RUMOR: Disney Vacation Club To Build First Moderate Resort Villas at Caribbean Beach

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It’s finally happening: the Disney Vacation Club has run out of Deluxe Resorts to expand upon, so it looks like they may be turning their attention to their first moderate resort, which in fact, fittingly, was Disney World’s very first moderate resort.


The proposed new location at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort would be at the southern edge of the resort, wedged between the existing hotel and Disney’s Pop Century Resort along Victory Way.


It is unknown when construction might begin on the proposed project (it is still pending final approval at this time), but it is expected to be the next Disney Vacation Club resort constructed after the new expansion at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

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  • If the dvc announced the first moderate resort villas at caribean beach, would you add a pirate them pool there?

    • Good question and I hope their answer is yes. To go for Easter or Christmas the points are insane for GFV and BLT

    • Think of this as a SSR or an OKW resort. They are like moderate level resorts, the points are cheaper there then at some of the deluxe resorts and they use the outside enterance to the rooms and they don’t have a signature dinning restaurant. But I bet you will still pay DVC prices for these points.

  • I dont think they are going to make it a moderate. it might be attached to a moderate but be classified a deluxe. How could they sell it as a moderate and then allow you to use those points for the deluxe resorts? Dont think that will happen.

    • It would probably just cost less points to stay there than at a deluxe and therefore ownership would cost less but you would also buy less points upfront. you could then borrow points from the following year or use banked points from a previous year to use them at a deluxe resort. cost per point will most likely be the same. You would just need less points to stay there

  • This sounds like a disaster and I think would cheapen DVC overall. It needs to be a new stand alone, add additional rooms at Yacht Club ,or take over additional buildings at existing DVC properties. As members we all expect a certain atmosphere and level of amenities and a good part of that is based on the actual class of the resort. I think most members would shy away from a moderate property leaving less and less rooms at the deluxe resorts as more members buy in. I doubt DVC would make points less than current resorts so why book a moderate when deluxe space is usually available at most resorts at the 7 month mark? I think it would create a huge battle for rooms and those that don’t book at the 11 month mark for priority would be banished to a lower end resort.

  • I think the warm welcome we received when we stayed at the Caribbean Beach beat out the tepid welcome we received as new homeowners at Saratoga Springs would make me want to stay there! The food court was awesome and the staff very helpful! If we used less points to stay there– we could go more often! I’m in!

  • If this happens, it won’t be a “moderate”. It will be a DVC, priced at DVC prices (well over 125/pt), points would be reflective of some of the older DVC resorts, where you can still get a studio for 12 points per night depending on day of week and time of year.

    The only reason I can see Disney considering adding this, is they know those newer developments have priced out many of the young families, and want their money before they find out about resale opportunities.

  • I don’t see why Disney could not pull this off. As long as the point structure per night is in line with this being a moderate resort, I’m sure they can make it work. The price DVC charges per point will probably not decrease from where it is right now with their current DVC resorts, but the number of points you need to use per night to stay a moderate DVC resort would have to be significantly less. A tiered level already exists within DVC when you look at the points per night difference in similar size accommodations between Saratoga Springs and Old Key West when you compare them to the Grand Floridian, Bay Lake Tower, the Poly and the Grand Californian at Disneyland. I think a moderate DVC resorts opens up a whole new group of potential DVC members who would not consider buying in at the investment level need to get a week or two at a deluxe resort, but could get a week a year in a moderate for a much smaller investment. And for those of us who already are staying at the deluxe resorts with our points, this could be a great opportunity to squeeze out an extra long weekend trip when you are getting low on points.

    John – Your comments make me think you are one of the DVC member “entitled snobs” that give the rest of us members a bad name with the Disney cast members.

    • Not a snob at all Dave. In fact I’m a former cast member that will still greet guest that I see in the halls or elevators, pick up trash I see on the ground and even hold the door open for a lady. I know about guest service and I know how hard cast members work. I’m the farthest from entitled and I feel a special bond with all cast and DVC members. But how much lower can we go per night on points? You can stay in studios from 8-16 points per night Sun-Thursday from Value to Magic season at many of the resorts. I doubt they would be priced at 4 points per night. The demand is for the Epcot and MK resorts. Try and book a room on short notice and all that is usually ever available is OKW or SSR. Why build more of the same and cheapen the points and probably the service and amenities provided when the demand is for resorts with park or monorail access? I think all members would benefit more from a resort that provided park access and kept with the current deluxe model. It has worked for 25 years and made it the most successful time share product on Earth. Should we have more DVC choices? Yes! But I think we should stick with what has worked before and members demand based on bookings. Now how about the garden wing at the Contemporary? (Bay Lake II) Or the empty land between TTC and the Contemporary?

      • As another DVC member. I don’t have a problem with this, or see it devalue the program. You can’t deny that the last few expansions have had higher and higher price points. Having a new resort that might cost less, could be good for several reasons.
        First…I could go more. Would I go to a moderate resort for 2 trips a year, or longer trips – sure. Heck, I pay cash and go to value resorts if I want to be there. I love the deluxe resorts but they are not mandatory.
        Second, if the rooms were cheaper…then possibly the buy in could be cheaper. I bought in at the minimum of 150 points. I get most of the resorts no problem, but don’t always spend them at GF, Poly, etc or get multiple bedrooms. Could they make a place where 100 points gets you a week at a moderate…sure. More DVC members. (good for Disney buy-in $$) Will they have problems saving for a deluxe, sure – as do I wanting bigger rooms or specific weeks.

        Personally, my only gripe about a moderate DVC….too bad it was a Port Orleans one.

      • Families of 5 have to, at a minimum, spend 40-50% more points for 20% more family. Many of the current DVC properties only accomodate 4, so the extra expense prices lots of families out. We love the moderate resorts when we stay, as Port Orleans-Riverside and Caribbean Beach actually accomodate my family with the murphy bed. If there was a moderate DVC, we could afford a little extra for extra space for our larger-than-2-child family.

    • I don’t think its being “snobbish” at all. it’s a legitimate concern. I purchased a time share at a premium price, now that system is moving into a totally different market, what does that do to the value of my points???

      • Now I don’t think I’m “entitled” to anymore than what I pay for. I go deluxe because that’s what I enjoy and I’m willing to sacrifice. I don’t think I’m better or anything like that. think of it this way, say you pay premium for a Castle view at BLT’s then you find out that the same view is being offered at a considerably cheaper price, I would definitely be a bit peeved

        • I would imagine that the points would be similar in the ‘price per point’, but a moderate would cost less per night to stay there. There is a big difference between a BLT 1BR caste view, and OKW for example, or AK value rooms. I also assumed that if the points per week were less at a moderate then there might be 75-100 point packages available to new DVC member. Enough to stay there, but not enough to stay at Poly bungalows.

    • I agree Dave…Disney will probably sell these points like other resorts but the per night cost will be lower

  • I see this working in one of two ways. First, the create a whole new DVC point system that is not interchangeable with the current premium DVC. You would have to pay a fee in order to access the premium system. Second way is that this will just become a premium DVC like Bay Lake tower. If a moderate DVC system was created, I wonder is all member benefits would be the same as current benefits, or just a lesser, moderate version? I suspect the later.

    • I don’t think the moderate DVC resort would necessitate a whole new point system. Old Key West, while still being classified a Deluxe Resort, has the lowest points per night of the DVC resorts in WDW and Bay Lake Tower has one of the higher points per night. If the points per night to stay at the CBR resort were 25% less than Old Key West, that would probably be a fair value. Based on this point structure you could stay 7 nights in a 1-bedroom villa during the Dream Season at CBR for 153 points, or 199 points at OKW, or 222 points at BLT. I think this is reasonable, based on how the points per night vary by resort.
      For the sake of argument let’s assume a $150/point price for the proposed moderate CBR. A family that would prefer to stay 7-nights in a 1-bedroom during the Magic Season would be looking at an investment of $22,950. If you used the same $150/point cost, that same stay would be an investment of $29,850 for OKW and $37,500 for BLT. The deluxe resorts are already tiered by the points per night it costs to stay in comparable accommodations (studio, 1 or 2 bedroom). Introducing a moderate resort is just another tier in a system that already has established tiers.

  • Inevitable move by Disney. The crowd is not what it used to be. And their point system can make this work. I’m sure value DVCs would do well too. The snobbish crowd isn’t going to sustain Disney’s increasing crowds and thinning service.

  • I think DVC will make this a deluxe resort with a separate entrance. I like the location being so close to EPCOT.

  • Since opinions are like applesauce (is that how the saying goes?) Here’s my take:
    I see this as the first all studio DVC.
    Room similar or slightly larger in size to CBR. Sleeping up to 5. With no patios or balconies. I see the Main Area” similar to OKW but smaller (I don’t want to say downgraded) Lobby, Pool, Gift shop, Food court. No table service.
    When it comes to price per points. I see no difference in price. When it comes to points per night. I see it similar to OKW and SS.Maybe even a little higher.
    Why? Location Location. Location.
    Caribbean beach is closer to Epcot and the Studio’s, and I believe many will sacrifice room size and accommodations to be near these.

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