PHOTO: The Hollywood Tower Hotel Sign Already Removed from Tower of Terror

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While the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure still has a few months left until it closes in January to make way for the Guardians for the Galaxy – Mission Breakout attraction, Disney has already removed the trademark Hollywood Tower Hotel signage from the attraction overnight.

Courtesy of the HoJo Anaheim Mattercam
Courtesy of the HoJo Anaheim Mattercam

It is a little strange to remove the sign with so much time still left for the current ride to operate, but likely work like this will continue to be done to make the transition into the new ride a much quicker process.

Here is what the sign once looked like on opening day…


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  • Good grief, they couldn’t just wait? Maybe some people are trying to get there for one last hurrah and wanted to take a picture of the building WITH the sign, sheesh. I guess they could just download your pic, lol.

  • Noooo! Walt must be rolling over in his grave, this was his favorite ride! It’s like they don’t care about all us devoted fans they will continue to go regardless of what changes! Sometimes I think this is just about money to them.

      • Disney Fun Fact of the Day: “Shut Up Stupid” was a song originally written for the 1961 animated classic 101 Dalmations as a duet between Horace and Jasper. However, Walt felt it slowed down the pacing of the film and had it cut.

          • Bonus Disney Fun Fact: There is a secret basketball court inside the Matterhorn. There is also a secret money bin that Walt kept that is the model for Uncle Scrooge’s money bin on Ducktales. The “mountain climbers” seen scaling the mountain daily are actually Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys trying to break into the money bin.

  • Shame on you Disney, shame on you. Whoever in the company is responsible for this tragedy deserves to be beaten into permanent brain damage like what those dodger fans did to Bryan Stow in the dodger stadium parking lot.

  • This ride was always a cheap version of the disney world version, never looked all that great to begin with. I think some sprucing up and converting it to an actual disney owned ip is a good change, or maybe that’s just the optimist in me

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