The Latest Absurd Upcharge is a Disney Springs Personal Shopper

Are you ready for another absurdly priced add-on?

the latest absurd upcharge is a disney springs personal shopper

Melanie Pace, distinguished fashion advisor, on-air style expert and wardrobe stylist who has been featured in outlets including “Women’s Health,” “Shape Magazine,” and “E! News” and who has partnered with major brands like Amazon, Lilly Pulitzer and Jimmy Choo, is now accepting appointments for new clients at Disney Springs.

Not sure if a Personal Shopping Session is right for you? Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Personalized, one-on-one consultation with a proven fashion advisor
  • Fashion recommendations to suit your unique style for everyday wear or a special occasion
  • Beauty advice including make-up and skincare tips
  • Special access to Disney Springs retailers

Personal Shopping Sessions are a whopping $250 per hour and small group experiences can be arranged if you’re the type who’d rather shop with friends.

To book a session, visit or call 321-377-1337 and ask for a “Disney Springs Style Session” – appointments are booked on a first come, first-served basis during normal Disney Springs operating hours.

46 thoughts on “The Latest Absurd Upcharge is a Disney Springs Personal Shopper”

  1. I believe Mall at Millenia offers a similar amenity. If any other malls offer this amenity, this should come at no surprise.

  2. Why call something that is completely optional “absurd”? Did you know that you can buy a $2500 carry on at the Tumi store at Disney Springs? Just a few miles away on I-4, there is a Ferrari dealership. Would you call a Ferrari “absurd”? No one is forcing you to buy a Tumi bag, or a Ferrari, or to pay for a personal shopper. The most absurd thing about any of this is the reaction to it by some people.

  3. Personal shoppers are common all over the place in upscale establishments. This sounds perfectly reasonable for the audience they’re targeting this towards. What’s next? OMG look at the ridiculous upcharge to eat at Victoria and Alberts over Cosmic Rays! Let’s save the complaining for upcharges where the service being provided to those that pay is taking away from those who don’t as opposed to things that are just a plain old service.

    • Yea, but Disney USED to be kinda upscale, but those days are gone. At least Disney Springs is better than their Florida theme parks. But it’s not upscale. Disney needs to worry much more that their ‘cheapness’ has tarnished them.

      • Thanks gal, you are a wonderful person, please stop by disney’s main office and we will give you a surprise for your beautiful self.

        • There is no Disney main office. They fired them all. They’re out selling tents and shopping for the fat Americans too lazy to walk, or buy a mickey t-shirt for themselves. We love Disney, but sure think the parks are crappy. Disney Springs isn’t as bad though. That is true.

  4. Tom’s rant is absurd. No, I can’t afford a personal shopper, nor do I want one, but I can’t see this option as being anything different than ordering a service, be it room, floral delivery or otherwise. How does it negatively impact you Tom, except that you may be a little jealous some better off dude might have a classy lady shopping with him? That’s what moms are for :)

    • It negatively impacts people Kim because this is where Disney puts their resources, and not in improving anything,,,,that’s right, NO new attraction in a year, and they’ve cancelled tons, laid off a lot of staff, and you wonder why your food tastes not as good? They lower costs there too. It’s ALL MONEY grabs. If you’re too dumb to realize this, you won’t ‘get’ Tom’s article. He is a true Disney fan. And Disney’s tactics deserve a call out.

      • Cancelled tons of what? New attractions? There is 1 that is delayed because of technical difficulties, and there are also like 5 more rides being built right now.

        • Jeff, There’s ZERO “NEW” rides built, they closed at least attraction, and in some cases 3, for every new one. Additionally, the new “rides” are all geared to advertise movies. The attractions they replace, were, well, just attractions for fun. Shows, parades cancelled, not replaced. And the 5 you quoted is now 3 or less, they changed the others to stores. And now on slower days, they close popular attractions early, or open late, leaving very few open at all, to save. You’re missing the point. Entirely. If you’re fine with money grabs, what are you doing on a forum for fans of Disney? Get your lazy poor but to Disney and start buying, asap, and don’t stop until you die!

  5. This looks like something the tennants are doing outside of Disney’s purview. Booking and contact info are not through Disney.

  6. If Disney put 1/10th the effort in making their resort “ENJOYABLE”, and not just money grabs, they’d not be having the problems they are with attendance, complaints, service declines, and having to discount the hell out of the place and offer free tickets and dining to foreign guests to help fill it up Disney crowd wears t-shirts, and are overweight. Not really the personal shopper type. Anyone with a hint of money or seeking value (in other words, most rich or elite people) will find Disney rather appalling in general.

  7. Anyone up for making a kickstarter to force Tom to do this? We can make Nick record it and edit the video to the song Pretty Woman.

  8. Doesn’t bother me. If you don’t like, then don’t do it. Pretty tiresome to keep going to “Disney is greedy” bit every time they add a service and that’s all it is.

  9. I’m surprised they charge for this. I can get this at Nordstroms for free. (I have used this service and it is nice to have someone help you, but I wouldn’t pay for the service on top of the merchandise cost).

  10. Looks as if Disney is thinking & doing more towards the enjoyment & well being of Golden Oaks residents than WDW visitors

  11. Latest overly-dramatic headline from WDW Today whining about an optional service is about personal shopping.

    Get a grip Tom.

  12. Tom, don’t listen to the retards, and Disney PR college interns. You’re spot on. This is a money grab. Disney World Management is clue-less, and HATES anything Disney, they just see it as an opportunity to milk idiots. From this board, I can see there’s no shortage.

    • Yeah, listen to the adult who calls people “retard”. He’s definitely a mature, emotionally stable person who gives great advice and is secure in himself.

      • Yea, Daddy Issues? Like we should listen to a guy who posts online as an armchair psychiatrist and can’t add any substance to this post nor put his real name on the forum. Go away troll…

        • Yeah I know it’s you Patrick. Good job trying to change your screen name. I mean, “Cheryl”

  13. There are plenty of people out there that would pay big money just to meet a famous person. Actually $250 to spend an hour with a TV personality is really not that much money to a lot of people.

    • You missed the entire point AGAIN Jeff. Nobody cares what you or anyone can afford. The point is this is where Disney is putting their few resources, to extract money, instead of providing anything to guests who are going to Florida’s parks for enjoyment. Everything Disney has that’s new, is a money grab, or direct advertisement. The shows and rides are closing by the week.

    • Technically it doesn’t say it’s with her. All it says is it’s a session with a proven fashion advisor. I highly doubt she’s moving to Orlando to work at Disney Springs.

  14. I couldn’t tell by the text in the article.

    Is this a service sponsored and promoted by Disney itself? Or is this simply a 3rd party company or person (Melanie Pace) that is simply taking advantage of an upscale shopping district.

    That would help define the “absurdity.”

    • “Disney Springs is partnering with fashion advisor Melanie Pace to bring Personal Shopping Sessions to guests at Disney Springs.”

      Still confused?

      What happened was that the Golden Oaks community complained to WDW management about the inconvenience of having so many plebs around and demanded a personal shopping guide for them.

      Since it was too expensive for Disney to foot the bill and to not inconvenience the select and upscale Golden Oaks community with a hidden charge, Disney decided to make it open to the public so they can foot the bill

      • So if Disney is providing personal shoppers at the request of Golden Oak residents, and those residents are paying the bill, then how is it negatively impacting your Disney experience?

        The answer is that it isn’t, so climb down off your soapbox and move on.

        • These Disney interns are become less & less creative in their replies.

          What part of “WDW is catering more towards the Golden Oaks audience than the rest of the people that go to the parks” don’t you get?

          Looks like you wanna get transfered to be a personal marceline to the folks at Golden Oaks and you’re trying as hard as you can to get there. I don’t blame you, that’s what the money is and that’s where the whole Parks division is interested in too.

          Keep at it, you’ll go places.

      • Disney Pete: No confusion on my side, but perhaps there is on your side. I’m curious as to where your quote is coming from. It’s certainly not in the article.

    • I was thinking the same thing. If anyone does any research before spouting off they would find the Ms. Pacific eis an orlando based expert. Second if you reread the article to make reservations you contact, not diseny. Her buisness must have contacted disney and set the whole thing up. How would that waste disney resources? All they did was tell them “it sounds good here’s are fee for having your buisness on our property.” Don’t worry new attractions will arrive. If you know anything about construction there is alot of red tape and preparation before any major construction can begin. Personally I hope they take their time and do things right instead of rushing through it and causing problems and delays down the road (ex. Rivers of Light).

  15. You shouldn’t shame someone for trying to make a living. She loves what she is doing and she wants to be paid for the effort. Nothing is free. Personalized attention costs money. Either service is paid by the store or the customer. In this case, by the guest. I’m sure Disney gets a cut regardless, but she shouldn’t be on the unemployment line.

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