REVIEW: Croissant Doughnut at Epcot Gets More Ridiculous with Pastry Cream Filling

As part of the Epcot International Festival of the Arts, the Refreshment Port in World Showcase has decided to kick-it up a notch on their already beloved croissant doughnut.

For a little extra, guests can acquire the croissant doughnut filled with pastry cream, covered in icing and colored pearls.

It’s a real work of art, no?

I generally love the croissant doughnut (or cronut, the term Disney is not legally allowed to use for the treat), but this was something far more special. As much as I enjoy the cinnamon sugar topping, the combination of the pastry icing and filling with the perfectly-cooked, flaky croissant doughnut made for an even more amazing treat. I will warn you that it is very sweet, but I thought it was perfectly put together. Obviously, don’t eat the filling all in one bite, but be sure to spread a little onto each morsel of the snack for optimal enjoyment.

I’m not telling you that you should get this on your next trip to Epcot, I am telling you that you have to. If I had to pick one theme park snack to be trapped on a dessert island with for the rest of my life, this is the one. Oh, and it makes for nice photos too, if that’s important to you.

If you want one of these, you will need to hurry as it will only be offered during the duration of the Epcot International Festival of the Arts, running on weekends (Friday through Monday) now through February 20th.


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