PHOTOS, VIDEO: Latest Progress & Projection Mapping on Pandora – The World of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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It’s time to check in on the latest progress on Pandora: The World of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where more and more details are being revealed and Disney is preparing to illuminate the massive land in the evenings for guests. Let’s check it out…

From a far, we can see the entrance to the land just over the bridge, as well as the floating mountains, but not really much else.

The second set of construction walls was open for some reason, giving us a glimpse further inside.

Sadly, all we can see is a construction fence.

There is one structure on the horizon, one we suspect to be a restroom facility, but we could be wrong.

The strange plant structure by the entrance continues to get new details added each time we visit.

For a better look, please check out the video provided below:

Upon returning in the evening, we could see that all of the lighting on the bridge to Pandora was turned on.

I will say, if the level of detail on the bridge and the strange plant structure are any indication, then we are really in for something special here.

As we were leaving the park, we noticed that a projection mapping test was taking place on the floating mountains above the land. We suspect that there will be a nightly lighting show much in the same vein as Cars Land, but this one using projection mapping technology similar to the Tree of Life Awakenings and Once Upon a Time.

It may be just a grid now, but some bright, bioluminescent projections could really make this something special to behold every evening in the park.

So, who’s excited to visit Pandora this Summer? What part of the project are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • We are taking our my family’s first WDW vacation 6/10 – 6/17 and I am leaving some time with no plans just in case it is open. My daughters are hoping they’ll be able to ride a Banshee.

  • Looked exciting at start, now looks like they’re putting in more stores/eateries than rides. I HOPE I’m wrong. And Pandora? Decent movie when came out and popular. I’m scared with what Disney will do with it if it’s like they have the Star Wars Franchise.

    • I actually don’t think this is about stores and eateries as much as an attempt to boost overall attendance. You see countless media released about how incredible it will be at night, but have we really heard much about it during the day? They’ve basically gone all in with the night time theming because they want everyone to be determined to be there at night. That is the best way for them to make sure the place will be packed and have lines to get into the land. This creates the illusion of massive guest demand and makes people want to go experience what so many other people have gone to.

      • I completely agree with you, but the way to boost overall attendance in long run is have a quality product that people enjoy, talk about, and return to. Stores of trinkets, broken promises, and food stands that are sub dairy queen quality and service won’t cut it…in the long run.

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