Radio Free Disneyland Podcast to Begin Saturday, September 10 on WDWNT

Yeah. You look a little Dopey. But what’s with that guy at the controls!? Photo ©USC Libraries Digital Collections.

Radio Free Disneyland, a curated music podcast that tells the stories of the Disneyland Resort in a unique and tuneful way, is set to debut here on on Saturday, September 10. Using Disney music, not-so-Disney music, and definitely not Disney music to tell the stories of the “lands,” their origins, and their citizenry. Real and imagined. Usually with a backbeat.

Episode 1: The Discovery of Disneyland, will reveal the backstory of two former east-block operatives with an ax to grind against the Anaheim, California theme park. They believe the park to be a powerful and dangerous distillate of America. The United States on steroids. Its contents, an idyllic turn-of-the-century American town, a stately riverboat, rocket ships, and the fleet of submarines all confirm the power of the place.

Along the way, unique song selections, surprising guests, and an off-center look at park-centric subjects, should bring to mind the stories, the people and the magic places. The central figure in this secretive cabal is Deejay Middlebrow, a down on his luck disc jockey who is chosen to run the radio propaganda arm of this shadowy foreign operation.

The first episode will also feature a sidelong look at Disneyland Park’s 60-year-plus crush on Briar Rose, otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty. Music, architecture, and story origin art pay tribute to the ancient tale. The examination will take place both audibly and through the Show Notes page here on

Other episodes to follow in the weeks ahead include: My Way Or The Highway (Cars Land), Moonspinners (Tomorrowland), It’s A Dark Ride (Fantasyland), and Westward Ho! (Frontierland).

The Radio Free Disneyland Podcast is a co-production of WDWNT and

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Lance E Moss
Lance E Moss
5 years ago

will it be available for download/podcast?