New Ticket Sales & Guest Relations Location Opening in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom

Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom Park will soon be able to enjoy a more convenient in-park ticket sales location found inside Liberty Square. As early as March 6, the new Liberty Square Ticket Office will open for park guests in the location known as Heritage House, next door to the currently shuttered Hall of Presidents attraction. The current in-park ticket sales location within the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. will have its final day of operation on Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

Guests may enjoy a variety of services in the Liberty Square Ticket Office, including:

  • Upgrading tickets by adding additional days or options (such as the Park Hopper option);
  • Upgrading tickets to an annual pass;
  • Replacing a lost ticket;
  • Making dining reservations and event bookings;
  • Additional Annual Passholder services.

This new location will be available to guests and Annual Passholders daily, from park open to park close.

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    1. They have show times posted for this week, so they’re probably unaffected. But maybe people can’t get into Heritage House at all while shows are going on, because that area is roped off with the Town Cryer down below the Muppets.

  1. Another idiotic, penny pinching move by Disney that will only confuse and anger it’s guests. At this critical time, when attendance at the parks has been on a steady decline, one would think that the brain trust that comprises Disney management could come up with a better idea than this in order to better serve their shrinking customer base.

      1. Excuse me, but have you ever had to travel through that area of Liberty Square during a parade AND The Hall of Presidents emptying out. Last month my partner and I were trying to get to Sleepy Hallow Refreshments for one of their waffle sandwiches when we were both trapped in the rude parade observers and the equally rude guests exiting The Hall Presidents!! Needless to say, the line at Sleepy Hallow was probably 3 times longer than it would have been if not for the poor placement of those 2 attractions. So now I’m the jerk for saying that dropping a customer service location in that very area is a bad idea.

        1. Just a thought here…don’t go during those times. Also, this isn’t Harry Potter, I think you meant Sleepy HOLLOW refreshments. And as I wait to be called a Disney intern by your hate spewing self, maybe you could stop trolling the boards just so you can stop getting your jollies by hearing your screen name mentioned on the wonderful world of psychotic comments. It’s the only reason I can honestly figure for you to even bother being here.

        2. Stop mentioning me in all of your negative comments. Just because I love Disney and hate music doesn’t mean you have to take it out on Disney. We’ll talk about this when I get home tonight.

  2. Here’s a CRAZY idea. If Disney put just a pinch more into their product and value, you know, simple stuff like staffing the place, opening a new ride every 5 years or so, they’d need LESS places for people to go COMPLAIN! I know. Probably seen as some on the board as negative, but, they (Disney) are gonna spend (or lose) the money either way!

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