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Welcome back to WDWNT’s Hostess with the Mostess! For any of you new comers out there, let me fill you in on the magic that happens right here once a week. As a fellow Disney enthusiast, I love talking about all things Disney. I will be sharing tons of my Disney favorites, such as attractions, characters, restaurants, etc. Along with my favorites, I will be adding in my tips and experiences because I’m a Hostess … that’s what we do! My favorite part is that I get to hear from you! I love reading your comments and I was very excited to see which restaurant came in first. Ok, ok, let’s get on with it … the results are in!

Last week, I shared my Top 5 Favorite Quick Service locations in the Magic Kingdom. Which, might I say was a very hard thing to decide on. Just as a reminder, here are the top 5 I picked. If you want the complete lowdown, you can read my post from last week right here.

My Top 5 Favorite Quick Service Locations at the Magic Kingdom

  • 5. Gaston’s Tavern
  • 4. Casey’s Corner
  • 3. Pecos Bill’s
  • 2. Columbia Harbour House
  • 1. Be Our Guest

Now let’s see what all of you had to say! And the winner is … (drum roll please) …

1. Columbia Harbour House!

I have to say, I am not surprised nor am I disappointed. This seafood eatery rocks. It almost tied for my number one. I just booked my Keys to the Kingdom Tour this week and I was so excited to learn that our lunch during the tour was at Columbia Harbour House. Should I be more excited about going backstage into the utilidors? Probably. But I just can’t ignore that my taste buds are tingling in anticipation.

There were some great comments about our loved Harbour House! For instance, Kelly is totally on point, “I feel like the quality of the food served at Columbia Harbor House is head and shoulders above any of the other quick service at Magic Kingdom. The salmon is especially good. And on those hot days when you don’t want a hot meal you can’t beat their tuna sandwich.” And rebeccamck commented, “I’ve always liked Columbia Harbor House best, for its tuna sandwich and the lobster roll.” The Anchors Aweigh sandwich (AKA tuna sandwich) is actually one of the few menu items I have not tried. Now, with two great reviews I have no choice but to try it.

2. Be Our Guest came in a close second. Part of Rich’s comment really stood out to me. “Don’t get me wrong….the food is very good and theming is well done. However, I have been there twice for lunch with ADRs and there is nothing quick about it.” Rich has a very good point. Be Our Guest may have good food and great theming, but it’s not the place you want to go for a “quick” meal. Even though the lunch is considered quick service, it’s more of a sit down. I wonder if the not-so-quick issue is one of the reasons that this enchanted castle took second place.

3. Pecos Bill’s stayed in number three. Our cowpoke cafe is getting some love! For anyone who hasn’t eaten there I encourage you to try it. I’m not lying when I say the Southwest Chicken Salad with Chipotle Ranch is a great meal when you are taking a break from a long day at the ranch … I mean park.

4. Casey’s Corner gets the number four spot. Putting the absent cheese sauce aside, this place still has some pretty delicious hotdogs. And I don’t know about you, but I think the fact that they offer Cracker Jacks just gives it that little extra push for awesome. I don’t even like Cracker Jacks, but it’s what you get when you go to a ballgame and I love seeing Disney adding that detail.

5. Our Other restaurants hit number five. We didn’t get many comments for the “other” category so your votes could be a number of different places. However, we did get a few shout outs for Cosmic Rays. Geary said, “Cosmic Ray’s is very nice. Where else can you get a quick service meal and a dinner show at the same time?” Travis commented, “I voted Harbour (what’s up w/ the ‘u’?) House, but I have to drop an honorable (superfluous ‘u’ intentionally omitted) mention on Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. Dinner and show, my friends.” So true! Cosmic Ray’s deserves a mention. Sonny Eclipse puts on a good show. I listen to the Planetary Boogie in my car all the time .. and yes .. I proudly know all the words.

6. Gaston’s Tavern came in last and with very few votes. The cinnamon rolls and antlers just did not cut it this time. Even without the votes, the cinnamon rolls will always still be super yummy! And I have a feeling they will return someday in another countdown of mine.

Thank you to everyone who voted and commented. It’s so much fun to learn about your favorites!

Here is my Extra Magic Tip for this week: Restaurantosaurus in Animal Kingdom, Backlot Express in Hollywood Studios, Sunshine Season and Electric Umbrella at Epcot all have self-serve drink stations. During your meal you can get free refills! It’s fantastic, especially if you are super thirsty that day!

Remember to check back next week for my new post! I will be presenting a new “Top 5” and I want you to vote for your favorite!

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