Magic Kingdom Retiring Train Station Welcome Show, Castle Show to Replace

The way Disney opens Magic Kingdom Park will never be the same again starting on January 9.

magic kingdom retiring train station welcome show castle show to replace

If you’ve experienced the park’s “opening moment” during previous vacations, you may recall waiting at the front of the Main Street Railroad Station to kick off the day.

Beginning January 9, guests will be allowed to enter the Main Street, U.S.A. area of the park even earlier than the park’s scheduled opening time. This will allow guests time to savor the charm of Main Street, U.S.A., enjoy breakfast or a warm drink at the Main Street Bakery featuring Starbucks. Then promptly at opening, a new welcome show will officially open the park for the day on the Castle Forecourt Stage. A Royal Herald will appear to deliver a proclamation and welcome a few familiar characters to the stage, officially opening the park so “the magic can begin!”

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      • I don’t think they’d ever retire the WDW Railroad. The Railroads are a big part of Walt Disney’s personal legacy.

        • I really hope you’re just being sarcastic and not really stupid enough to think they were talking about the railroad instead of the Welcome Show.

          • Yes, I mis-read what they were saying – the SHOW retiring, not the railroad. It was one of those days, and apparently I AM stupid enough!

  1. As much as I will miss the arrival of Mickey and the gang at the Main Street Station, this change makes sense. The entry plaza gets way too congested prior to the rope drop, too many bodies squeezed into one small area. They should bring back breakfast at Tony’s. A little time on Main Street sounds great before rushing off to the first attraction.

    • I really miss breakfast at Tony’s. It was a must for each trip. Tony’s Italian Toast was my favorite!

  2. Park too crowded and profit driven to be fun. As crazy as that sounds. More shows are slated to be cut. The castle performers already on the clock, so less loss. Parades cutting the same. Night parades already gone from and roving performers cut one by one. Goal is all profit centers. Shows make no money AND waste people’s time that they could be buying or eating something AND cost money. Triple loss. (In WDW mgt eyes). I disagree with the philosophy and think it should be much more fun driven. Guests who get value come back. WDW doesn’t think like this currently.

      • The article is about a show being cut to save money. And same cast from another show doing an add on. Most all shows and performances cut. All true. Not pessimistic. It’s happening! Open your eyes and brain.

      • I think their point was they’re replacing the show with a show that you can watch while eating a main street bakery muffin, sipping a Starbucks, while wearing your new Mickey Ears, and your kid loses their $10 balloon you just bought 30 seconds earlier. All in all though, it’s not really a big deal in this situation, the gridlock after the welcome show is the worst. Yes it will cause some people to spend more money than they would have before, but that’s just because they’re stupid and don’t know self control.

      • Their getting you into the area where you can shop. Cutting cast. Same cast for later shows doing a quick one, it won’t last long. All WDW theme park entertainment is going bye bye. Makes no money.

    • If you actually believe Disney wasn’t always profit driven from day one, you’re as dumb as your comments. it didn’t become a multi billion dollar company and THEN wanted to make money.

      • Paul, don’t be an idiot. WDW was always experience driven while taking profit. Now, it’s a movie studio only and their parks are nothing about the show or experience. All about quick buck only. It’s why their parks are having huge problems in USA. WDW management not a fan of brand and only bonuses on short term profit. No reason to keep it fun.

      • Roy O was driven by hotels and profits. Walt was about charity and helping families and children creating EPCOT which Roy O, Roy E, & Ron Miller destroyed.

        • And nobody named Disney involved now. You have Bob Iger, who is a media TV super manager at the helm. He hates the parks. Well known fact. He doesn’t go for quality in films or media either. He goes for profit. He could t give a fuck of your family has fun, sees a show, or the legacy of his film. He just churns out anything that will make a buck and demands profit by the inch at their USA theme parks. .

    • I think shows help pad WDWs pockets. Shows are much cheaper to develop, staff and maintain than rides. Shows help disperse guests around the parks so they can fit in more people and sell more tixx.
      Walt’s vision did include the bottom line. Think about why he bought so much land in Orlando. He didn’t like all the businesses that popped up around DL so he decided to control that at WDW. He could make sure they were “proper” and more importantly get a chunk of those profits. And why shouldn’t he if all those businesses are dependent on his creation?
      There’s no shortage of people still willing to fork over $100s/$1000s daily… yet.

  3. The inner child in my just cried. I always get to the magic kingdom early for the welcome/opening show on the train platform. I always get chocked up and cry as it brings back happy childhood memories. I hope this is temporary. I live 1,300 miles away and wish I could get there one last time. :(

  4. Bummer. We absolutely love the charm and anticipation of the current show. We can’t drive through the main gates without singing Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! I don’t want to tell my 9 yo that our visit in Jan. won’t be kicked off by this show as it will surely lead to tears. sigh.

  5. What does even earlier mean? For those of us that like to get in the park at its earliest this is a crucial detail

    • Why does it matter? Are you just in a hurry to sit on Main Street and twiddle your thumbs until the rope drop that will still happen at 9am? Or are you just in that big of a hurry to go get that turn of the century delight, Starbucks? I would guess 8 though.

    • That’s the WDW spirit, as long as you’re in the door shopping or eating and spending money every second. Otherwise. Disney pretty much hates guests, and makes no apologies for their cut backs.

  6. It needed to go. Crowds at the entrance are insane when opening. I liked the short little show, but I’m sure the new show at the Castle stag will be cool.

  7. This is an iconic part of the Disney magic, waiting to get into the park was always a wonderful moment, seeing the Characters and the mayor, them welcoming everyone waiting into the park, how can the new show be a park opening ceremony when the punters have been in the park for 30 mins buying coffee and merchandise. I am aware the Disney railroad is being refurbished and the welcome show was based around it but the show was wonderful. This all smacks of the sell sell sell attitude that has overcome the mouse in recent years. Disney management please note if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  8. the train station is being renovated until the end of February people. Stop panicking. It will be back for march break.

    • Thanks PR intern. I was starting to get worried that one of you wouldn’t show up to calm the restless natives.

  9. Back when I used to frequent the park in the 90s they would allow people all the way up to the hub bridges in the morning and not have any opening show.

  10. When reading through comments on this site it becomes perfectly clear why Tom & Co closed the old forums. Hopefully all of those who continually whine about the Evil Mouse Empire have stopped going, thereby voting with their wallets.

    • What’s worse is listening to people whine about being critical of the mouse. Like you Scott Dolan. If you don’t like it, go away! Disney is reaping what they’ve sewn in loyalty and comments.

      • Actually, I come here because I’ve been a fan of WDW since I first started going there in the 70’s. You and others obviously come here because you are naturally unhappy, and petulant millennials who have the pressing need to make your voices heard.

        They’re closing one show while opening up another. Get over it, precious. The world doesn’t revolve around Joe, even though you’ve been raised to believe otherwise.

        • Scott, great post! I am actually tired of visiting WDW News Today, because of the amount of people who like to complain about nothing! There are so much hate here. If you do not like it, do not go! It is as simple as that.
          For those ones who like to criticize Disney, or other people, please, remember that everyone of us have the right to think different and to view things from another perspective. Just respect that.

          • So let me get this straight, you’re tired of coming to WDWNT because of people whining about nothing, but also think those same people shouldn’t be critical of people that think differently. So who exactly made you the person in charge of deciding what is something and what is nothing? It is your opinion that what they take issue with is nothing, but it’s their opinion it is something. So please stop being a hypocrite and take your own advice and respect those that think differently from you.

          • Anonomouse, I have some new year’s resolution for you: 1. get a dictionary; 2. Do not distort answers to make a fight out of it, and 3. BE POSITIVE. Happy New Year to you!

  11. I can kind of understand because of the bottleneck issue. I can’t imagine trying to make this kind of show work outside the gates at any of the other parks. And I’m glad they’re keeping some sort of opening ceremony. That said, I really think they should figure out a way to continue this. It’s a pretty cool tradition.

  12. I’m thinking this will make a PPO breakfast reservation at BOG less rewarding (in terms of beating the crowds to SDMT).

  13. It is a great idea! It will give more space for people to walk, instead of being in that little space. I have seen so many people running and falling on the floor. It will be safer to all of us. (and yes, people do run. If you are right by the rope, you will walk with the CMs, however, for those who are behind, they run). And for those who are thinking that this is only about money, oh well, if you are in the park at 6 am, you really need to eat something right? Or just bring from home and save money.

    • Great idea is for you to be in the park spending money. NOTHING else matters to Walt Disney World. Obviously with all the cuts in shows and parades, they’re not there for your families enjoyment. Hoping 2017 brings big changes. All WDW management needs to be fired.

      • Dear LJ,

        Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. In your dreams skippy.


        Disney World Management

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