Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster Refurbishment Scheduled For This Fall

Even though there isn’t a whole lot still open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios right now (just look at our aerial photos and video if you don’t know what I’m talking about), Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith will closing for a refurbishment this Fall.

Rock 'N' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith
Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith

The ride will be closed October 27th through November 9th, 2016 for some regular maintenance.

This will likely be bad news for guests visiting during this period as it will lengthen waits at the other remaining attractions in the park.

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  1. What the heck will be at wdw then??? No rock and roller,no big thunder, soarin has bad reviews, no rivers of light, or nighttime animal kingdom. Epoxy has no sum of all thrills anymore……food prices,parking, tux all up up.up……I’m faced with the reality that my wdw vacation days may be ending…..just wow, so disappointed

    1. I understand your pain, especially if this falls over your trip. But in all honesty, it’s a standard maintenance refurb that all rides need. While it sucks for DHS since there aren’t a lot of rides there currently, It’s not like BTMRR which is down for a few months.

      1. Of course this happens…’s just a refurbishment…..and I’m sure that every time that a needed refurb happens, some people get over the top angry about it. My point is with so many things down,hs epcot, and animal kingdom getting less and less, while always gutting us for more and more….this may be the jump the shark moment for me. Is not an overreaction by me, it’s Disney’s fault that their loyal fans are getting to the point of not caring about the brand anymore. I know my post here will accomplish little,just making me feel good for a moment, but I’m about at the point where I no longer count down my trips from 400 days out on a markerboard,or diet (297 to 248) to be on all the rides. It’s a 17 day vacation…that I’m realizing I can do in 5……with universal, and other Orlando attractions getting much more of my families time (and cash). Sorry for the rant…I can’t make salient points when I’m frustrated.

        1. I understand you perfectly! With technology and storytelling improving all around us, from theme parks to Broadway, Disney World has been feeling less special over the last few years. The price tag really doesn’t make sense anymore. It used to be that Epcot provided this international experience at an American price tag, but now I can take my kids to Europe for the same price as a WDW trip. Taking away the few unique and thrilling attractions they still do have is no way to retain repeat customers.

          1. A trip to Europe with the current Euro less than a Disney vacation. And less sales pitches along the way. But most Disney regular guests are wayyyyyy too scared and many out of shape physically to enbarq on something like that. No extra wide stroller space on the canals of the real Italy. Disney has certainly foregone any concern what so ever for happy guests. They think there’s enough suckers that they’ll ring in, even with out any rides.

    2. Soarin has bad reviews? I heard it was good. Rivers of Light and nighttime Animal Kingdom remain questionable.

    3. The stores will be open. That’s all that matters to them. The fewer attractions up, the more they save. I do not believe this shut down is related to safety.

  2. Gutted… We have a lot of rides down during our stay in Oct, BTM & Rockin’ being 2 of our favourite rides. Having already booked flights & package from UK it’s not like we can just pop by another day ?

  3. I hope they get the music working again. When we were there in July, no music was playing at all. Very sad

  4. Why not just shut DHS down completely, get it all done at once, offer reduced package prices for the duration, and reopen when all the work is finished? Seems better than having a lot of PO’d visitors…

  5. Has this been confirmed by Disney yet? It is not showing up in the TA refurbishment schedule, hoping this is not true. I know that currently for fastpasses it is just showing up as all fastpasses gone for that time period but does not say it is closed for refurbishment like other rides say. It would not be smart on Disney’s part to close 2 roller coasters during the same time (Big thunder Mountain Railroad and Rock n Roller Coaster) as that leaves not many rides for thrill seekers. Why not wait a week and a half for the Rock n roller coaster refurbishment so that Big Thunder is open by then leaving only 1 roller coaster closed at once. Plus they are already lacking on the entertainment for October/November (No Main Street Electrical Parade anymore, no Star Wars fireworks, and no Jungle Book Alive with Magic either with no mention of any opening date for Rivers of Light) Since all of those close in September or beginning of October end of October/ beg of November is looking pretty dismal for rides and entertainment (besides the Halloween or Christmas party which are extra). With them cancelling so much during the same month, I think they are going to have a lot of angry people. So many people save up years and years just to go for 1 week and it is disappoiting to find out so close to the date that things will be closed. Guests are expected to plan dining 180 days in advance and fastpasses 60 days but yet Disney tells them closings and refurbishments at the last minute. Somebody dropped the ball on this one for sure.

    1. Just got notification from Disney that my FastPass for Rock N Roller Coaster was cancelled for the 29th, so I think it is real.

  6. My point is that they could have picked a different time as Thunder Mountain is closed during this period as well! Makes me very frustrated to have two big rides out of commission on MY TRIP that I’ve been waiting and saving for, for 5 freaking years!

  7. I completely agree with other commenters above – I’m going in late October, and knew about Big Thunder being down, and while I was bummed, I understand rides need refurb. I’m sorry, but from my perspective it is unacceptable for Disney to have two roller coasters down at the same time and announce the second closure less than 60 days before it is set to begin. It’s not like the parks are overflowing with thrill rides, and to me, this is really the “cherry on top” of this Disney vacation, where cuts abound and costs are way up. When you’ve been saving for a trip, booked airfare etc., you can’t just cancel and go back at the drop of a hat.

    I understand rides need to be repaired/refurbished, and I get that it’s a safety thing, but come on, who is planning the schedule? Do they not LOOK at what else is happening in the park?

  8. Not to sound crazy or paranoid, but for anyone complaining that it is unacceptable for these rides to be down for refurb, what if a fatal accident occured to you or your family member just because routine maintenance was ignored? I know that is harsh but stop thinking “me first” and realize that these things have to happen for a reason. Could they push it back? Maybe, only Disney knows their maintenance schedules. Sorry if this occurs during your trip but if your were coming to Disney for “thrill rides” you’re doing it wrong.

    1. So typical. I have stated that refurbs need to happen. Thinking “me first”??? Wow. I never thought like that…..
      Let’s think big picture. Let’s forget about my vacation, or the 400 days I have dreamed as the disney nut I have been. Or seeing the.disappointment in my loved ones faces on yet another “minus” in our experience….. Not about any way bro…….
      What has happened in the world of Disney parks lately…
      Magic kingdom has Big thunder mountain down for a few months. Taking away the electrical parade…
      Hollywood studios is like a ghost town in comparison to past days….
      No rock and.roller coaster for a couple of weeks isn’t a huge deal unless you go big picture…..
      Lights,motor,action wars land……it will be a good move for the park…….in 2021 or 2022
      Animal kingdom has 2 decent attractions in it…..and when I bought 2 weeks of tickets and hotel plus….they had announced huge plans for a nighttime animal kingdom…..that’s gone.for our trip…
      Rivers of light??? No.word if it’s ever coming…… Universally panned and rarely.ever worked…..Pandora world????? No one wants it,but wdw keeps.saying…….it may be good….but if we go on track.record lately not so much. Dinosaur is.down maybe when I’m.there and it really piling up.
      Epcot changed soarin…..and I’m hearing more negatives than plusses….no sum of.all thrills……really not.much in the entirety of future world.
      But if you wanna eat…….that’s the new Disney paradigm. The eats amazing…but the prices are officially crazy……too.long a into it now, but it’s another small thing that has piled up.
      Ticket prices up, food.prices crazy up,parking up…….eroding customer service.that used to be legendary. Less attractions and possibly shoddy
      Returns…..shoving avatar land down.our.throats, 400_800 a night hotels….15 dollar burgers…..bad selection of merchandise to buy in parks instead of the occasional quality find unique to wdw. Years and years to add anything new when universal can go.from concept to completion in 18 or so months on hp world……it all adds up….and it.just so.sad because I wish to vacation at disney world every year……my family lives for em…….
      What a rant lol…..very disjointed, but maybe a made a point or two.I feel better in any case…..Disney give us a reason to believe!!!!! We are eager to!!

      1. I completely agree with this !!!! I think Disney realized they made a BIG mistake with AK form the get go. The beastly kingdom thing would have been absolutely incredible. BUT they saw the massive success of HP and it lit a fire under them. They could have had it but weren’t willing to give JKR so much control. (which works in Uni’s favor since ya know, she made the whole thing up!!!!) SO they bought Avatar. Now as far as movies go, IMO it was a pretty movie to watch. The story is one Disney already owned (among others, Pocahontas). and nothing at all inventive or sequel worthy. But they are doing it anyway. My family hasn’t been to AK in YEARS. For us its just meh. Of course we will go once the thing opens in 2019 (give or take) to check it out but it really leaves a lot to be desired. And I think Disney knows people aren’t excited about it. It’s really lame as far as ideas go. So then they proceed with Star Wars which I think is going to be amazing. They are not my fave movies but they have a lot of potential and huge merchandising profits for Disney. They won’t open for another 30 years, but maybe the profit loss will encourage them so maybe START woking on it? But the Toy Story thing should have been done YEARS ago. It really is a no brainer. I mean the Pizza Planet thing was like just so obviously asking to be done. They are doing them both together now, but with Toy Story potentially getting cuts day by day. For my family we never went to HS unless we had a military offer with my dad. I never found there to be much of a draw to the park aside from what has remained open.
        TBH I am disappointed in WDW lack of a real trackless ride. I think they could have really stepped their game up and offered the Ratatouille ride in Epcot’s France pavilion or in some way in future world. Especially with the success of Inside Out there is so much to explore in that capacity and a trackless system would be amazing. Still keeping with the educational and technological theme. The traveling Pixar exhibit would be perfect as a permanent installation in one of the Innovention buildings. Maybe this GOTG thing will be something we haven’t seen before! So whatever is being down now, so be it. This is what we have. Disney does theming and rides well. I am hopeful all these new attractions will be incredible. They just take WAY TOO LONG compared with Universal. I know the argument is always made that its just screens…but at least they are moving! No doubt about it the HP lands are incredible as well. Immersive, good unique food and something beloved but people around the world. Also done quickly.

        Im not ready to give up on Disney. I just wish they would take more care in selecting what properties to develop. It would be great to see them concentrate on bringing back some of the nostalgia for people (very subjective though). It would be nice if merchandising profits didn’t completely determine where they put their money. More should be put into cast member development and guest relations. I do give tons of credit to those cast members working hard though. Its hot and not always the happiest pace on Earth. Less shopping at Springs, more spontaneous sidewalk magic. Hotels with more immersive theming at a better price (I’m looking at you Tokyo Disneyland). So much more to discuss but I’ll end here. Fingers crossed!!!

        1. Until there’s some management changes, big time, Disney will continue to go down the toilet. Only the most die hards (or suckers) will keep loyal to the parks. I’m very loyal to the brand and media, but the parks get worse every year. I know new attractions due from all this construction in a few years, but is a drop in the bucket. Hopefully someone will buy the parks from Disney and just pay to use their characters. Disney needs to get out of the theme park business and just churn out movies.

  9. Disney is a construction zone of mostly overprices trinkets and a few meet and greets, all with long lines. If Disney gave a crap about guests, they would have opened 5th park when the 4 they have busting at the seams, and then closed one park at a time for overhaul. But..they don’t give a crap. The Disney parks ONLY objective in life is to get more money out of customers every second they are in the parks. Close ALL the attractions, they shareholders win in the short term. But even die hard Disney fans see how obtuse Disney parks are becoming.

    1. They’d get more of my families money if the did this. We cancelled this years 2 visits. They could have built more first on open lands, and then scheduled refurb of their aged attractions and advised customers so they can plan ahead. Sure, some unexpected break downs occur. But half of Hollywood studios, and a quarter of the other parks are ‘broken’. Bad management.

    2. Larry your rant is funny. I will be making my 4th trip this year in Dec. and lovin every minute of it.

      1. 4 trips in a year to just Disney? John, you’re proof a sucker is born every minute.

        No excuse for all the issues at Disney. DHS is a 2 hour theme park now. Sure. Plenty of suckers to go around for a while. But you can only jip people off so much before either they figure out there’s other places to go.

  10. Silly question but does this mean it actually reopens on the 9th or the 10th? Sorry and thanks!!

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled a “Maelstrom” and remove Aerosmith theme… I have been seeing an awful lot of Mickey Rock’nRollercoaster merchandise… I could see them switching it to a generic rock ‘n’ roll theme and playing current contemporary songs during the ride for a different experience each time you ride

    1. You might be right Ryan. My understanding is any ride that doesn’t generate revenue on it’s own, will be discontinued at the parks or replaced. Every inch must make money off customers at every second it can. Aerosmith not selling much, nor cross promoting other Disney merchandise sales.

  12. It has been confirmed, I contacted Disney. If everyone contacts Disney and complains asking them to push the refurb back until after BTMR opens so that 2 roller coasters are not down at once, then perhaps Disney will listen. The BTMR refurb was supposed to be in spring and they ended up pushing that back until end of August into fall so it def can be done. I urge everyone to just email them asking them. If they get enough people who are angry they may adjust the timeframe!

  13. It is really disappointing Disney would elect to take this attraction down while BTMRR is down for refurb too. I understand everything needs to undergo maintenance and be taken offline for the required period of time to accomplish it, but this is just poor planning. If the refurb can wait until the end of October, it is not so urgent it could not wait a few more weeks for BTMRR to be back up (unless they know that is going to take longer and they haven’t said anything yet). I wish they would have announced this a few months ago and not less than 60 days out so I hadn’t become so excited about getting to ride it again for the first time in 5 years :( First the Main Street electrical parade and now this. Someone over at Disney needs to work on their planning skills.

  14. after 15 years of visiting WDW from the UK this November i think will be my last for a good few years Disney seem to be just hammering WDW at the moment and are in danger of ruining what they have built up ove the years,whereas Universal seem to be thriving at the moment think the guys who run Disney need a long hard look at what they are doing.

  15. From reading these posts, and annual passholder for Disney and Universal living in Orlando, we spend way less $$ at Disney now. I AM SHOCKED to think people surprised Disney is communicating these closures between parks, or had ANY care that ANY guest is happy does NOT sound like Disney World USA/Florida of the last 5-10 years. They’d close every attraction and could care less…if you’re staying on property and spending money, they’re fine. They don’t put much into locals or guests off property, and there’s talk they will restrict parks with new attractions to them. Not that they have had any new attractants that aren’t long overdue refresh, and turned into sales pitch in years.

    They lost track you need to give a little to get a little. Sure, some cast members still friendly, but most are whipped by managers to be crowd control cop mentality of the masses of people and strollers. (“Move over if you have an inch, fill in an space around you to fit in more people, unless you can smell the person next to you, you’re not close enough, move”). Eating at non Disney owned restaurants in parks or Springs, or Illuminations, or few rides open that they haven’t refurbished to be sales pitches for selling more toys are all that’s left for our few visits. We never recommend our many visitors waste their time or money, it’s really a sucker trap for people stuck in memory of ‘the good ol days’.

    We have been to Shanghai Disney, and if you want much clearer park and more value, it’s worth the trip. Sure, expensive there too, but you get some value and it’s clean, well run (obviously not fully under Disney control).

    And Disney college interns who troll boards….no need to flame my post. I won’t read it. Spend a little making the parks cleaner, larger, better run with an ounce of quality put back in, and you’ll have my attention.

  16. Was there last July. Last trip to Disney for me. Next time it will only be Universal, SW,BG etc. Disney just not doing it for me anymore. We travel from Ireland.

  17. We’ve decided that when we need our Disney fix, we will just go to Disneyland. If we go back to Florida any time soon, it will be to visit Universal. They have their act together unlike WDW!

  18. “Disney doesn’t rehab the rides enough. They keep cutting costs, raising prices, and not caring about guest experience!!!”

    “A ride is going down for rehab?? Disney keeps cutting costs, raising prices, and not caring about guest experience!!!!”

    -The Internet

  19. Some of the comments here are just ridiculous. While blasting Disney for refurbishing a rollercoaster, and raising prices, people are praising Universal for…refurbishing a rollercoaster (Hulk), and raising prices! If you are not a Disney World fan, and are simply here to troll a Disney page, then I suppose that is your right, but you sound like you might be off your meds! Besides Catastrophe Canyon…what has Disney closed in Hollywood Studios?? Lights, Motors, Action? The last time I went over and watched that, the stadium was only about 1/3 full. Streets of America?? Yes…let’s all get uppity because Disney took down some cardboard cut outs and fake buildings. Come on people, the truth is that Disney is working to improve the experiences in their parks, and their prices are pretty much right in line with their closest competitors. If you don’t enjoy the product they are providing, then please, by all means…don’t go! But stop spreading BS that “Hollywood Studios is a ghost town” and that Disney is somehow overpriced compared to Universal. Universal announced substantial ticket price increases for their AP holders today…no one is complaining about that?? Rather, you are threatening to go there instead??? Absurd…

    1. Naw D Jones. Absurd is how far off you missed the point of the posts I’m reading here. Disney has a ton of land. They have closed down most of the attractions and areas in Hollywood Studios. Instead of taking any steps to minimize impact on guests, to give them an ounce of value, or build new areas before they rehab others, they take every step in the opposite direction. I can’t speak on what complaints Universal gets or doesn’t, but Comcast has invested tremendously more in the guest aspect of the parks and Disney in the last decade. And nobody is making threats, they’re voting with their money. Just like Disney does. But Disney votes against guests, and feels they have enough suckers (maybe such as yourself) who will pay higher prices, for dirtier parks, with less to do. Many here, myself included, feel this is unwise in every way, but love Disney characters and movies. Their parks in Florida are just atrociously mis managed.

  20. Which attractions in DHS are closed? Catastrophre Canyon, Lights, Motors, Action…and what else?? Most of the attractions are open.

    1. Catastrophe canyon, LMA stunt show, Honey shrunk kids, Studio Backlot tour, 2 restaurants, Magic of Animation, Osbourne Festival of Lights, Entire section which held that and street shows that performed there years ago, Drew Carey sound stage, Idol (replaced by sing along which cool if a free <3yo guest). There's twice as much closed, as is open now. And that's only part of the issue. They could have opened new areas before closing 1/2 of the walking real estate which is now overrun with space to park strollers…Disney just cares less for customers than any company I've ever seen.

  21. Osbourne lights would not be running durining the timeframe you are complaining about, Sounds Dangerous has been closed for a long time…because it was awful, Idol was replaced and is therefore NOT closed, and restaurants are not attractions. It sounds like you are simply looking for reasons to whine at this point. Stop trolling Disney boards and go back to Universal.

    1. D Jones, get a real job, not one in Disney Public Relations. Nobody else could be so obtuse. Your question was what was closed. Disney has half the park closed, higher price, higher crowds, less staff, lowering quality. Nobody mentioned Universal here but you. You don’t like what you read, or the facts, that’s a you problem.

  22. Stop spreading BS and lies. The only things closed at DHS are things that no one cared about. Sorry if you are no longer able to afford Disney, and have become bitter. Personally, I hope they double their prices so I no longer have to wait behind riff-raff, like yourself, in long lines at the parks.

    1. D Jones, I fail to see what was written was incorrect. More rides closed at DHS than open. Facts are facts, whether you care about them or not. Doubling their prices a good idea, but if you’re going, I’m thinking riff raff will still be an issue from your quite irrelevant post.

  23. Let’s see what is open:
    Tower of Terror
    Indiana Jones
    Star Tours
    Great Movie Ride
    Star Wars Launch Bay
    Path of the Jedi
    Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream
    Toy Story Midway Mania
    Frozen Sing Along

    What is closed?
    Lights, Motors, Action
    Honey I Shrunk the Kids
    Voyage of the Little Mermain
    Backlot Tour/Catastrophe Canyon
    Streets of America (not really an attraction, more of an area)

    That is 10 attractions open compared to 5 that are closed. Why do you people keep spreading the LIE that more is closed than open?? If you just don’t like Disney, or are upset because of price increases, that’s fine…don’t go, one less person in line, but stop spreading lies! There are double the number of operating attractions at DHS than there are attractions closed.

    1. D Jones, we get you OBVIOUSLY work for Disney PR, and your list is not accurate, but there’s more closed than you mentioned, and less real estate for guest in Hollywood Studios by more than half of what it used to be. Don’t go away mad. Just go away. And if you can please work to IMPROVE Disney parks, it will speak much better than posts here of how great it is.

      1. If the list I provided is inaccurate, then by all means, correct it. You earlier listed things as closed that both were replaced…and are therefore not closed, and things that were closed that are not related to this expansion. In short, all you are doing is spreading lies, hurling insults, and basically foaming at the mouth.

        1. Oh, and you are correct that the list was slightly inaccurate…Voyage of the Little Mermaid is actually open, so that makes it 11 open to 4 closed.

          1. I also forgot Beauty and the Beast, Fantasmic, and the Star Wars Fireworks (which may close, but are presently open).. so that’s actually 14 open to 4 closed.

  24. It is a shame Disney didn’t expand before they closed off large areas or refurb the very few fun things to do. This will leave 3 real rides for a period of time: Tower, Startours, and Movie Ride, Midway mania for the kids. Movie ride slated for refub soon too. Not selling enough items there, more Mickey coming. New areas to come, sure, but not keeping up with the crowds and slow to build. But it’s about profit, and cross promotion now. Feel badly for guests at this park who pay or plan before they realize it. It’s a half day park now for sure.

    1. What “real rides” were closed as a result of the expansion? Catastrophe Canyon is the only actual “ride” that closed, everything else are either shows, backdrops, or a playground. Also, when was Disney World a non-profit organization??

      1. D Jones, What a troll you are. If you think Hollywood studios has nothing closed and it’s all perfect to you, you’re not in reality or paid to say such by disney. Go fuck off and die a painful death somewhere else. There’s people here who wish for improvement and are fans of the park. You’ve already proven yourself an idiot on numerous posts here.

        1. I clearly listed what was open, and what was closed. I never said that nothing is closed. Stop spreading lies!! You claim you want the parks improved, but whine and complain while they are BEING IMPROVED. As tonthe rest of your remarks…right back at ya…and get bent :)

      2. Disney World theme parks are not non-profit, very low profit considering Disney Media. But your question is probably meant to be argumentative, not relevant. By real rides, I was meaning large holding, popular attractions. Backlot studio tours/tram/canyon/stunt show together drew more than the remaining park. There’s a lot of realestate closed. It’s hard to call it a full day park. If you feel it’s perfect for you, rock on. I think you’re here just to prove something. Doesn’t look like anyone is biting. Too much of Disney is under construction with no significant extra realestate. They could have planned this better and not left such a bad taste in guests mouths. Makes for very crowded parks for more guests. Rockn’ closing doesn’t help much either, and comes at a bad time. Most cast members might not care guests have a good time or get any kind of value. I’m an exception.

        1. So you’re upset because they closed the backlot tour. Noted. That does not mean that there are more attractions that are closed than are open. Is it perfect? No…but this expansion is an effort to improve it. Have some patience, and let go of the past. Or just don’t go…problem solved.

          1. Stop whining d jones. I’m not upset. I didn’t mention a count, or the past, as if that would matter. In space, popularity, and guest occupancy, headliners are closed. I get paid to work there either way, so if suckers come in for a partial park at twice the price it’s no problem to me, but as a huge fan of Disney, to close the Rock’n Roller Coaster while it’s a shrunken park shows short sightedness by Disney. And these aren’t so much ‘improvements’ as closing areas for “rebranding for sales and profit”. New areas/rides may also not be open to Annual Passholders for first year under a current plan. Stay tuned….

  25. Could they possibly have pushed back or cancelled the refurb? Yesterday the park refurb schedule was updated by Disney on the Travel agent website and Rock n roller coaster is not on there. Other things with the same refurb start date or later (for resorts and stuff) were added though so they did add stuff. You think Disney would have added it yesterday if it was going to happen since it has been 1 week since the refurbishment news leaked in the press and also they only update the refurb schedule on the website usually once a month so what wold they be waiting for?? The next time they will update that will probably not be until end of September/ beg of October which is cutting it close to the actual refurb. Perhaps they cancelled it because of the bad feeback from the public for closing 2 Roller coasters at once?? Hoping so!!!

  26. Can this be confirmed anywhere? Is it on a disney website. We plan to be in Orlando that week and will do Universal instead if both BTMR and Rock N roller coaster will be down. This is also during Marathon weekend.

  27. During our visit three major attractions will be closed…Big Thunder mountain, Rockin Roller Coaster and Dinosaur….That’s unacceptable.

    1. I agree. Maybe if enough of us complain Disney will do something abot it, like push back rock n roller refurb. Unacceptable for 3 major attractions to be done. Novbe is not even really the slow season!!

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