UPDATE: Launch Date & More Info on the MagicBand 2

UPDATE: Launch Date & More Info on the MagicBand 2
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We are beginning to get more details on the MagicBand 2, just announced and released this morning at D23’s Destination D event.


The MagicBand 2 will be mailed to Walt Disney World annual pass holders starting in December 2016. In January 2017, resort guests will start to receive the new MagicBands as well. Around the same time, the retail versions of MagicBand 2 will be released, along with the new accessories such as the keychains.


As for the MagicBand 2 itself, the puck inside is removalble only via a small screwdriver. The band distributed today does not include it, but the accessories, such as the keychains, will include a small screwdriver for guests to remove the puck from the band and move it into the alternate holder.


Now having the MagicBand 2 in my hand, I will say it is not uncomfortable or too bulky as I had worried. It is more akin to wearing a watch now, but not a huge adjustment.


The new MagicBand 2 works the same as the original band and light-up effects at touch points with specialty versions of the band will continue to be made.


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  • Since the band is being sent to passholders in December does that mean passholders get to chose a color? If so do we know how that will work?

    • Great question! The Icon is removable and can be added into a key chain setting! No more irritating the child’s arm on the Florida heat!

  • Is all Current annual pass holders getting these? I Just Renewed In August 2016. Please update the post if u know.

  • LAME! And before the ignorant people or Disney PR chimes in who feel if someone comments that Disney is making cheap ass, dumb decisions with zero interest in their customers shouldn’t go…I’ll call it that this is another small set back for customers, They are doing this to seek money, and sell stuff only. The band portion won’t stay free, and all you’ll get is the puck soon and requirement to buy something to hold it. This magic band was a grand waste of money and resources that cost enough that they could have build a 5th park. I cannot imagine a guest who would rather these changes than more space, and entire new park than a tracking/sales method only. If willing to pay and give up control, they could have used smart phone app, many better ways. Meanwhile, Disney closes 3 attractions to build 1 new area under construction for mostly sales locations. Disney management really needs to get a clue with their parks.

      • If you don’t like what you read, which the post unfortunately for fans sounds somewhat truthful, just poke your eyes out with a hot poker and set your hands a blaze so you can’t make more useless comments Frank.

    • Wow Someone is salty!!! What did the mouse every do to you? Come visit Anaheim and see why Florida needed this. Phones don’t always work so an app is not as reliable. As far as a 5th park keep dreaming

      • I don’t think he’s salty. I’ve been to Anaheim. The system in Florida is worse. And now they only keep a few pods open and the rest roped off resulting in enormous lines. Disney I guess sucks both coasts. Either way, these bands were a total waste of money that is no help to guests.

  • The tiny screwdriver you’ll use to unpuck the puck (teehe) is very alike computers screwdrivers. It’s sold for around a dollar at Amazon, if anyone is complaining about buying the keychain.

  • […] According to our friends at WDW News Today, MagicBand 2 begin shipping in December for annual pass holders and January for vacationers. […]

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