Nerd Alert Celebrates National Comic Book Day by Assembling “Disney Superhero Dream Team”

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WDWNT was recently inspired by Invaluable, the world’s leading online marketplace for fine art, antiques and comic books, to come up with what we think would be our Disney Superhero Dream Team! With Disney owning both Marvel and Star Wars we felt we would have an almost limitless roster to choose from. If we could take any characters and put them on the same squad, who would make the cut and why?

We didn’t have to look far at WDWNT for the perfect team that specialized in all things Marvel and Star Wars. Ladies and gentleman, we give you our very own Nerd Alert Team consisting of Patrick Hackett, Ron D’Anna and Joe Hogarty as they do what they do best and give us their Superhero Dream Team!


Patrick: Hey Ron and Joe. Our friends over at Invaluable asked us to contribute what we at Nerd Alert feel our best super hero team would be. I assume since we specialize in all things Marvel, Disney and Lucasfilms, we could draw from those worlds to put together the ultimate team. I’m saying no team would be complete without its leader, it’s moral compass, and who better than Cap.


Patrick: Captain America is an icon and if someone is going to lead this rag tag group of intellectual properties, I think it should be him.

Ron: Patrick, I’m surprised you didn’t go with a leader who led a team consistently for 50 years, Cyclops. One thing every team needs is the smart guy, the science guy. Marvel gives us plenty to choose from: Dr. Doom, Reed Richards, Peter Parker, Hank Pym, Tony Stark, the list goes on, but I’d choose Beast, Hank McCoy.


Ron: He’s in the same intellectual class as those guys but adds super strength, agility and honestly a sense of maturity everyone on that list lacks.

Joe: I know this may sound weird guys, but I am going to go to the Star Wars Universe and choosing the poster boy for the franchise, The Dark Lord of The Sith himself…..Darth Vader!


Joe: Hear me out; he did turn from the Dark Side, he killed The Emperor (I think) and helped put an end to years and years of Imperial rule and tyranny throughout the Galaxy! The dude is all powerful with The Force and I really think he deserves a second chance. Plus someone let him into the Force Ghost Club and I don’t think they let everyone in. Maybe Tony Stark can retrofit his classic Darth Vader armor with a more advanced armored suit to help enhance his Force abilities. And since we are making the rules here, I want him in his prime, The Empire Strikes Back Vader, but no longer a slave to The Emperor or The Dark Side, but maybe with just a hint of Darkness to really put the hurt on all of those baddies. And I want the David Prowse, James Earl Jones, Sebastian Shaw combination, not the Hayden Christensen version who hates sand.

Patrick: Joe I was going Star Wars too! We need a pilot, and who better than the guy who made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs! Give me Han Solo to fly whatever craft we put this team on plus I know he’s a good shot.


Ron: We’re still missing a couple of key roles for the team. We need our tank. We’ve got a strong team here but we need someone who can take a hit. I’m sticking with the X-Men and choosing Colossus.


Ron: We’re talking almost Hulk level power here, but without the anger management problem. I know a lot of people think he’s a Superman level boy scout, but he’s had some dark moments including joining Magneto and going into that Hulk like rage after he was revived.

Joe: Guys, I think I am a sucker for the face of the franchise and that is why I am going to choose Marvel’s very own poster boy, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.


Joe: What team would be complete without Spider-Man? He’s super strong, a genius and has those amazing arachnid abilities. And I am going to be specific again. They have been portraying Spider-Man on the young side lately. I want the original Peter Parker, grown up, an experienced superhero, married to Mary Jane, working for The Daily Bugle and not a young teenager that is still wet behind the ears. Kind of like Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man. And might as well throw in my favorite Spider-Man costume, the black symbiote one! Give me Spider-Man in his prime. Not a Spider-Boy. This team needs a Spider-Man!

Patrick: Ok ok, we got a lot of heroes with big hearts and moral compasses but we need crazy. Marvel has a lot of off its rocker guys and gals to choose from. Deadpool would be an obvious, fan favorite choice, as would Wolverine. I thought about dipping my toe into the Disney pool and getting The Original Angry Bird, Donald Duck, but I decided to go to one of the biggest events in Marvel history, House of M. If stuff gets bad I want someone who can rip the earth apart at its very fabric give me the Earth-616 version of the Scarlet Witch.


Ron: Ok, so we need one more to round this out. And I think we’re missing one element: magic. I guess you can sometimes say Scarlet Witch may be magic, depending on which day of the week she’s being written. I’m not going with the obvious choice of Doctor Strange, but I’m drafting the Genie.



Ron: All powerful, and all funny. This team can use some comic relief too.

Joe: This last one was a tough one for me. I was thinking of adding someone really powerful like the X-Men’s Phoenix, Thor or The Silver Surfer. But my last choice has to do with the characters popularity and appeal. I have to throw in Iron Man.


Joe: You throw Tony Stark on a team and he comes with high intelligence, a lot of money and an arsenal of various Iron Man suits. Give me some pre-Civil War Iron Man, where he isn’t such a jerk, and one where he hasn’t fallen off the wagon. Need to see the that good old classic red and gold Iron Man suit and I will be a happy camper.

Our Disney Superhero Dream Team:


Well, there you have it. Our Disney Superhero Dream Team! Did any of your favorites make the cut? If not, what heroes would you choose?

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