RUMOR: Cirque Du Soleil – La Nouba Coming to an End at Disney Springs

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It seems as though the long-running Cirque Du Soleil – La Nouba show at Disney Springs is reaching its end…

Upcoming promotional materials for the show talk about giving guests the opportunity to see La Nouba “one last time”. These materials do not speak about what will replace the show, but our assumption would be the a new show from Cirque would debut in a newly renovated theater at some point in the future. We have not been able to pinpoint an end date for La Nouba as of yet, but an announcement is expected later this week.

La Nouba debuted in December 1998 and has been performing regularly at Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) over the last 19 years.

The work on renovating the theater would coincide with the conversion of DisneyQuest into the NBA Experience and other changes (which we can’t talk about just yet) that will happen to the West Side of Disney Springs over the next few years.

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  • I have never seen this or wanted to, but seeing the signs for this on the resort buses is one of those things that is just Disney to me.

    • I agree with you Brian. We have went every year to Disney since 2001, and this was never on our agenda for things to do. It did have a nice long run, 19 years Bravo!

  • This Cirque show is artistic, a ‘dream sequence’ which beyond mindset of kids. Disney Orlando crowd from out of town is more chicken fingers, overweight, t-shirt crowd. This show had a great run. Would like to see some more adult entertainment options come to replace it though. Disney Springs is kinda like an in between of Millenia mall and the outlet stores. Nothing really ‘Disney” there, but they leased out the parcels and don’t have much control of it, so makes sense.

  • Last summer when I was at the Hard Rock Orlando, a manager there told me that Cirque would be closing. The story he told was that Disney wanted Cirque to update their show (or maybe it was Cirque who wanted to update their show, that part I don’t remember), and the two could not come to an agreement so Disney decided not to renew Cirque’s lease when it expired this year. Rumor is that Disney plans to shut down Quest, and in that side of Disney Springs build an indoor “Quest” type theme park.

    • The official closure of Disney Quest was announced for July 3, 2017 back in January. It will make way The NBA Experience. It was on again off again deal but there is finally a signed contract. As for Disney and Cirque I wouldn’t trust anything until an official announcement is made. There have been rumors going around for years. One thing is for sure, they will not be building anymore indoor “Quest” type theme parks.

      • Disney Quest as well as laNouba is too much in ‘guests having fun’ and not enough in ‘Disney making profit’. Cirque knows Disney doesn’t have as much to bargain with as in past, they’ve offered some relatively inexpensive deals on lease to companies and corporations in Disney Springs, kinda like a mall management company would. Perfect for guests would be new show or entertainment coming to that space. Worst case, another Disney profit center.

  • Never had the desire to go, but I was attending a conference in ’02, and it was part of our “outside agenda” options. And it was free. So we went. It was fabulous!! I’ve been back a few more times w friends who wanted to go. All agree that it’s terrific. I do wonder why it was never changed?? Have to wonder what will be there subsequently???

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