RUMOR: Pirates of the Caribbean Replacing Peter Pan in “FANTASMIC 2.0” Show at Disneyland in 2017

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When Fantasmic returns to Disneyland in the Summer of 2017, the Pirates of the Caribbean will be joining the crew in what should be an entirely re-imagined version of the show internally being referred to as “Fantasmic 2.0”.

Original poster for Disneyland's Fantasmic!
Original poster for Disneyland’s Fantasmic!

When Fantasmic returns to Disneyland Park in 2017, guests will find a number of upgrades to the show on the technical side. A brand new HD projection system, lighting upgrades, and a completely new sound system (which wasn’t replaced in the 2009 overhaul) are expected in the change-over.

Pirates appearing soon on the Sailing Ship Columbia?
Pirates appearing soon on the Sailing Ship Columbia?

In addition, the show will be sporting a few new segments, including one for Pirates of the Caribbean, which would replace the Peter Pan segment which has been in the show since it debuted in 1992. Using projection mapping technology, the plan will be to turn the Sailing Ship Columbia into the Black Pearl. The ship will host a large fight between Jack Sparrow’s crew and that of Captain Barbossa. Of course, The Columbia will be re-rigged for all new stunt work featuring Captain Jack Sparrow and his pirate friends. The truly amazing part (if true) is that the projection mapping technology will follow the ship around the river, also projecting onto the performers on the boat. This effect would allow performers to change in appearance, jumping between a skeleton and human form just like the characters in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Other new segments are expected to replace some of the older ones when Fantasmic! returns to Disneyland next year. Sadly, we have no solid information on these at this time. Work on the Sailing Ship Columbia to prepare it for these new show elements are already underway.

Sailing Ship Columbia getting altered for "Fantasmic 2.0"
Sailing Ship Columbia getting altered for “Fantasmic 2.0”

The new “Fantasmic 2.0” is expected to run nightly starting in early-Summer 2017. If our source is correct, it will continue to be a nightly, non-seasonal offering for at least a year through the end of 2018. There is no reasoning being given for the expanded schedule, but guest demand for a re-imagined show should be strong enough to warrant such an elongated performance season.

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  • Never gonna happen. No scenes in Fantasmic are EVER being changed. Peter Pan is never going anywhere and neither is th Crocodile.

      • Yes it is. This site makes up rumors to get attention and should be closed down. All internet rumors should be censored by the government and people should be arrested for posting “rumors.” This site also has no inside info either and no one has inside info. Fantasmic is never changing, and Peter Pan is never leaving for a horrible live action franchise.

        • Dave, considering your Tower of Terrors GoTG comments as well, I am not sure if you are a troll or not.

          • I am not a troll, I am a crusader on a mission to discredit Disney rumor sites like this site, WDWMAGIC, and Micechat, and enjoy schadenfreude at their expense. ToT is going to stay the same when fans revolt and march on Burbank like the Bastille.

          • I’m not gonna revolt WITH you, mind you. I just wanna show up with a camera and laugh at you. I know a nice frothy debacle when I hear one.

          • Why would I or anyone else let you know when we’d revolt? Did the French warn the King they’d storm the Bastille? Did Japan warn us they’d be coming on December 7, 1941? No they didn’t. Just watch Disney fall under Communist control, comrade. We will turn the company communist and abolish that horrible system called capitalism turning the “dwarf” building into Disney’s own version of the Kremlin.

          • Okay. I’ll keep a Google Alert for any news with the words “Disney” “Burbank” and “Communist.” Can’t wait to see the footage of security beating the tar outta you.

          • No you’ll be watching security get their butts kicked and sent off to Siberian gulags, comrade.

          • Someone’s a gullible idiot. When Fantasmic comes back with no changes and Petet Pan still there, I’ll enjoy watching you jump off the Golden Gate Bridge.

          • Dave, telling someone to commit suicide over Disney theme park rumors just confirms how unstable you are.

          • The REAL Golden Gate Bridge, or the monorail one in DCA? If the latter, I have some terrible news for you…

          • No I mean the real one and that goes for all of you. You have no family and no one loves you. There is NO Jack Sparrow ever coming to Fantasmic and he’ll be gone from the ride within five years. As Broadway Joe said “I guarantee it.”

    • Dave you are probably the stupidest person I’ve ever seen on the internet if you have a problem with the tumors then don’t come on here.

      • How about instead this site NEVER posts another rumor again and only hard news. As for Disney they should be bought out by a corporate raider and dismantled until they are once again nothing more than an animation and film studio with a few theme parks (like they were under Walt until 1995), is no longer a media conglomerate, and never build any new parks or adds any new attractions ever again, tossing out Walt’s “Disneyland will never be complete” quote entirely. I wish the 80s take over attempt succeeded, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation and this site wouldn’t exist.

          • Again not a troll, but you sir are NOT a real Disney fan and a traitor. Walt would be ashamed of you. Eisner continued the great tradition of Walt until 1995 when Indy opened and he bought ABC. Eisner and Wells knew what Walt would do and then Wells died. Someday I’m going to take over Disney and undo almost everything the company has done since 1995 and that includes selling off Marvel, Lucasfilm, and ABC, dumping DLP, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, bringing back old attractions as if they never left, apologizing to the purists, and banning people like you from Disney property. This is a false rumor and whoever made it up is a loser in a basement with no family and no one who loves them.

          • Dave, if you are being 100% honest and not trolling with your comments, you should seek psychiatric help pronto. Most of your comments are extremely detached from reality and you also seem unstable. I am afraid that you currently might be a danger to yourself or others close around you.

            Please seek help.

          • Dave, I genuinely hope you actually wake up tomorrow in an alternate universe where you ARE the head of Disney, if only you can see exactly how long you’ll be able to keep that job before the board of directors throws you out on the street for decisions like those.

          • I’m curious – why do you consider INDY, in particular, some grand betrayal of Walt’s vision? It wasn’t even the first Disney attraction based on non-Disney IP – Star Tours, The Great Movie Ride, Muppet*Vision 3D and your beloved revolt-worthy Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror all came before it. Not to mention the (clears throat) INDIANA JONES Epic Stunt Spectacular. And ESPECIALLY not to mention that almost EVERY classic beloved Walt-era Disney film was based on a pre-existing story, making the “not originally a Disney IP” argument pretty much permanently null and void.

            Do you just think Walt woulda hated EMVs in particular?

            Or…my theory, did something happen to you in 1995 that left you perpetually stuck in trauma-induced arrested development?

          • Oh please, there won’t even be any board of directors or shareholders to stop me because I will turn Disney private and lay off the board. It will be like the Biff Tannen alternate universe in Back to the Future. I’ll even outlaw Jews from being CEO of Disney. Disney has no business being run by Jews and they’ve been ruining it.

          • And I thought you couldn’t get any worse Dave. Anti-semitism isn’t going to win anyone over.

          • Oh, now I frickin’ DARE you to take Disney by force, Dave.

            I mean it, Dave. DO IT. There’s no time to lose! Before the end of the year, Dave. Before those filthy Jews do any more damage to your beloved company. Assemble the troops and take back the mouse! DO IT! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!

            Unless, of course, you don’t think you CAN…

        • So…they should revert the company to how it was under Walt, but at the same time TOSS OUT (your words) one of Walt’s core philosophies behind the single most ambitious project he ever saw to fruition.

          …You need help.

      • There is nothing wrong with me, there is something wrong with you and everyone else. Nothing will ever change either. This is a fabricated rumor and you WILL admit it. If you don’t then you’re a chicken, McFly.

    • The Crocodile is already gone, it left property months ago and hasn’t returned since. And re-rigging of Columbia is happening RIGHT NOW (seriously you can go watch it yourself) so changes ARE coming.

      • The crocodile is gone because they’re building a new dry dock for it. The Columbia is just getting regular maintenance and nothing going to happen to Fantasmic. There are no changes to Fantasmic happening and that is a FACT and you WILL admit it.

  • Disney… if the show is already nearly perfect, don’t mess with it. This would change the tone drastically. Don’t ignore your biggest IP: classic Disney.

  • Wow…Fantasmic might actually kinda FIT THEMING at long last, what with the original ride being right there and all.

    • No it is NOT! The horse either lied right to your face or has no idea what he/she is talking about. There is no Jack Sparrow EVER coming to Fantasmic and there will be no changes to the show when it returns. When Iger leaves you can expect whoever takes over to undo everything he’s done in DL to the point of kicking Jack out of the ride because Johnny Depp is a criminal who should lose his Disney Legend award, kicking the characters out of IASW, selling off Marvel and Star Wars, and removing nearly every trace of them to the point of changing Star Tours back into it’s old 1987 self. There will be de-IPfication/de-Igerfication like there was de-Nazification in Germany after the war.

  • For that Dave guy… just wanna let you know, I work at Disney and they are in fact changing Peter Pan to pirates. I have friends that are gonna be in the show.

    • Do you have ANY idea what the schedule might be? We’re going back in Sept/Oct and my husband is hell bent on being able to take me to see Fantasmic (it wasn’t running the last two years much to his dismay) All I can get out of cast members is “can’t tell you, can’t tell you” which I get, but PLEASE! Help me out I just want to make sure it will be running on at least one of the nights we’ll be in the park!!

  • No ! Dont touch The original Fantasmic , its ok to put new technology but Peter Pan is one of the best segments and one of the reasons why DIsneyland Version Is better !! Perfect is untouchable !

    Children love PETER PAN ! Please dont !!!

  • Dont you dare change the Mark Twain and Sorcerer Mickey Finale. DONT. EVEN. THINK. ABOUT IT.

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