RUMOR: Disneyland Forever Fireworks To Be Discontinued for Budgetary Reasons

When the Disneyland Forever fireworks show was introduced as part of the Diamond Celebration in May 2015, we assumed it would stay beyond the anniversary event, just as “Remember, Dreams Come True” did ten years earlier during the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. Well, it seems the show will conclude along with the Diamond Celebration come September 5th, 2016.


Why discontinue Disneyland’s biggest fireworks show ever? It is drawing record crowds and has proven ever-so-popular. Well, the show is big and expensive and Disneyland doesn’t seem to think they need it anymore.

Now, Disneyland does have two seasonal shows that they can slot in following the departure of Forever in September, the preexisting Halloween and Christmas fireworks shows. Certainly these two shows could carry the burden on select nights until the beginning of 2017, but instead of bringing Forever back at that point, Disneyland may reinstate the Magical fireworks show or introduce a new, smaller scale show in comparison to the current offering.

Unfortunately, this cancellation is part of a trend at the Disneyland Resort. In addition to budget cuts that have closed various restaurants around the resort, the spending constraints have left the long-standing Mad T Party staging and such over the Hollywood Land area in place, simply because it would cost $200,000 to restore the area to its former state.

Hopefully the completion of Shanghai Disney Resort will lift these budget constraints for Disneyland Resort, otherwise it’s going to be a long road to Star Wars land…

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  1. Hard to believe money factories like DL and WDW are suffering cutbacks because of a lack of funds. Disney is hemorrhaging money somewhere and that sort of thing makes stock holders nervous.

  2. I want to know if World of Color – Celebrate has been run out of the park yet. I really don’t appreciate that show. If the 60th fireworks are gone that definitely needs to be done away with. Let’s go back to the original and just update its beauty with new animated films and the great music from the films we grew up with. I used to get teary eyed every time watching the original World of Color but this new show just gives me a headache. Any news on what will happen to World of Color???

  3. I live down the street from Disneyland. EVERY night at 9:35 for 12-15 minutes I am jolted by their fireworks! It sounds like bombs going off! I sincerely hope they are at least shortened! WHY do they have to be so LOUD?! =^..^=

    1. I live close too and my poor dog gets so scared. But my neighbors set of even bigger and older ones! I’m looking for a place in the country with no fireworks!!!!

  4. I was here with my family today, I am from CA and my family is from Florida. I was profusely embarrassed… Parking, bad service and a cancelled fireworks show. Get it right Disney, all they did was brag how much more organized Orlando is!

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