VIDEO: Bodh’aktan Brings Celtic Rock Back to Epcot’s Canada Pavilion

After presenting concerts in Quebec and Europe all summer, Celtic rock band Bodh’aktan is performing for two periods of 20 days at Epcot in October and January. Bodh’aktan performs for 20 minutes every hour or so, five days a week, as part of this contract.

Bodh'aktan at Epcot's Canada pavilion stage
Bodh’aktan at Epcot’s Canada pavilion stage

I went to check out the band yesterday, now reaching the end of their October run at the park. As many of you know, I was a HUGE fan of Off Kilter and was fairly devastated when the group was made to leave Epcot back in 2014. I have not been a fan of any of the replacement acts at the Mills Stage since then, and not just because they just weren’t my beloved Off Kilter, but mostly because they just weren’t good. This honestly is the best act that has played the stage since then. See for yourself:

While not a permanent replacement for the revolving Canada stage, it is a more-than-enjoyable temporary offering. If they sang in English more often, I think they would connect to a bigger audience of guests, but they made it this far with what they do, so why change it I guess. I’m not saying I am closed-minded enough to only enjoy English lyrics, but I feel like the intermittent playing of songs that might be recognizable to guests works well in a theme park setting. Regardless, the talent of the group breaks through the language barrier and delivers a really fantastic 20-minute musical act.

Alberta Bound will be returning to the Mills Stage until the holiday season kicks off. The Holiday Voyageurs will perform during Holidays Around the World in-between these two 20-day stands for Bodh’aktan.

Disney wanted the band to sign a 6 month contract, but they declined as they did not want to be that far from their families for that long of a period. This is a real shame because this is a good group of musicians that I think could find a great permanent home at Epcot.

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    1. Yes if only they could forgo the desire to spend time with their families so that they can continue performing every day for tourists.

  1. You gotta be freakin’ kidding me! Fire Off Kilter, the best entertainment in Epcot, replace with lumberjack log rollers and some stupid “comedy” routine, then come back with a new Celtic Rock group to try to overcome monumental stupidity. Won’t be wasting time in Canada.

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