney World Introducing FuelRod Service to Revolutionize How Guests Charge Electronics”

  1. Or just go on Amazon and buy an Anker charger (or other brand) that’s similar in size for half the price.

    • Joe –

      I think you missed the part where it says “Depleted batteries can be swapped out for no added charge after purchase by guests, meaning they may never have to actually charge one themselves.”

      So basically you use them and refill them instantly on the go throughout the parks, no stopping to charge them or anything.

      • I think that Joe read it correctly. He is just smart enough to realize for less than $30 you can get a 22000 mAh battery pack which will charge most smart phones fully 2.5-3 times. No need to swap, can be recharged overnight back at the hotel. We do this every trip.

          • The point is convenience for the times when it turns out your charger is dead or you left it in a different bag. You don’t go to Disneyland for the cheapest anything, but it’s nice to know that there’s a charging option when you aren’t able to get an instant Amazon delivery.

  2. When you buy one, are you buying a brand new one or one that has been returned (1,2,3 times?) and recharged?

    • It looks to me like when you buy one, it’s brand new. When you swap, you’ll get a used one that has been recharged.

    • It comes with cords to recharge. So it’s a reusable power supply. However, in the park on the go you simply pop it in a kiosk and get a fully charged stick. For $30 you get quite a deal, and no fuel rods get thrown in the garbage. Their online pricing outside the park is $20 but there is a $10 deposit

    • Let me know where you shop so I can get the only items in America that are not overpriced. The object of a business is to make money $$.

  3. I have a $20 ever-start charger from Walmart that charges all three of our phones and tablet all day in the parks. While I know this will help some people I prefer my $20 one that’ll give me a full charge more than once during the day and also charge everyone else’s in my families phones too all day.

  4. Yet, it is a BRILLIANT idea!! I’ve wondered why Disney has not yet offered $3.00 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches every 10 feet on every single walkway in the park!! They’s make (another) FORTUNE!!!

    • Because there are people in the world (like myself) that has sever peanut allergies. If I can smell the peanut butter, I go into an anaphylactic shock. It would be too risky for Disney to do that

  5. Great idea! If you are in need of this you should have to pay a premium for it. If you think it’s overpriced, I guess you don’t buy it.

    • This. People need to stop being so pretentious. By all means, bring your own chargers!!! But for those who do not, this is a genius idea!

  6. I think it is a great idea. I think that being able to exchange them is what is going to be useful to most. Who has time to worry about charging a device when you can just exchange one. I hope that they can be wiped down to remove germs, because they will probably come across lots of hands.

  7. I guess I am a trend setter because I have been sporting one of these from work that I have charges prior to visiting and using when needed for both of our phones :-) Honestly, I would have never purchased one of these on my own because I didn’t know the benefit they possess. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!

    • PS – I think Disney is missing a great marketing opportunity here – most of us would purchase if you add a Mickey *0*

  8. Saw a kiosk to buy one of these at the Philly airport yesterday (and the kiosk had a place to turn in old ones to swap as well.) They were only charging $20 in the airport so Disney upped the price 50%.

  9. I bought a charger from amazon years ago. Charges iphones and androids up to 6 hours of charge very quickly. Paid around $20 for it. Carry it where ever I go when I know I will be taking a lot of pics. To Disney, the springs, the mountains, beach, etc. It’s nice that Disney finally thought about this and that they will replace depleted ones. When I went to find a charging area in Epcot once I was directed to an electrical outlet. I had my cord, but not the plug in for my phone cord. So that is not a real charging station to me.

  10. This is a great idea! I purchased one for our family, we shared it the entire trip! Saved having to find outlets! Great job again Disney! Loved it, need to add more kiosks, especially at EPCOT

  11. I bought one while at the airport before my trip. This was great investment because we exchanged it a few times at the park and also at the airport. Only cost $20 at the airport. This company was smart to get into the Disney parks

  12. I went on a Disney vacation last week and I forgot to pack my usual backup battery only to realize after reaching Disney. Then I bought a charger for $30 inside the Disney Hollywood studio. Then I tried to recharge my iPhone with that, I was only able to recharge about 60%. This is not very useful (my usual battery charges my 3 times). Now I was back in my hotel room and I have to figure out how to re-charge my fuel rod, I don’t have a power adapter, and I am not going all the way back to that Kiosk just for swapping. It would have been much convenient if Disney provides some charging stations around in the park restaurants/hotels etc. I am not satisfied with the product. Now I am trying to figure out how to return it. It seems like you have to print and fill a form, ship it to an address in Switzerland, you get only $10 back. Forget about returning.

  13. Ok bought this on this trip. I’m a huge social media person and have literally replaced it 3-4 times a day. For people like me, this is the best value Disney has at the parks. $30 for unlimited power all day and night. Brilliant

  14. The fuel rod idea was a life saver for our family. We were at The Halloween celebration when my phone (also used as camera of course) went dead. I had forgotten my “brick” back at the hotel. I hated spending $30 bucks but it turned out to be the best $ ever spent that trip. The fuel rods are tiny and light-weight so they are easy to carry even in a pocket. The cable is only a few inches long and has adapters to charge any phone plus recharge the fuel rod itself. Our whole family ended up using it more than once with several different brands of phones. We would just swap it out every time we came to a kiosk. In the MK there were several kiosks which made it relatively easy. The other parks had only one but I read that more are being added. I have used it a ton since coming home because it is so well-designed. Going to WDW soon and will see if there are more kiosks. Don’t be to quick to judge this little gem. It may save your trip someday!

  15. I’m so glad to hear they’re adding more of these around Disneyworld. I got one last time I was at Disney World at Epcot for the Food and Wine Fest. It’s save the day for me. I could take more pictures. I didn’t even have to worry about charging it I would just swap one out every morning. And I got to take it home with me to CA. I still use it daily. Way to go Fuelrod! I look forward to seaeing these in every major city

  16. They also have kiosks in California at the Disneyland Resort. So you can swap out them there too! I recently went to Legoland and found myself on low battery I had forgotten my battery pack at home. They didn’t have any charging lockers, no portable chargers, nothing. I would of paid $30 for even a one time use. The fuel rod stations are great for those forgetful people like me and planners who know where to swap.

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