UPDATE: Parents of Gator Attack Victim Issue Statement; Will Not Pursue Lawsuit Against Disney

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The parents of the 2-year-old boy who was attacked by an alligator at Disney World last month have issued a statement today, claiming that they “will not be pursuing a lawsuit against Disney.” They will however be starting a foundation in honor of their son’s memory.


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  • Very classy. My heart breaks for them. It sounds like they’re handling this as positively as can be right now, and that will lead to healing and peace. Thoughts & prayers, Graves family.

  • I have to believe there was some sort of private settlement between Disney and the family. Just such a heartbreaking story

    • Oh heck yes.. I agree. No way the family didn’t get well compensated. Not that it will bring back their son. Even though it was neglectfully make into into a beach without any warning signs, and Disney had fired their wildlife management department as a cost savings measure, common sense has to take over. Disney is not very child safe and a soft target for crimes which they spend much more on to hide, than to fix or prevent.

  • Large monetary contribution by Disney and the realization that they we not watching their child.

  • I was born in Florida, and spent my first 32 years there. Assuming they weren’t watching their child is completely unfounded. Gators attack quickly, and many times go completely unseen before they’ve got a hold of you. They could have both been standing directly over the child watching him, and the gator could have attacked and retreated with the child just as easily.

  • Only an idiot would believe Disney didn’t pay a private and undisclosed sum of $$$$$$$$$$ to get this to go this direction. It’s ALL about perception and public relations with them. They could care less about anything else.

    • Why does it matter? Whether it did or didn’t happen, both parties walked away with closure.

    • A quiet settlement would make no sense. That would be the equivalent of Disney admitting guilt, which would just open them up for a future lawsuit. I believe the family genuinely wants closure and to put this behind them.

      • No. A quiet claim you would never hear about, and makes total sense. Would mean that the people walk away Disney starting a legacy in the name of their son, and Disney moves along without their negligence being exposed in court.

  • That is a classy move, i hope Disney does another classy move and donates to the foundation. I can’t even start to imagine the pain these people are going through nor will i try. It is a loss that will never be forgotten. They have my heart felt sympathy in there situation.

    • I’d bet Disney paid them millions and will do the same for their foundation in exchange for a public release statement (which also probably written by Disney). Disney screwed up big time. They know it. The areas near water look totally different now. They have increased costs at the resorts to cover this, on the dime of tourists. Genius!

  • Watch a few youtube videos of alligators or crocodiles attacking prey and you can see just how fast they can be. Not much chance of saving once they get you in the water.

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