CONFIRMED: Captain’s Grille Closing for Extensive Remodeling & Refurbishment

As we told you several months ago, Captain’s Grille at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort will be closing for several months to under go a massive remodeling and refurbishment project.

The restaurant overhaul is part of the sweeping changes at the resort, including the ongoing room remodeling and the expansion of the convention center. During the closure from mid-May until the Fall of 2017, a temporary version of Captain’s Grille will open in the Ariel’s space next door to Martha’s Vineyard at the Beach Club.

Disney today confirmed the timeframe and that the project is taking place.

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  1. This is a nice hidden spot, but usually scantly staffed, usually long line and more tables empty than sat. Always thought this place would look cool as an exact replica of one of their Disney Ships restaurants, to bring the feeling of cruising home. I know Disney doesn’t own their cruise line, so, maybe some copyright stuff there.

    1. I didn’t know that. Who is the parent company? I’m not a cruiser, so I’ve never really had much interest in Disney cruises.

      1. Larry is mistaken. Disney does own their cruise line. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company under the name Magical Cruise Company Limited. The subsidiary is located in London, but operations are headquartered in Celebration, FL. Years before Disney had a cruise line, their characters did appear on Premier Cruise Line’s “The Big Red Boat” as part of a licensing agreement that also featured Disney resort packages.

        1. I stand corrected, I didn’t know that either. I knew it was a different company, with different CEO. Their cast members are not Disney cast members, and vice versa. Assumed was contracted out like “The Big Red Boat” was.

          Disney cruise line, not that it’s as nice as RCCL or most other cruise lines, sure operates a lot more slick than the on land Disney theme parks. Sure would be nice if they brought Palo. (which is kinda like Citricos, but 50000% better) Or any of their other touches, the offer a pretty good value at sea.

          1. They are different companies, but same. It’s made in a way it could be spun off. WDW cast members get good discount on the DCL, just not as good as the DCL workers. Sometimes we get upwards of 70%, some DCL cast members I know say they can get near comp cruises when bookings are low. Most of their CM are not eligible to work in USA, as is case with many cruise lines. Back to topic, how cool it would be if they modeled this after the cruise line. That would be unique.

          2. No Lloyd, she works there, this is 4th time you’ve trolled this comment. Go away back into your hold now.

  2. About time. The food has been just awful for a while now. We took or son and graunddaughter there a while ago and probably 65% of the food was left on plates.

  3. Is captain’s grill going to be rename and you are going to be a brand new look at this resturant? Maybe you can show me a new concept art of this.

  4. In its day, Ariel’s was an excellent seafood restaurant. Love the chandeliers. They had a neat aquarium too. I’ve always wished Disney would do more w Martha’s Vineyard!! Neat venue. We’ve tried to go a few times when it’s been open, but I have to admit, we’ve had bad service.

    1. So true, especially Ariels. Disney doesn’t put it ‘all in’ like that anymore. They’ve really gotten too low-end/singy. Just like a new ride is now a motion simulator in front of big screen, before, it was dozens of animatronics, ride system unique to them, etc. etc. This restaurant is only 10 years past due for a refresh. And honestly, I believe it will take so long to paint and refinish because they like to keep areas closed, to not have to pay staffing for it, and funnel crowds into open areas.

  5. Captains grille kind of looks like the wedding room from Pizzerizzos, would be a cheap thematic overlay and a perfect location for a Pizzerizzos franchise

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