BREAKING: FuelRod Service at Walt Disney World Expanding to 25 Kiosks Due to Overwhelming Guest Demand

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When we broke the news of the addition of FuelRod service to the Walt Disney World Resort a few months ago, the overwhelming response to the post was a pretty good indicator that guests were receptive to the idea. Well, due to what sources inside the company are saying is an “overwhelming response to the program”, FuelRod will be expanding resort wide over the next few weeks.

Two FuelRod kiosks now stand inside Curtain Call Collectibles at the Magic Kingdom
Two FuelRod kiosks now stand inside Curtain Call Collectibles at the Magic Kingdom

If you are unfamiliar with what FuelRod is, you will want to check out my review of the product and guide to how it works.

According to FuelRod employees, 15 additional FuelRod kiosks will be added resort wide. So far, we have seen 3 additional machines added to the Magic Kingdom, doubling capacity at Town Square Theater/Curtain Call Collectibles, the Tomorrowland Light and Power Co., and Big Top Souvenirs (locations who already had kiosks but simply added a second this week).

S second FuelRod kiosks lies steps away from the first at the Tomorrowland Light and Power Co.
A second FuelRod kiosks lies steps away from the first at the Tomorrowland Light and Power Co.

Another 12 of these FuelRod machines are now going to be added to the other parks, as Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom all have just one FuelRod kiosk each. Epcot will be adding at least 4 more kiosks, but we were unable to get information on how the rest of the new kiosks will be distributed, but they should be arriving soon enough.

FuelRod kiosks hold 75 fully charged FuelRods inside of them, but then need to be manually refilled by a FuelRod agent throughout the day as the stock is depleted. The existing kiosks needed to be refilled several times a day at Walt Disney World, a problem FuelRod never experienced at any of their other locations around the country. The Fuel Rod agents typically run around Walt Disney World, from machine to machine, refilling them. The agent we spoke to seemed overwhelmed with the workload as the kiosks only hold so many FuelRods and each of the existing 13 machines needed to be refilled at least more than once a day.

The addition of 15 more FuelRod kiosks will bring the total at Walt Disney World to 25, up from the original 10. We will provide an updated list of locations once it is available.

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    • They have themed them a little bit.
      The Main St machine is cream with gold filigree, the Tomorrowland one grey with blue bars. They are about as themed as the penny press machines.

  • It would also seem to be a no brainer to put these in central locations at all hotel resorts. Be a lot easier for people staying on Disney property to swap out new chargers before going to the park. I know that I would use the service.

    • Generally if you are at a hotel you can recharge your phone and the rod in the hotel room. The swap service seems to be more for once you are out and about with less access to outlets.

  • LOVED this product and convenience! Wish I had known about it the first day. I had brought 2 of my own backup batteries and they each only lasted 1-2 hours each, They were expensive too! I was using my iphone to video plus take pictures, I barely made calls. I was so mad since my iphone would be dead by the end of the day at the park even with my 2 backups. The last night I forgot to charge my phone. We were so tired the kids & I laid down for a few minutes and we never woke up until the next morning. Well I Woke up to a completely dead phone, Wouldn’t even start up. I was so mad at myself. I remembered seeing the kiosk in the lobby of our resort at (All Star Movies) I went and bought the kit – came in a clear hard plastic case fully charged with the cord & adapters for all devices. 7:00 AM I plugged it in my phone & left for the park. My phone turned on within 10 minutes on low power mode and then was went to full function power within 1/2 hour. It was 100% charged within 2 hours . That one lasted over 8 hours. I swapped it once. Very Convenient and easy to do. There were at least 1 kiosk in each land plus main street, Then right before I left the park ( just so I knew I had a full one, not because it died) I was at Magic Kingdom from 8am until 1:30am. 17 1/2 hours! Started with a dead phone at 7:15am, and only needed to swap it once. VERY simple to do and it comes fully charged! I then used it all night and swapped it in the hotel lobby the next morning before we left for Epcot. We were there 14 hours and it never died. I didnt need to swap it until we were back at the hotel. THIS IS AMAZING PRODUCT AND TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!!!! It was $30 in the park but I was desperate. I see on their website you can order it in advance for $20 and have it mailed to your house

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