Disneyland Opens 21 Royal, Exclusive $15,000 Dining Venue in Walt’s Apartment

Disneyland is unveiling a new fine-dining experience, available to just a single party of 12 per night. Called 21 Royal, guests can book the experience for $15,000 (including tax, gratuity, valet, and park admission) as of today.

disneyland opens 21 royal exclusive 15000 dining venue in walt s apartment

The 21 Royal event begins with specially trained guides greeting your party at the Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and leading guests to the new, most exclusive address inside the park: 21 Royal Street, which is part of what was originally envisioned to be Walt Disney’s apartment above New Orleans Square.

A cocktail hour gives you and your guests time to explore 21 Royal and be regaled by your guides and sommelier Matt Ellingson with the lore and history of the space. The personal connection to “the man behind the mouse” infuses the suite with a lovely intimacy, and the colored lanterns and firefly lights of the courtyard at the heart of the floor plan cast a gentle glow over close conversations.

Storytelling remains the theme in the just-completed dining room, where executive chef Andrew Sutton and chef de cuisine Justin Monson present what they call “epicurean theater”: fine cuisine with an exciting dash of showmanship. Sutton, the culinary director for signature restaurants at the Disneyland Resort, aims at 21 Royal to give the kind of dinner party Walt and Lillian would—but in the present day, and with a culinary style that ranges wide while staying rooted in California.

The seven-course menu is fully tailored for every group, whether your wish is for the chefs to delight you with untrammeled inventiveness or to design an entire meal from the starting point of sourcing a fondly remembered wine from a special occasion in your past. No matter what shape your menu takes, the chefs and Ellingson introduce each course and pairing with stories about their inspiration that draw you into their lives and help build the experience of communal connection that defines the most memorable shared meals.

As the evening draws to a close, you adjourn with coffee and desserts in the dining room or on the spacious private balcony for a view of the charm and lights of the park at night; if the skies are clear, you might enjoy the fireworks spectacular from your perch.

And when it’s inevitably time to part, the fabled sweet sorrow is tempered by the warmth of an evening spent in an incomparable setting enjoying peerless service and food in lively company—true magic.

More information can be found online at 21royaldisneyland.com.

SOURCE: Robb Report

47 thoughts on “Disneyland Opens 21 Royal, Exclusive $15,000 Dining Venue in Walt’s Apartment”

  1. How dare Disney add a completely optional and absurd experience such as this! It is an outrage! To think, they could have leased this space out to Wendy’s, and then everyone could enjoy it!! Walt must be rollin’ in his grave at the money grabbing that Disney is doing these days! Disney parks are lousy, and if you disagree with me, you are not a real Disney fan!!!

    • Good, One less person in the parks for me!!!! I’m glad you feel that way. I like to be fucked in the ass by Disney, don’t care everything is closing, don’t care it’s dirty and a rip off. I also have no thoughts of my own!!!!

    • Rolling in his Grave? Disneyland was a money grab idea from Walt. Besides it seems very inexpensive to do something that most of the world will not do.

  2. So the $250 personal shopper is absurd but the $1,250 a person dinner is an exclusive dining experience. So basically if it’s something Tom wants to do, it makes perfect sense but if it’s something he has no interest in, it’s absurd.

    • One item is exclusive, and related to the parks.
      The other is something that I could get in any major city. — And have a better selection of stores to use my personal shopper at.

      • They’re publicly traded. That sort of has some implications a little bit.

        Namely, they have to make money.

        Star Wars, Avatar, New Fantasyland, new Soarin’ etc., are all definitely improving the parks.

        Find a new place to vacation if you disagree with Disney’s capital expenditures. I hear Sea World is looking for fan boys.

    • I didn’t put any adjectives in this one because too many of you complained the one and only time that I did. :)

      • Don’t let them pressure you Tom. You do a good job of being impartial. There’s a lot of people here who are blind and think that Disney can do no wrong. There are others who hate everything, and then most, who know Disney PARKS have gone very cheap and towards money grabs, but still respect the Disney brand and hope they will soon bring more than they take away, or at least gain a tiny bit of respect for their customers.

          • So you think I’m whining like a baby and I sound like a jerk? So you’re saying babies are jerks? That’s very rude to say Earl, they’re just trying to learn about this new world around them. Maybe you need to take a good long look in the mirror before you go judging others when maybe it’s yourself that you should be judging.

  3. I’m a DVC member and love Disney but I won’t eat there due to price. That said I won’t complain about the people that can afford to. Some people work hard and make more money, quit bitching about those people and grow up. It’s called capitalism, don’t like Disney move to another country and Stand in line for soup for fun

    • This is the private dining room of the Dream Suite accessed across the inner outdoor patio on the 2nd level. Just renting it out as a private dining experience for more dollars as the Suite isn’t occupied very often. Public access is from the Royal Courtyard. The stairway up is blocked off when not in use. Uses the same kitchen as Club 33. Has a private balcony outside the two sets of French doors and an additional hallway and sitting room when you enter. It’s ok in person. The interior decor is very much like Donald Trump’s NYC penthouse !

  4. Raised prices 2 times already , fired and moved jobs away. And now pricing out the average family . Cooperations at tuts finest .it will continue.
    Not walts vision at all.

    • I don’t care about price in erases. Double admission, I don’t care. It’s their cheapness and cutting things that we don’t like. The quality is disappearing much faster than their prices are going up.

  5. Money, money money money

    Old Walt would’ve been thrilled with this decision. They read his mind on what to do with his apartment.

    Disney looks like a company that has just been purchased by the Beverly Hillbillies

    • Thanks Peter for your wonderful comment. We would like to send an invitation to you to join our management team as your knowledge would be very useless to us.

      • You’re quite welcome, Disney PR. It’s obvious my advice would be useless to you, seeing how much you’re missing the point of managing the parks

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  7. Not sure why everyone is so upset over this. I have taken the wife to Vic and Al’s a few times, and each time, we ended up spending $500+, and that is just for 2 people. It seems to me that $125 per person for a premium dining experience is actually a bargain in comparison to some other restaurants. We even ran up a $300 bill at Napa Rose (which is excellent if you haven’t tried it).

    • You might want to check your math. It’s $15,000 for up to 12. That’s $1,250 a person. Or if it’s just you and your wife, that’ll be $7,500 a person. That would be equal to 30 trips to Victoria and Alberts.

      • Ah, I knew it sounded like it wasn’t a big deal, but I guess that is kind of pricey :) My bad! For some reason, I read $1500, not $15,000.

        • Yeah that’s just your brain thinking with actual logic. You have to use Disney management logic and that extra 0 magically appears.

      • Notwithstanding the extra zero, I could see my wife and I doing this once if we could find 10 friends to go with!

  8. “We can charge anything we want. $2,000 a day, $10,000 a day, and people will pay it. And there’s the merchandise.” – applicable quote from Jurassic Park

    • “…and if The Pirates of The Caribbean brake down, the pirates don’t eat the tourist’s.” Some awesome lines from that movie!

      Some people get whipped out of shape about these things, but they shouldn’t……the books “Brandwashed & The 1% windfall” do a great job of braking down what major companies like Disney are doing. Personally I like lots of options (extremely high to low). I just sort through what works for my family and then enjoy that. I let my conscience be my guide:)

    • That’s the sales photo. I wouldn’t count on it. Even at Disney’s signature restaurants in the last couple years, they’re run more akin to a lower quality but higher pace Applebees.

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