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BREAKING: Opening Date for Star Wars Land Announced

Disney today announced that the Star Wars themed lands at both Disneyland Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios will officially open in 2019.

star wars land concept art 1 600x338 1

This marks the first date that Disney has given for the completion of the project on either coast.

  1. Well at Disneyland they started construction in January 2016, that is when they shut down the DLRR and the river. So 3 years is about right for a whole new land. I think it was that long for Carsland at DCA.

  2. As much as I appreciate the details Disney puts into their theme parks, as a share holder, I have to ask why the heck this is taking so long. The general public is seeing universal add a ride a year and they don’t all see and or appreciate the differences. Are we now in the declining years of Iger a la late Eisner? ESPN is slowly losing business and even with the record box office numbers the studios are putting up, share prices are down from their high. Investment in the parks and resorts should be a big deal considering they are your anchor and the most stable form of income for years to come. If the parks don’t show broader growth opportunities i.e. more lands\attractions along with dvc and hotel rooms is a down turn in this part of the business inevitable?

    1. Shut up with your stupid rant. They are not building a frickin house and be done in 6 months. My gosh, have a brain.

      1. Epcot broke ground in October 1979 and opened in October 1982. That’s 3 years from groundbreaking to opening for a complete park. Disney can move fast if it wants to.

        1. Building codes, and OSHA regulations, have changed dramatically over the last three decades. You also have to keep in mind there were no limitations in access when they were building EPCOT Center.

  3. 2019 is about 2.5 years away at the earliest. That’s awfully ambitious. DHS is even further behind.

  4. No way is it complete by 2019, they are consistently 1 year behind schedule. I would plan on 2020, the real deadline is probably 2021 so nothing is under construction for the 50 year anniversary of WDW

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