Figment Artwork from Festival of the Arts Scavenger Hunt Now For Sale

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If you have taken part in the Figment’s Brush with the Masters Scavenger Hunt at the Epcot International Festival of the Arts (or at least read our review), you know how cute the original artwork made for the hunt is. Well, now guests can take some of that art home…

There is now a Figment section in the Art on Demand kiosk located in the Art of Disney store at Epcot. Here guests will find four of the art pieces for sale as prints (paper or canvas).

Pricing on the prints begins at $25.00, but can range into the hundreds by increasing the size and adding framing. I suggest the canvas art as they are already made ready to hang and look quite nice. Canvas prints start at $90.00.


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  • Nice pics of the stuff they’re selling. But honestly. Only at WDW do they close the Figment ride most days Epcot is open to be cheap, and then add more crap few people will ever buy. When will WDW get they need more fun to do, and to maintain their rides, and add relevant new attractions to keep the parks full? They wonder why their revenue and attendance is in the dumps. Amazingly terribly run theme parks.

    • We went yesterday and Figment was only open in morning, in after noon cast member there said was closed to staffing. Interestingly, all stands and stores were open. I don’t like negativity, but Allyn, you are correct. Hopefully Disney improves commitment to make parks worth going to again, not just selling alcohol and overpriced trinkets.

        • Sounds about as believable as anything Sean Spicer has said. In other’s not. Disney World Parks are having problems. Not slamming them, or saying I don’t love Disney. Just saying, they are a business and can do what they want, but have lost 100% of their concern for their brand or guests.

          • Congratulations Allyn! You’ve unlocked today’s Disney Fact of the Day!

            Disney’s concerns are broken down as follows:
            50% concern for guests
            40% concern for their brand.
            3% concern that once they pop, they will be unable to stop.
            4% concern that American royalty, Kim and Kanye will break up.
            1% concern that Barb really is dead.
            3% concern that this will not add up to 100% and all the cool kids that post comments on Disney blogs will make fun of them.
            We hope you enjoyed this fun Disney Fact of the day!

          • Disney Facts, you must be a senile old man with nothing better to do than amuse yourself. We’re not impressed. Please stop trolling the boards. You’re obviously not a fan.

  • They are cute prints! Now, we could get the mouse to open their wallet to upkeep and operate Figment RIDE just half as much as they ask us to open ours to buy their stuff.

  • Are ALL the Figment paintings from the scavenger hunt available through Art on Demand? What about specifically the Japanese Hokusai Great Wave off Kanagawa? Thanks.

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