BREAKING: Writer’s Stop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Close Permanently

While Writer’s Stop was temporarily saved from closing earlier this year when it was converted into the Writer’s Stop lounge, it seems time has finally run out for the establishment.


Writer’s Stop will have its final day of operation on September 25th, 2016, and will be closed forever as of September 26th, 2016.

The carrot cake cookie that has been a staple of the Commissary Lane eatery will still be available at Sweet Spells on Sunset Boulevard. There has been no word on if Writer’s Stop will reopen after construction of the Star Wars themed land is completed, but is is highly unlikely. The connected Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant will not be affected by the closure.

In our latest Hollywood Studios Expansion Update video, you can see that walls moved even closer to the restaurant just last week:

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  1. I loved the white chocolate Macadamian nut cookie. They stopped that a longtime ago though.
    What’s ironic is with the changes, Sci-Fi Dine-In will actually be out of place.

  2. What’s the point of saving it originally? It’s just a cubby hole. A little store, food stand, or information kiosk might fit there. Maybe it should absorb into Sci-Fi Dine-In.

  3. I’ll miss this little stop. It had a certain kind of charm – you know, somewhere that never “really” existed, but the dream of a little coffee shop in the golden age of Hollywood.

  4. Had a cup of coffee tonite from my Studios Starbuck mug. It’s not yet a year old, I don’t think. Seems there is a lot on that mug that is going, going, gone!!! 8(

    1. Just wait for the new limited addition studios mug featuring the ever recognizable icons such as toy story land construction walls, Star Wars land construction walls, and hard hat wearing execs pretending like they’re working.

      1. That would actually be a cute coffee mug… Mickey and the gang in hardhats. The Wet Paint sign, This Site Being….for your future enjoyment, etc, etc. green construction walls. Post No Bill’s!!!

  5. As fans, we often don’t realize that Disney is running a business comprised of a bunch of mini- businesses. I don’t think the Writers Stop delivered too much $$$ in to the pockets of Disney. They basically sold books, mugs, and coffee/sweets. Always empty and never a line. It was a quiet and cool space, but again, not what Disney is trying to achieve for its guests, unless it can also generate $$$ for their bottom line. I don’t hold it against them, just the nature of the business.

  6. I loved the Writers Stop. It was a break in the frenzy. An refuge from weather, a calming influence for my young son, a place with special treats that paired with my “Coffee Anytime” ways, a greats staff, and conversations with interesting fellow customers every single time I entered.

  7. I loved walking thru there with my son. We always bought a book and a coffee. The best books ever. Why is Disney getting rid of all of the quiet spots away from the crowd areas. So maybe it didn’t make a ton of money, but it was a quiet and out of the way. You always met someone in there to sit and chat with. Just a friendly place. Just a shame they could not relocate this icon to maybe the main street? That would be a better place for it to make money. Just off the main street area.

  8. This must just be their way of saving ink and paper for park maps. I’m pretty sure the entire park could fit on an index card now.

  9. Writers alumni: Informal reunion Sunday 1pm-ish. Let’s celebrate the magic Writers gave us and others.

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