BREAKING: DisneyQuest to Close July 3, NBA Experience on the Way

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From the Disney Parks Blog:

Our multi-year transformation of Disney Springs is continuing, and as you know, we’re bringing new experiences to the West Side Neighborhood, including The NBA Experience at Walt Disney World Resort. Today, we wanted to share an update that to make way for this basketball-themed experience, the West Side area will be undergoing changes – beginning with the closure of DisneyQuest on July 3, 2017.

Until July 3, DisneyQuest will continue to offer a great interactive experience for all guests. Disney fans of classic arcade game favorites and virtual worlds featured at the indoor theme park are invited to come out and enjoy the experiences.

As we’ve previously shared, The NBA Experience at Walt Disney World Resort will be a one-of-a-kind basketball-themed experience featuring hands-on activities that put guests of all ages right in the middle of NBA game action. There will be immersive NBA video productions and numerous interactive experiences, as well as a restaurant and a retail store.

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  • Good! They’re replacing something that it was cool but I don’t go anymore because is not maintained nor renewed with one I couldn’t care less for

    • I agree Pete. I don’t take your comments as hate. It’s sadly true. Quest used to be cool…Disney stopped giving a shit about Quest a long time ago, it had so much potential?

  • I will miss Quest, but Disney has allowed it to become irrelevant. The NBA is even less than irrelevant to me. I will never pay a dime for access to any NBA related attraction. Hopefully this will be short lived.

  • Basketball is a terrible theme for a restaurant. I can imagine a noisy playing field with plenty of smelly vinyl basketballs.

  • To me this seems like a…SLAM DUNK just kidding the West Side needs the NBA Experience like this website needs more psychotic comments

    • Who would have thought a day Disney would be picking up Universals table scraps. That day has come though!

        • Not so. Universal choice they didn’t renew contract with NBA, and since, they’ve been looking for a new home. Disney had thought of ESPN moving to Quest site, but Springs is no longer Disney run, they want all operating participants. NBA fit their bill. I really really like Disney more than Universal, but hard not to admit fact Comcast/Universal is making bank, huge increases in service, attractions and Disney has been cutting back in every corner and then some.

        • I don’t follow the NBA, so I’m speculating here, but does ESPN/ABC broadcast the NBA, and maybe there is an extended business relationship between Disney (ESPN/ABC) and the NBA that would include an NBA “experience??”

  • Darn. I had hoped DQ would be around for a while longer. We only spent an hour there in December, just before its closing time and my kiddo and hubby loved the Pirates attraction. I’ll tell Hubby we have to go back before July 3rd if they want to experience it again. It was also the last place where you could get character drawing lessons in person, besides California Adventure. A lot of DQ is ho-hum but those two things were fun (I never could get my Buzz Lightyear bumper car thingy to work properly, out of two times going on it).

    • If you would have gone to DQ even as short as 5 years ago, you wouldn’t believe how cool it was compared to now. In attractions, games, food options, CheeseCake Factory. Yum. Since, much like the Disney US theme parks, DQ Neglected. Dirty. Just interested in a quick buck by unsuspecting tourists.

      • I believe it. I’d only heard about the place from friends’ trip reports and hadn’t been there myself until two Novembers ago, where I stayed for each character drawing lesson. And the two times I’ve been now, there were hardly any people there. We didn’t go in the past because we hardly even had time to go to Disney Springs/Downtown Disney at all during packed theme park trips. We were okay doing just an hour there in December because it was included in our tickets package; otherwise I wouldn’t spend the hefty admission price to go in for so little amount of time. We won’t go in the new NBA place.

  • NBA City at Universal and NBA experience at Disney Springs are two totally different things, universals was a resturaunt and Disney’s is going to be an attraction (not in the ride sense, I mean more of a standalone thing.

  • The gaming industry has so much potential. Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft would be huge sponsors of a gaming club. The 18-35 demographic is full of gamers who hang on the release of the latest and greatest. They have ESPN for the sports fans and could have a gamers paradise for the nerds (me included).

    • That’s another area were Universal has Disney beat. They and Nintendo already have a licensing deal that includes parks

      • Microsoft owns Minecraft..only the most popular family-ish game around..Could you imagine a minecraft experience

  • Basketball, a major reason to avoid Disney springs. I thought when they shut all the true entertainment venues it was bad, now even worse.

  • My family loves Disney Quest. This is my Autistic son’s favorite place at Disney. We could care less about the NBA experience. What a shame.

  • The NBA Experience will feature a virtual court room, as to give you an authentic experience as an NBA player

  • This will bring in a thug-like crowd that the NBA is notorious for attracting. I will avoid DS all together now.

    • I doubt it. Would give it a try. For the last year or so, Disney Springs A LOT less thug like than their 4 theme parks here. Theme parks have been all but abandoned by good management. At least DS has other hands running it with some concern over it’s guests and success.

      • The hands running the show have nothing to do with the type of crowd that goes. Sara’s concerns are real. The whole place has become claustrophobic and filled to the gills.

        I think you’re forgetting the many fights and incidents that happens at DS. Way more than those happening at the parks. Get real

        • I agree it’s very busy and full. As far as incidents, what’s your spruce? It’s not according to the Orange County Sheriff office reports Pete. Epcot has the highest # of arrests and trespassing orders for disorderly conduct of all the parks in Central Florida. That there’s no new attractions (except updated movie in Soarin’ and overlay in Norway boat ride) for years. That leaves pushing the booze. I think the hands running Disney set a very low bar, that some of the companies who’ve rented space in Disney Springs to exceed.

          • I am my source. That I can count, there was a huge brawl one Dec in Bongo’s where chairs flew all over and arrests were made, there was a woman that was found dead around the parking lots and there was a raped woman. And these are just the ones I recall from memory.

            Having said that, you’re right about EPCOT.

  • Was really hoping it would be there for a few more years so my little ones would be big enough to enjoy it :(

    • In it’s day I would believe in them waiting, but they kinda have let it sit and rot, and just paid attention that people pay on their way in. No imagination or effort put towards the Experience of it. (Not too far off from ALL their parks tbh)

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