UPDATE: Patrick is Still Your Chief Flight Attendant in Soarin’ Around the World!

Reports are coming in from the Twitterverse that Patrick Warburton is indeed hosting the preshow at Soarin’ Around the World! Cheers of joy can be heard in this video clip posted by one of the first passengers this morning.

After a cryptic tweet from Patrick Warburton yesterday, it was unclear whether he would be returning when the ride reopened today.

Many Disney fans were rather upset with the notion that Patrick might not return this morning.

It appears that the preshow is the same, with the only change being the “Soarin’ Around the World” appearing in the text. It is unclear whether Patrick Warburton’s tweet yesterday was simply saying goodbye to the original film, or whether he actually thought he was being replaced with a new flight attendant in a new preshow. My theory is that Disney never asked him to record a new preshow, so he just assumed that someone else was doing it. He may have assumed, just as most fans did, that there would be a new preshow. None of us really considered the possibility that Disney might just use the old preshow as-is with some minor text modification. But in hindsight, this makes perfect sense! Why replace something that isn’t broken!

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