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VIDEO: 1989 Buildings Turn to Rubble, PizzeRizzo Gets Even Cuter, and Streets of America Disappears at Hollywood Studios

It’s time once again to check in on the latest progress of the expansion of Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

This update includes the latest progress on PizzeRizzo in the Muppets Courtyard, the demolition of the Streets of America & Studios Catering Company for Star Wars and Toy Story Land, and more! Enjoy:

  1. I enjoyed this glimpse into the changes at DHS! It’s funny, but hearing the old Muppet tunes playing in the background really warmed my heart and made me glad they’re not taking those characters out of the park. So many of the park’s guests have a deep-rooted nostalgia for Kermit and the gang, and they can appeal to generations far into the future. The Muppets remind me of the wonderful movies made before CGI, when everything had to be lovingly made by hand. This is an important part of movie history too, and it’s great to see it remain. You’ve got the classic movies represented by Sunset Blvd, leading up to the Twilight Zone (black & white TV), the Muppets, Star Wars (which bridged the gap between old-school and complex new effects) to the shiny-newness of Pixar, with everything tied together by the Great Movie Ride.

  2. I echo what Melanie said above. I love the Muppets (didn’t really like their recent tv show except for some occasional laughs here and there). I hope the new PizzeRizzo place serves great food – might find out for myself in December but hope to see reviews online before then, once it opens.

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