Beauty and The Beast Fantasyland Layover Coming to Disneyland

Coming soon to Fantasyland at Disneyland, there will be unique ‘Beauty and the Beast’  experiences for a limited time engagement. These offerings will be there to coincide with the release of the new live action film.

Red Rose Tavern– The Village Haus Restaurant will turn into the Red Rose Tavern. This restaurant will be themed to a French tavern and offer delicious quick service meals. Inside will be beautifully, hand-painted murals that depict some of the various scenes from the animated version of Beauty and the Beast. Each room will will tell the ‘tale as old as time’ chapter by chapter. The menu will be redesigned as well, having some original classics from the Village Haus as well as some new fare inspired by French Taverns. There will also be some new specialty beverages. You can even try the grey stuff!

Royal Reception– This new gift shop will be adjacent to Red Rose Tavern and will offer merchandise inspired by the new live-action Beauty and the Beast film.

That Gaston– Gaston himself will be wandering throughout Fantasyland, offering a meet and greet with guests.

Maurice’s Treats In Fantasy Faire, each tasty treat at this existing location will have a unique ‘twist’ from Maurice himself. Also there will be delicious dipping sauces available, such as marinara, strawberry, and even Grey Stuff dipping sauce.

The Royal Theater Presents, ‘Beauty and the Beast’- Stop by the Royal Theater in Fantasy Faire and Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones will present their own take on the classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ story in the daily show.

At this time we have no further information on these events and when these will be occurring at Disneyland, so stay tuned for future updates.

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