“Radio Free Disneyland” Coming to WDWNT

Podcasting Truth Into Imaginary Places - A legion of music workers pour through samples of Western Music for the Radio Free Disneyland Podcast.
Podcasting Truth Into Imaginary Places – A legion of music workers pore over samples of Western Music for inclusion in the Radio Free Disneyland Podcast.


“An aged and addled couple of East Bloc operatives believe they have identified an American Principality on which to exact radio revenge for the electronic incursions during the Cold War. 

The principality? 

A theme park in Anaheim California. To them, it’s little Liechtenstein with the GDP of Qatar. “

The Radio Free Disneyland Podcast will musically tell the stories of the Kingdom in a completely original way.

Prepare yourselves…


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5 years ago

sample sounds great! can’t wait to see, or uh, hear what you have in store!


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