PHOTOS: Lego to Release Official Cinderella Castle Model at Disney Parks

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What may be the single most desired Disney Parks item of all time is finally on the way…
imageLego will be releasing an official Cinderella Castle set at sometime in the near future. It will reportedly retail at $349.99 and clock in at 4080 pieces. Release date is set for September 1st, 2016.


The set will be released onlien adn at LEGO retail locations. It is not known if it will be available at Disney Parks locations other than LEGO stores.


Pretty cool huh? I’d ask if you’re going to buy one, but I already know the answer…

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  1. I’ve known this set was going to come out for about 6 months now finally glad to see pictures it is supposed to be released September 1st and be a Lego store and Disney store exclusive

      1. They do intend on doing at least another series of minifigures but at this point are waiting to see how this set sells before they make any more. This set will be available worldwide starting September 1st on and more than likely as well.

        1. Do you know if this will be available for purchase in the parks? We are going to Disney World in October and I’m wondering if it will be available at the parks or in Disney Springs.

          1. It should at least be at the Lego store in Disney springs for sure but I am not sure if it will be anywhere else. It depends on how much it’s sells cause it will be a huge box to have in the parks and I am sure it will sell extremely well so it might be sold out by then probably a safer idea to order online off of Lego with free shipping to guarantee a set.

          2. I am a big Lego fan and I don’t see this lasting more then a few hrs, it will be sold out… I will be waiting in line (overnight) if I have to..,

  2. Will it be released in the UK or just America??? because I am disney crazy and have been collecting the disney lego sets.

  3. It’s 350 because it’s an UCS. This will be huge. I will buy one the first day.

    1. Lego made a large haunted house about 4 years ago so I don’t see one in the near future but do agree it would be a great set.

  4. Wow, I need one, start saving my pennies now.
    I wish they would limit sales to one per adult. You know the re sellers will pour in and buy them in lots of 10, along with their kids and spouses each buying 10.

    1. The Lego Store usually limits popular lisensed minfigures and sets so I see them doing the same here probably doing a max of 2-3 per household online

  5. Just a quick and honest question: is the news about this set ‘officially’ out? A similar news was posted by Popsugar yesterday and it was taken down, presumably by TLG’s request… just wondering. Thanks!

    1. Not official press release but official images. The set is supposed to be at comic con later in the month so expect the press release in the next day or so.

    1. Cinderella castle is at Magic Kindgome and Disneyland Tokyo. Aurora’s is just Disneyland.

        1. By an attendance standpoint though Magic kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland rank number 1 and 3 while Disneyland Anaheim and Paris rank 2 and 9.

  6. Will they also sell this at Disney Stores that at local shopping malls, Lego stores at local shopping malls and Target and ToysRus. How much might it cost for that.

  7. Oh my goodness. My sister’s very favorite place to visit in Disneyworld! She would go crazy to have this set as she LOVES Cinderella. I wouldn’t mind it for my collection ;)

    1. Be serious – Lego has been licensing Disney for years. They didn’t “steal” this rather obvious idea for a set. And if this is being released now – it’s been in the works for years. Do you know how many people have posted their Disney castle creations? They’re not scouring blogs looking for ideas.

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