UPDATE: NBA at Disney Springs Cancelled? Will DisneyQuest Close Soon?

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Hey kids, remember this?


DisneyQuest was removed from annual passes and other tickets it used to be included with and it seemed like May 2016 was going to be the closure date for the attraction so the NBA experience could move in. Now we’re over 13 removed from the announcement of the project and Disney has never mentioned it again and DisneyQuest remains open. So, what happened?

Well, it seems NBA and Disney hit a snag after negotiating that they would go forth on the business venture, mostly arguing about the overall plans for the space. According to sources, Disney did not want to embark on another lengthy construction project that would be an eyesore on the West Side, visible to any guest driving by Disney Springs as it is not blocked by a parking structure. They also wanted a faster turnaround on the conversion to complete the project by 2017. Well, NBA wasn’t interested in using the existing DisneyQuest structure and paying to rework it, they wanted to build a custom, brand new building for their new home. That’s where the story ends a few months ago.

While everything has been quiet on the project, that doesn’t mean that Disney and NBA won’t ever happen, it just certainly seems that it is indefinitely delayed at this point. Disney has left the original announcement up on the Disney Parks Blog, which leads us to believe it isn’t completely dead, it just hasn’t made any progress since the initial announcement. Whether or not it ever will, well, that remains to be seen.

As for DisneyQuest, managers at Disney Springs have been told a closure will happen, it’s just a matter of when a tenant finally agrees to the space, whether that is NBA or someone else. So don’t expect DisneyQuest to be added back to any tickets anytime soon…

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  • Was there a couple weeks ago. For a place that we thought would be closing soon, they have sure kept it up. CM’s were cleaning games on a regular basis and they appear to have brought in new / refreshed games. It was as fun as ever.

    • If it’s not making a huge profit, it’s GONE! Disney mostly wanting to sub out the space to operating participants. No reason to have ‘fun’, when you can have more moneyyyyy. I can see their point (as a share holder, not a patron though). Doesn’t make Disney Springs about as fun/cool as your average strip mall though, but at higher prices and more crowds.

  • I was there June 2016, and CM’s said the NBA thing was cancelled and that’s all they know right now. No news on when or if it will even close. With some updates, DisneyQuest could come back to life! Our family had so much fun AS-IS! Bring back the Pinball machines, (and more), and make it a “true” Retro Gaming place. It would be a shame to lose that Venue.

    • So true! Disney needs to acknowledge DisneyQuest for what it is; the world’s ultimate retro gaming arcade/interactive museum showcasing the achievements of a decade that pioneered VR technology, it is an extremely unique complex and they should advertise it as such. People gobble up retro 90s nostalgia in this day and age. A big reason why I think ticket revenue is increasing for DQ recently. Don’t understand why some people throw so much salt on a building that has stood for nearly 20 years and should be celebrated as a piece of Disney history.

  • A few months ago? They could’ve been done by now. I guess if the NBA still want to be there, a new building must go somewhere else.

  • I am so glad that Disney Quest has remained open as long as it has! Hopefully we get a lot more time with it than we thought.

  • “don’t expect DisneyQuest to be added back to any tickets anytime soon…” ?? As I understood they still allow you to enter on the waterparks and more tickets.

  • You can still go to Disney Quest with a Platinum Plus AP, it’s just not being actively advertised at this point

  • If the nba wants an all new building location why not add one to the Wide World of sports complex. A new location and experience would draw some attention and guest to the WWoSPORTS facility.

  • Just update the graphics to the games! Come on, they update other attractions at that parks so why not at Disney Quest? These are the same graphics from the late 90’s. The virtual reality game with the light sabers could easily be turned in to a Star Wars game.

  • This thing needs torn down and something new needs to go there but not the NBA experience too many theme parks around for an appeal of sitting inside for a couple of hours playing video games

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