VIDEO: Take a Creepy Ride on Pirates of the Caribbean with All of the Audio-Animatronics Turned Off

I have seen a broken or immobile animatronics character from time to time on many a Disney attraction, but I’m not sure I’ve ever been on a ride where every single audio-animatronic was turned off. Well, that’s what happened to our Disneyland Reporter Conner Purzycki as he rode Pirates of the Caribbean on Thursday evening:

Pretty creepy, huh? At least he wasn’t riding “it’s a small world” when this happened…

We don’t know exactly what happened to the ride, but it appears it wasn’t anything too major as it reopened shortly after this happened.

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    1. I’ve always gotten what I pay for. Sorry to hear your experience has been different. Well, at least you save a lot of money these days.

        1. I’m not sure about that, but I’ve enjoyed WDW ever since I started going there in the 70’s. Only bad part about back then was that when rides were shut down for maintenance, you didn’t know until you actually got to the park.

          1. Scott, you’re too old to be astute enough anymore. The parks aren’t managed nearly to the level they used to be. And they management could care less about attractants, nor how much you or anyone else enjoyed them. The only goal is how far and frequently you open your wallet of every inch and every minute in the park. That’s it!.

  1. I’d feel terrible if that was anyone’s first time riding– “Well that ride is REALLY OVERRATED!”

  2. Disney needs to sell their theme parks before they just dissentegrate. They really don’t know what they’re doing and don’t care anymore. Just a way to sell crap to the bottom feeders who don’t know better.

    1. Like you, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Rides sometimes break, just like anything else that runs nonstop 16+ hours a day. And rides have been breaking down since before you were born.

      1. Congratulations Scott! You’ve unlocked another Disney Alternative Fact of the Day! No ride has EVER broken down at any Disney Resort. Period.

          1. I’m in Dale’s camp. We’re at WDW today! 4 out of 20 “Magicband turnstiles” open, 45 minute line to get in. They already said 3 rides are under refurbishment, and 1 broken, and 1 running with line closed. The stores are running at full capacity though!

            Disney World (at least in Florida) is terribly run and maintained park these days. It’s not just ‘break downs’,, the mentality that attractions make no morons, so they put very very little into maintaining them. Anyone who disagrees either works there, or is completely blind to reality. Scott Dolan a known troll here.

    2. You’re correct, the parks are not maintained to 1/10th they used to be. I work here. I would know :) But people are still coming and spending money, so our team leads couldn’t care less…team leads are measured quarter to quarter based on profits and efficiency (How fast we can move cash payers through the remaining open attractions in a given time), No concession given to guest satisfaction, or how parks do over time. Thus, the cut backs, and lack of concern for the “Disney” brand at WDW.

  3. They might be on to something with this. Slow the music down and throw in a couple guys dressed as clowns and it’d be the scariest ride ever.

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