Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe Moves to Single Menu for All Bays

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe Moves to Single Menu for All Bays
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For over 20 years, I have often thought the segregated menus between bays at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe were a pretty dumb concept. Having to separate your family if your interests differed between chicken or a sandwich of some kind just didn’t make a lot of sense. Finally, this suffering has been brought to an end…


We orginally ventured in to capture the Windows error screen in the closed Bay 1, but a walk over to the other bays revealed the change.



The two bays that were open sported identical menus, a first for the eatery. The menu was a combination of items from the previous separated menus.




Hopefully this change will stay in place, simplifying the ordering process for guests. I would love to visit the biggest little star in the galaxy more often…


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  • Aaaaaand… it comes with a smaller menu! Less options for you to have including only 1 burger, no ribs & no hot dogs!!!

    Sw ell!

  • Clearly this is in response to our soon to be president, Donald J Trump’s calls for unity within our nation and to end the horrors of segregation of which you speak. I applaud Disney for following our future president’s example. Make America Great Again!

  • Disney out cheaps itself with every post. I’m sure a line of suckers will still form for a limited menu now, and the food is worse than ANY fast food chain ever. I don’t get it. So much potential to be a good theme park, and Disney gets greedy at every turn.

  • This is a much needed change, while having different bays allowed them to have a bigger menu it also was super inconvenient for families to split them up. It makes more sense to have a smaller menu with the same things at each bay.

    • Yeah. Is much better and practical now that when someone in your group wants a hot dog, they have to go Casey’s Corner instead of Bay 2.

      Makes nothing but sense.

    • Yea, Disney guests are getting much DUMBER, gotta make it easy for them to get LESS for MORE of their money I suppose. Too many choices or separate lines confuses them. And is more cost to Disney which is a big no no. Sadly, this isn’t said tongue in cheek.

      • Well since Disney guests are getting DUMBER, I would have to assume that you’ve must’ve stopped going to Disney before you too get DUMBER and I thank you for your sacrifice in order to earn the rest of us before it’s too late.

        • Yeah, why ask for things to either get better or not get worse, just go away because you’re disturbing my pixie dust!

          Go tell that to the Firemen of Ready Creek. They don’t like that Disney wants to offset healthcare costs onto them and is pressuring them by withholding their payments for the past 2 years. Go tell them to go work somewhere else. I bet they’ll welcome your advice.

        • Hell no we don’t do Disney hardly at all anymore. Are you stupid or what? We live about an hour away and used to go when it was a better value. Disney just does media now. Their parks are terrible to be honest.

          • And you’re on a Disney World fan site because…? Also you hardly do it, but you still do it, you still willingly give them money, just less than you used to. It’s like boycotting Chick-fil-A because of their views on gay marriage by only going for breakfast. Other than that, I totally agree with you.

          • Some of the more critical who want the Disney Corp to love their brand as much as they their “profits and cutbacks” are the BIGGEST fans here. Not the sheep. And I’m not following your boycott mindset. That was something you created in your distorted thinking, that one can express disapproval, yet still go. For hatred of gays or anyone else, I would consider boycott. Never been to a Chick-fil-A. But they do suck for hating. (Off topic)

          • Yea, Disney has no ❤️ for their own brand in the parks. I think much less than anyone here. They just see it as a money maker which is kinda sad. This restaurant used to be more unique and better quality food and service. Bummer they killed another one. Easy to fix if attendance falls. They should have built more instead of cut backs in response to their crowds last few years.

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