REVIEW: Whispering Canyon Introduces MASSIVE “10 Gallon Hat” – $27 Dessert Served in a Hat

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Whispering Canyon was always one of my favorite restaurants at the Walt Disney World Resort hotels, mostly for the food quality, endless servings, and playful atmosphere. However, a few years ago, I picked Whispering Canyon for a birthday dinner and experienced a really terrible meal. Food was overcooked, under-cooked, and we even ended up waiting an hour past our reservation time. It was this experience which kept me away from Whispering Canyon at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, even though I have frequented Roaring Fork and Territory Lounge.

I wanted a good reason to return to Whispering Canyon, and a good tip from a friend last week was enough to convince me to do so. All he told me was that there was a new dessert, not featured on the menu, served in a “10 gallon hat”. I immediately said, “let’s go to Whispering Canyon!”

Now, while the main purpose of this trip was the ginormous dessert, which we will get to shortly, I do want to review the infamous skillet offered here, so this will be a full review.

Whispering Canyon Menu

Whispering Canyon dinner menu
Whispering Canyon dinner menu
Whispering Canyon dinner menu
Whispering Canyon dinner menu
Whispering Canyon kids' menu
Whispering Canyon kids’ menu
Whispering Canyon drink menu
Whispering Canyon drink menu

The all-you-care-to-enjoy milkshakes are a great value at 7.50, the caramel is a particular favorite of mine. However, I skipped the shakes since there was an acrylic hat filled with sugary confections to order…

All-You-Care-To-Enjoy Skillet ($30 for adults, $14 for children)

Mixed greens covered in an Apple Vinaigrette
Mixed greens covered in an Apple Vinaigrette

The skillet meal begins with a salad of mixed greens covered in an Apple Vinaigrette.


There was also cornbread, which I couldn’t manage to get a picture of before we started devouring it…

The Whispering Canyon Skillet
The Whispering Canyon Skillet

The skillet itself contains pork ribs, barbecue pulled pork, roasted glazed chicken, beef brisket, western style sausage, mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables, corn on the cob, and baked beans. It is quite the feast and the server will bring you more of whatever you want if the first skillet isn’t enough to conquer your hunger.

Everything was cooked well this time, providing an experience much like the Whispering Canyon I remember from my very first visits. This ain’t Victoria and Albert’s, but if you enjoy good barbecue in endless portions, this is the right place for you.


The 10 Gallon Hat Dessert ($27.00)

10 Gallon Hat dessert at Whispering Canyon
10 Gallon Hat dessert at Whispering Canyon

Served in a giant plastic hat, this thing is fairly insane. Insane enough where someone looking to eat lighter might go to Beaches & Cream and get the Kitchen Sink…

10 Gallon Hat dessert at Whispering Canyon
10 Gallon Hat dessert at Whispering Canyon

So, what is in the monstrosity? Well, let me tell you…

  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Chocolate ice cream
  • Strawberry ice cream
  • Mine Chocolate Chip ice cream
  • Bananas
  • Pineapple
  • A full piece of Apple Pie
  • Graham Cracker Crumbles
  • A whole vanilla cupcake
  • Strawberry Sauce
  • Caramel Sauce
  • 2 Mickey Mouse cookies
  • A skewer of toasted marshmallows
  • 2 chocolate brownies
  • Chocolate covered bacon
10 Gallon Hat dessert at Whispering Canyon
10 Gallon Hat dessert at Whispering Canyon

The Ten Gallon Hat is not on the menu, you will likely have to ask for it. In our case, our serve never even brought it up. After she finished rattling off the dessert menu, we then asked if she had anything larger, to which I replied, “Do you happen to have something served in plastic headgear?”

10 Gallon Hat dessert at Whispering Canyon
10 Gallon Hat dessert at Whispering Canyon

I was rather surprised that there was not a big hoopla made over the ordering of this dessert hat. Whispering Canyon is generally loud: there are servers yelling at guests, guests yelling for ketchup, and loud horse on a stick pony races around the entire dining area. HOW IS THERE NOT SOME LOUD EVENT WHEN SOMEONE ORDERS THE BIGGEST DESSERT AT DISNEY WORLD?

I informed my server that I was disappointed about this, and that I expected more from such an insanely fun establishment. She then brought her manager over to hear my idea. The manager then looked at the server and said. “let’s work on this tonight!”. So, if you order this and something happens before it comes to your table, I guess you can thank ol’ Tom Corless. If nothing happens, well then, I just look stupid as usual I suppose.

10 Gallon Hat dessert at Whispering Canyon
10 Gallon Hat dessert at Whispering Canyon

The 10 Gallon Hat is suggested for 6-10 guests according to our server. We had 3 full-grown adults & 2 children who at least had a few bites, and we made a sizable dent in this thing. That being said, we are not suggested serving size people and probably devour more dessert than the average human being.

I feel like I’m downplaying the size by saying we almost finished it, but we are not normal, and this was more food than you can imagine, even looking at the photos.

10 Gallon Hat dessert at Whispering Canyon
10 Gallon Hat dessert at Whispering Canyon

To paraphrase Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park, Whispering Canyon was so worried about creating this dessert, they never wondered if they should. It is really good, but there are a few things that just don’t blend well. I managed to get a bite or two that (I believe) had apple pie, pineapple, and mint ice cream in it. This is not something I wanted. That being said, finding a full vanilla cupcake under a mound of chocolate ice cream pretty much made my day. Nothing is blended in it, so it does make it easy to divvy up everyone’s favorite desserts, despite the daunting size of the overall contraption.

If you are picky in your dessert eating (I don’t care for fruit desserts), choose your bites carefully, but otherwise, dig in as you please. They will also provide bowls if you don’t feel like having your whole party eat out of one hat.

10 Gallon Hat dessert at Whispering Canyon
10 Gallon Hat dessert at Whispering Canyon

This is how far we got…

10 Gallon Hat dessert at Whispering Canyon
10 Gallon Hat dessert at Whispering Canyon
It's listed as "Hat Ice Cream" on the receipt...
It’s listed as “Hat Ice Cream” on the receipt…

$27.00 is a lot of money (and according to one reader, too expensive for lunch at Tiffins), but this was something unique and is sure to be something everyone in the family will remember about their trip to Disney World for a long time to come. I have encountered some crazy desserts in my time, but the 10 Gallon Hat has to be just about the craziest.

Thanks to Chris and Elizabeth Chatron for their help in ordering and eating this thing…

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  • Is this really bigger than the Kitchen Sink? The pictures must not depict the size well, because it doesn’t look bigger to me. The bowl does, but not the actual dessert.

  • I certainly hope they don’t listen to your stupid idea. Who do you think you are to go into a place and tell the server that they’re not doing something right or “good enough” bc they didn’t make a big hoopla over your fat ass eating all that.

    I’ve been to whispering canyon many, many, many times. I love the theming. I understand the whole restaurant. Are you also suggesting a big hoopla if someone orders a whole pitcher of beer instead of just a pint? OR if someone orders a whole skillet instead of the meatloaf?!

    Don’t be stupid.

    • In a restaurant that encourages all the other guests to come over and bring ketchup to your table I don’t see why you think making a big deal over ordering a large dessert would be weird. Rainforest Cafe always have a group of servers shout VOLCANO!! if a group order the volcano dessert to share. It would be fitting for Whispering Canyon to do something similar, possibly just a yeehaa! when its brought out.

    • Fat Ass? Most every American in the Disney park is overweight and poorly dressed. Disney just profiting from it.

    • Obviously someone hasn’t been to Beaches and Cream…

      Besides that, they were literally yelling every 60 seconds about everything else happening in the restaurant, but a giant 10-gallon-hat dessert is stupid to yell about? I certainly also hope you understand that I didn’t complain, just asked the server if they had thought about it and then she called her manager over.

      I feel like someone just wants comment attention :)

      • I agree with you Tom. That was just plain rude and not very Disney-like. I understand what you meant and am absolutely sure the manager took it in the manner you meant it. On a more pleasant positive note, YUM!!!!!

  • $27 for the 10 gallon hat isn’t bad it serves 6 to 10 people. If 8 people buy the Plaza sundae at wdw is over $40 .but i don’t know how i could get all you care to eat bbq ,10 gallon hat and still be able to move after except to go take a nap then go buy bigger clothes from the gift shops .but that’s probably Disney’s plan for more sales.

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