BREAKING: MagicBand Is Now A Puck, New Style Debuts at Destination D

BREAKING: MagicBand Is Now A Puck, New Style Debuts at Destination D

Guests at D23’s Destination D event are going to be the very first to sport the new style of MagicBand for Walt Disney World.





The new MagicBand is indeed the puck style that was rumored a few months back. As you can see, it can be worn in bands, keychains, and possibly other holders.

No further details are available at this time, but we expect to have more info later today.

Our thanks to @ParksNStuff on twitter for the pics!

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      1. Yet they’re not available anywhere on WDW property any more. I was told that in WoD shop at Disney Springs after I checked everywhere for the watch attachment last year.

      2. I have never seen one before . But i don’t walk through gift shops much . Will keep a look out for them now thanks.

        1. if you don’t walk thru gift shops much, you must be in and out of WDW in about a half hour. Not much left to do! Parades, performers, so many attractions shut down.

  1. Yea. THIS is where Disney is putting their money in the parks. Everything else cut to the bone and then some. Guests matter less than ever. What dumb ass management.

    1. So the Star Wars, Toy Story and Avatar expansions not putting money into the parks? Your comment is typical Disney Selfishness and typical Disney fan shortsightedness.

      1. HEYY!! Disney PR is here! No college drop out…I’m taking about the closed attractions, 11 of them to name the 3 you mentioned. And NONE are expansions, ALL came at closures of more attractions than they replace. The attractions like stunt show and back lot tour weren’t meant to sell either..they were just there to get fun for price of admission. All the changed areas are only sales spots.

          1. Not really, Larry seems to be one of the biggest fans who post here. Just is honest about how they’ve dropped the ball of late. Haters wouldn’t notice this, they just go spend money at parks and could care less. If nothing to add to conversation Randy, perhaps your mommy should put your keyboard away.

  2. They’re only putting money in this cuz it will sell junk that people will put the puck in, like the Mickey ears. Agree completely though that WDW hasn’t cared less about customers in a while. Keeps getting worse, we know, we live in central FL and have a lot of friends who work there with horror stories.

      1. But you will continue to drop thousands of dollars every year and not care that you are “being tracked”.

          1. Precisely. Of course they are. Just like any store may track you with cameras. If people don’t like it, you’d think not going would be the first course of action instead of souring fan boards with telling other people what they should think and do.

          2. It doesn’t, but while you’re among huge crowds and closed areas and cheap food and merchandise, know all of your theme park admission goes to them trying to sell info on you, and they could have used that money to open more parks. This was a huge expense to hope to make more on it’s guests.

    1. Remember, ‘customers’ are shoplifters and other individuals we’re keeping an eye on…most who enter the Parks are ‘Guests’.

    1. No offense meant, and I agree with you but MOST Disney fans are just sheep. Not real fans of the brand and will sucker into any garbage thrown at them.

  3. I really will never understand why people that the Disney so much read these blog posts and then comment? Why waste your time? It’s ignorant! It’s obvious by your negative comments that you hate Disney. This makes you a TROLL.

    1. Opposite is true. People critical of the dumb things Disney does with the USA theme parks are their biggest fans. People who follow everything Disney does as perfect and wonderful are sheep who really don’t care about the Disney brand.

      1. Totally agree. People with head in sand aren’t really fans of WDW. Troll has come to mean anyone who things differently than you do. Jeff, grow up.

  4. Actually this is Disney listening to guests. Many of the complaints are that people hate wearing a bracelet all day, there kids don’t keep them on/fall off, to many magic bands on my account(when people buy limited edition ones, and it will free up some cast members time having to deal with swapping standard over to limited edition bands at the desks to helping with real issues. Also yes it well sell more merchandise but it’s a business since when is it wrong to make money after all they don’t make money there is no Disney. My thought you have such an issue with everything there doing wrong then there’s always a park or two elsewhere in Florida that would love your business feel free to go there see what there parks are like and if you like them it’s your choice not to come back.

    1. Not true Tim. This was a cost cutting measure on the bands, and a way to sell more items. I work at the parks. I know this is fact. Get off high horse about if someone doesn’t like things Disney does that they shouldn’t go. That’s ignorant.

      1. If you’re a true Disney cast member, then you know better than to comment by stating that this is for a fact a money making scheme. There is never a talking point or internal notification that will state that. So, no sir, you cannot say that for a fact. Also, there is always a Guest benefit. While YES they are a business, they do not create things to waste money. That’s what pilots are for. You must be a jaded cast member who long has forgotten the 4 key basics. Tsk tsk now that’s even more ignorant

        1. I’m not a cast member but the logic your reply is stupid as hell. I didn’t read anything jaded in Andres’ post. Sounds very true. There is ZERO guest benefit to their tracking arm bands over the tickets used prior. I would have much rather antlers theme park, but Disney doesn’t care enough about customers. And Tim’s point that if you express things Disney doing as taking shoddy way out, it doesn’t mean you should stay quiet and not go or aren’t a fan. If you don’t like what you read here, go away. Andres post sounds more sincere and honest than yours or Tims.

      2. I’ve seen you post several times, and you simply come across as combative. I think you just like to disagree then preach. Take care.

        1. That goes to Andres – who disagrees with everyone then lectures about it, then degrades the person they’re replying to. That’s all :) Again, good day whoever reads this :)

  5. The new bands contain a 45% more powerful radio than the previous ones. To quote a popular song from the 80’s, “I always fee like somebody’s watching me”.

  6. The comments never cease to amaze me. Thank you, WDWNT, for leaving the comments section open. Truly remarkable entertainment.

  7. I was just looking on the shop parks app. Magicband or 35%off right now. Meaning thsee should be out soon. But know thinking about the new one there saving a bit of money with them. You take out the center part and put them on diffeent bands then they don’t have to constantly have to try to move things over its buy and go

  8. What I have never understood is why the same magic band cannot be ‘reset’ when we move resort? Most years we have a split stay and so get a magic band per reservation. I would rather pay less and keep the same magic band. It seems such a waste to discard it after a week for another.

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