New Trams, Trivia Monorails, & More; Changes Announced for Disney World Transportation Systems

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The latest Eyes and Ears Cast Member publication has an interesting article about changes coming to and already in place for the various transportation systems at the Walt Disney World Resort. Below you will find the text from that story, as well as some, photos, videos, and added insight we can offer:

New experiences, improved services, and the latest technology abound in Walt Disney World Transportation and Parking Operations. “Our buses, monorails, boats and trams aren’t just modes of transportation for our Guests and Cast Members,”says JasonKirk vice president of Walt Disney World Transportation Operations, “They are apart of the fun and a part of the immersive Disney experience.”


THEMED BUS MARQUEES – Special greetings themed to a bus’s destination now appear on the marquees. ‘Charmed To See You” is one of the greetings for buses headed to Magic Kingdom Park.

WE’RE ON THE WAY – New digital screens at all of our resort bus stops let Guests know in real-time when their bus is scheduled to arrive.

SORCERER CLASS – An all-new interior themed to the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” mesmerized Guests during a limited play test in 2016. Nicknamed “the fun bus.‘ it featured a custom light show, advanced GPS technology and comfy seats. (Video below)


TEAM OUTFIT – Whether piloting the General Joe Potter or sailing as part of the Sassagoula River cruise, watercraft Cast Members across property now sport new costumes.

TRIVIA CRUISE – Cast Members adapted the spontaneous monorail trivia game for our Guests traveling by boat. “Can you name all three of the Magic Kingdom ferryboats?”

FERRYTALE WISHES – Guests have been enjoying a night on the Seven Seas Lagoon, where fireworks can be seen from an entirely new vantage point. Besides all-you-care-to-enjoy desserts and beverages, there’s also a glow-in-the-dark scavenger hunt onboard


FRESH LOOK  – The new monorail Cast Member costumes sport a colorful embroidered patch made up of 12 colors representing each of the monorails

TECHNOLOGY UPGRADE – Technology has been updated to a more automated system as part of several recent enhancements, for a safer and more efficient ride.

TRIVIA TRAIN – Monorail Cast Members are hosting spontaneous trivia contests for Guests aboard the monorail and Guests can win prizes. “How many monorail cars make up a monorail train?”

HIGHWAY IN THE SKY DINE AROUND – Five courses. Three resorts. One amazing culinary journey via monorail.


TRANSPORTED IN STYLE – Our parking trams will receive an all-new paint job inspired by the monorail colors. New, custom-made tram tractors will also ensure a quieter transit.

We spotted one of the trams out a few months back, but it seems they will now be getting color stripes like the monorails.
We spotted one of the trams out a few months back, but it seems they will now be getting color stripes like the monorails.

PREFERRED PARKING –  Guests at all four Walt Disney World theme parks are loving to park preferred!

ARE WE THERE YET? – “We’ll be there in 223 elephant steps.” says the educational, new signage in the parking lots at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. That’s about a four- minute walk in human steps.

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  • Those appear nothing more than penny pinching changes that are suppose to fool us into thinking that the dreadful transportation system is improving. Well I’m not fooled. If they want to make a real improvement they can begin with eliminating that god awful stench of BO on the monorail.

      • The Disney World transportation system used to be the model of efficiency, now it has become a wretched source of irritation. The buses are continually late, overcrowded, and the roads are congested with traffic. This became particularly bothersome on Christmas Day when my partner and I had our trip ruined because of the horrible state of Disney’s transportation system.

        • Wow I can’t believe there was traffic at a major tourist destination that is notoriously busy on Christmas day on Christmas day. you have truly suffered

        • The Monorails are a fire or electrical smoke death trap waiting to happen. As much as people note ‘cut backs’ in the parks offerings, there are many areas in safety compromised for expense, and are still areas of the track unreachable in the event of fire or evacuation, which btw requires guests (even the obese and disabled) to climb on the roof.

        • A wretched source of irritation you say? Well looks like you and Disney Transportation have something in common. I’m so very sorry that you experienced such strife, to think that out of the thousands and thousands of people there that day, that only you and your partner suffered such excruciating experiences such as waiting a few mins longer for a bus, having to be near other people, and waiting behind other cars that are clearly not going anywhere as important as where you’re going. Perhaps you should contact guest relations and explain to them what happened, I believe in cases such as this, they will be more than happy to provide you with one of their private hovering always on time buses. Unfortunately these buses only can accommodate 1 person at a time since they’re exclusively for guests who can’t stand to be around other human beings, so your partner will have to take a separate bus. Also since it can only accommodate 1 person, you’ll have to learn to drive a bus since we’re sure a driver would absolutely ruin your trip. Good luck getting your CDL!

          • Typical snarky responce from a mean spirited Trump voter. Why don’t you do us all a favor, take you and your fellow voters and refrain from visiting the Disney Parks… will make it more pleasant for the rest of us.

  • NOW if they just can get the Monorail to run more consistently, and safe. It breaks most every time we go to the park, and there’s still segments of the track unreachable to EMS/Fire. If there was electrical fire/smoke, everyone in the thing is toast. Nowhere to go, looking at 45 minutes for a rescue from a smoke filled roof.

  • Saw the display phrases on the buses in December, they were cute. It made us look at the buses longer than we had to, to confirm it was the bus we wanted or not, once the display went back to the destination name.

    • The Toronto Transit Commision used to put extra things on the bus signs to like congratulating sports teams and stuff but removed it for the same reason, it just confuses people enough that they keep asking the driver if they have the right bus. As for the Sorcerer bus I hope it never happens as I can see guests getting relly annoyed by it at the end of the day.

  • I’m European and used to excellent public transport. The Disney transport options aren’t all that great, there is a lot that could be improved. BUT, they aren’t as bad as some people on here yell.

    • Depends when you visit. Sometimes, is a nightmare. 3-4 hour waits happen with a breakdown. Which happens way more than you might think.

    • Depends when you come and your definition of bad. Disney now on their own site recommends an hour and a half to get from one resort to another, or from hotel to resort. They’re only 6 miles at their furthest. This would equate to a 18 day trip to get from one side of Paris to the other. Disney is about as bad as it gets. Great legacy, and people keep returning, most say, wtf, but they keep coming!

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