PHOTOS: Cancelled Disney Infinity 12-Inch Figures Revealed

As reported by Kotaku last month, the Disney Infinity team had a lot of figures and Play Sets that were set to release this year.

Among the many plans for the game was a set of premium 12-inch figures. The list of planned characters included Elsa, Darth Vadar, Buzz Lightyear, Hulk, Hulkbuster, and Jack Skellington. The figures would have been sold at $45 a piece, lit up, and have different features that their standard figure counterparts did not.

Thanks to Twitter user Infinite Adventures, we now have concept images for both the premium Hulkbuster and Jack Skellington figures. Check them out below!


(Photo Credits: Infinity Inquirer)

According to the Kotaku article, the premium figures would have multiple light up pieces. Just imagine how those jack-o’-lanterns would have looked glowing on a Disney Infinity base.


(Photo Credits: Infinity Inquirer)

The Hulkbuster figure appears to have been more in the pre-planning stage, but still looks really neat. Hulkbuster would have been massive as a 12-inch figure, despite the regular Hulkbuster figure already being huge.

Although it is sad that we will never get our hands on these figures, at least we can get an idea of what they would have looked like.

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