RUMOR: Rivers of Light at Animal Kingdom May Be Nearing Completion

We may not want to get our hopes up again, but there have been rumblings among sources inside the Disney Company that the Rivers of Light nighttime show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom might be nearing completion.

"Rivers of Light,"the majestic nighttime jewel, coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom creates an illuminating musical experience for guests. Currently in development with a premiere date to be announced soon, "Rivers of Light" will celebrate the magic of animals, humans and the natural world with a blend of performers, floating lanterns and theatrical animal imagery. (David Roark, photographer)

The show, originally slated to debut April 22nd, 2016, was indefinitely delayed due to problems with the automated show barges/floats. Rumors indicate the time down has also been used to rewrite large portions of the show that management may have deemed “too boring”.

The show already has missed most of the Summer 2016 season at Walt Disney World, but Disney did create a filler show to placate guests over the last 2 months. Unfortunately it was the poorly received The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic.

If the rumors are true, a September debut for the show seems likely as that would be the conclusion of the already announced run for Alive with Magic. At the latest, we expect to the show to begin performing in late November/early December, but just as they did before, things can always change.

4 thoughts on “RUMOR: Rivers of Light at Animal Kingdom May Be Nearing Completion”

  1. This article says nothing. There’s a rumor that something may or may not happen. Useless!!!

    • It’s hardly useless.
      The info is supposedly from sources “inside” Disney. So it’s not just fanboy chatter.
      And there’s been plenty of speculation that Rivers of Light would be delayed until Spring of Summer of 2017. So this could be big news.

      I understand some people’s frustration & negativity. But I appreciate this info & love to hear rumors from sources that are considered reliable.
      Thank you WDNT!

  2. For real though this was the biggest thing to open at DAK this summer 2016 year. I hope it does come true as the first 10 mins that i saw looked amazing.

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