REVIEW: Norway Bakery at Epcot Begins Breakfast Service, Introduces FROZEN Desserts

With the opening of the Royal Sommerhus and Frozen Ever After at 9am, guests will now find the nearby Kringla Bakery og Cafe in the Norway pavilion open early in the morning as well. With the new extended hours and the extra attention, the classic Epcot bakery has received a number of new menu items, so we decided to try a few over the last few days:



The chefs even made a small version of the Royal Sommerhus to put in the display case.


A look at the options.




We decided to try the egg and leek pastry. It was very light and had a good flavor to it. The leek flavor is a bit strong and it would probably be fine with just the egg, but overall not a bad option.



We then came back to try the Frozen mini cupcakes, the Snowglobe, and the Fisherman’s Tasting Box.


The Fisherman’s Tasting Box is an odd addition, and even though we didn’t order it until around 1PM, it was clear we were the first people to ever order it. For $10.00, it isn’t very large, but at least it was fresh. Everything in it was good, and I’m a pretty big fan of Melba toast, so it won me over a bit (not enough to order it again, but at least enough to be OK with the existence of a strange $10.00 fish box).


The mini-cupcakes were pretty cute, even if they are just held in place by an upside down sauce cup.


All 4 cupcakes were a different flavor: vanilla, chocolate, carrot, and cookies & cream. The troll was my favorite as it was fun to look at and the cookies & cream frosting on chocolate cake made for the most interesting of the 4 cupcake flavors. None of them were bad and I think it’s a fun option for the Frozen fans in your group. It certainly will make a fun social media post for your trip.



The Snowglobe was pretty crazy looking, but ended up being delightful. It tasted like a cheesecake over a chocolate cake layer which made for a pleasant flavor. The blue clear portion ended up just being gelatin, a fairly flavorless variety that at least made the dessert look interesting.


There aren’t many desserts outside of the France bakery at Epcot that I really enjoy enough to weant to order again, but this would be one of them.

Of course the Kringla Bakery staples you’ve come to know and love are all here as well, and certainly being open next door to the immensely popular Frozen attraction will see a pleasant boost in traffic at the cafe. I would still choose the France bakery over this one time and time again, but there’s nothing wrong with occasionally ordering some school bread, rice cream, or a snowglobe. You really can’t go wrong with any of those options.

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Disney Hipster Andrew
5 years ago

Unfortunately not ALL of our favorites are still here. The veggie torte has been MIA the last couple months. :/

5 years ago

they missed the chance to have ice cream


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